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Hello, my name is Arabella, I specialise in love spell casting and cast spells for anyone who is 20 years of age or older. Reuniting Love Spells are my most requested love spells, therefore I have several different very potent ones. I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you won't! Magic is in everyone and everything, every living thing has an energy field, a magical vibration which is used in witch spells. I customise all of my love spells because a personal love spell that fits your situation perfectly is going to work so much faster than one that covers every love problem under the sun, that simply wastes time and energy. Love spells are psychic energy, their psychic energy is a message or a packet of messages which are sent out into the Universe to rewrite fate and manifest your love wish. Love spells are very powerful, once a witch has cast her potent magic spell, its natural route or journey leads to results, just as night follows day! Witchcraft is like nursing, a caring profession; when you order a love spell from me, I answer any questions you may have about my work that aren't already answered on this website, I cast your love spell and then I am available to answer any further questions you may have while you wait for your love spell to work - what I mean is, I don't just cast your love spell then leave you all alone to wait for your love spell results, because while my witchcraft is 100% safe I know you will feel much happier knowing I am just an email away anytime you need support.
Time to consider banishing all that negativity and sorrow that you endured and struggled with in 2008 with my annual Banishing Ritual and Candle Burning on December 31, 2008 and bring in the New Year with a clean slate and hope for a better 2009! This person submitted these photos on another group I belong to and since the photos were so fantastic, I asked them to describe to me what was the purpose of the honey jar and I gave her my feelings on observing the photos. Many cultures recognize that salt, whether it is sea salt, kosher salt, or even common table salt, holds protective and magical qualities. In today’s world, we view Saint Valentine as the Saint who assists us in finding a lover and all the other rituals we have that is associated with February 14th such as giving cards, chocolates, jewelry, or sending flowers from the florist. I have encountered many situation and have created candle spells specific for certain situation, but one that I suggested to a client is becoming to manifest really positive energy and my client sent me photos to share with you. This is the section to learn more about using our Voodoo magical ritual items, candles, oils, and more!  We are happy to provide some basic understanding of how to effectively use spiritual items to assist you in your spiritual work.   Please read this section carefully to help you work with the Voodoo dolls, magical fetishes, ritual candles, ritual powders and spiritual ritual oils found at Erzulie’s! To learn more about Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Powders, Voodoo Ritual Oils, Voodoo Dolls and more, check out the WORLD’S FIRST Authentic Voodoo App for iPhone and Android exclusively from Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo of New Orleans! Perfume Oils, Spiritual Oils and Ritual oils or elixirs are used in many works particularly in Vodou, Voodoo, Voudou and Hoodoo as practiced in the United States.
If the spiritual oil and elixirs are already hand-crafted for specific spiritual purpose, please just apply like you would any perfume or fragrance and FOCUS on why you are wearing that spiritual oil to help bring about your desires.
Similarly, one can surreptitiously wipe the oil(s) onto the person one wishes to influence such as with our Flames of Passion or Come to Me Oils. Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Lamp Spells, Voodoo Ritual Spells and Voodoo Love Spells ~ Powerful Love Spells, Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Magic Spells Performed For Love Spells, Return a Lover Spells, Uncrossing Spells, Healing Spells, Wealth Spells, Road Opening Spells and more casted for you by initiated Vodou Practitioners at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo New Orleans! Oil lamps are used a good deal in Haitian Vodou, they combine many elements such as spiritual oils, wicks, powders and sacred herbs, etc. Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, Return Lover Spells, Voodoo Ritual Spells and Voodoo Love Spells ~ Powerful Love Spells, Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Magic Spells Performed For Love Spells, Return a Lover Spells, Uncrossing Spells, Healing Spells, Wealth Spells, Road Opening Spells and more casted for you by initiated Vodou Practitioners at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo New Orleans!
Please review the detailed copy for each item in our Magical Ritual Items Section to browse the best candles, spiritual oils and ritual powders for your spiritual needs. Magical fetishes, Gris-Gris Bags, Voodoo Dolls serve as a focus or nexus with the spirits you are working with to affect the desired changes in your life. Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Veve Dolls, Magical Voodoo Veve Dolls and Authentic Voodoo Veve Dolls exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo in New Orleans! Your role in affecting changes in your life with the use of our magical items centers around your focus, prayers and including the fetish in your daily routine. It is always important to anoint your magical fetish as soon as you bring it home; you can use the spiritual oils and powders that are included in some of our ritual kits or with your favorite oils or scents.
Consistency in using Magical fetishes, Gris-Gris Bags  & Voodoo Dolls is very important as well, you want to use it each day until your petition is granted with prayers, talking to spirit, focusing on the changes you are seeking and meditative time to help facilitate these changes. If you are not very experienced with using Voodoo Ritual Items or creating your own Voodoo Spells or Rituals, it is ALWAYS best to have one of our initiated Vodou Practitioners perform your Voodoo Spells or Work Lamps for you while you work with your very own Voodoo Spell Kit! Moirae (and Norns) while also the Goddess Athena (Minerva in Latin - the greatest Weaver of all) are Patrons of Knot Magic.
Knot magic is used in every kind of spells although it’s long been perceived as the way to control the forces of nature and especially the Winds (in the Futere we are going to give you an ancient knot-magic spell alleged to store and control the winds)! Colors of the threads, cords and ribbons often preoccupy the kind of magic the knot will conjure. If your heart is hurting or about to break you have come to the right place for a powerful witchcraft remedy. I customise all of my Reuniting Love Spells so that you will get the exact results you are seeking. Love spells are ironically very natural, they are made up from psychic energy which every living thing contains. Science does not know where our mind (which is different to the brain) is located, the human brain isna€™t fully understood at all, consequently to say psychic doesna€™t exist is ridiculous! The Universe hears your psychic request and starts manifesting it as a€?fatea€™ which then filters down into reality and brings the love spells results you desire. Not at all, love spells are positive, magical wishing energy, they throw good luck onto your relationship and mend a broken romance, while ensuring your relationship goes the way you dream of.
For a love spell to work you need to know what you want, the more certain you are, the better; if you are unsure what it is you are after then results might be vague, as there will be no real direction.
I reply to emails fast, so please do not think or worry youa€™ll be waiting hours, days or even weeks for a reply, furthermore upon receipt of your order I will cast your love spell as soon as I can, ideally within 24 hours and 99.9% of the time within 48% hours, the sooner the better, because obviously a love spell is going to repair your heartache and the sooner I cast your love spell, the sooner your love spell will work - and the great thing is, from the moment a love spell is cast it starts working on your heartache. Ita€™s not as strange as it sounds - ita€™s a variation of Cosmic Ordering, but unfortunately Cosmic Ordering itself is a hit and miss process, because although once you place your cosmic order the Universe instantly starts working on it, the second you worry or tell yourself your wish is just a dream and it won't come true the Universe hears that too, and considers it to be an update and then cancels your initial cosmic order. This kit, complete with instructions, a small vial of St Jude Come to Me Oil, and a mix of herbs allegedly to draw in love, is a candle spell kit for those who want to bring in a new and lasting love into their lives. This candle label with it’s Old World look and feel, will remind you of hours in the chapel surrounded by the smell of incense, while reciting your prayers. In this situation, the client is in love with a gentleman who is a widower and has one child, a daughter in her early 20’s.
For example, wearing a Come to Me oil or Seduction Oil is intended to attract love or a certain lover. After the candle is well covered with oil, take a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap and spread it out big enough to roll the candle on the paper.
Since everything at Erzulie’s is already hand-crafted, ritualized and consecrated, most of the spiritual work is completed for you. Please remember, your intent, will, focus and consistency of working with any magical item makes the difference.

Also, you want to personalize your fetish with your favorite charms, sample of your hair, favorite colors, photo, etc. Place your magical item somewhere special in your home to have access to the spirit anytime you need additional divine intervention. We sincerely hope this simple primer on How To Use Spiritual Oils, Voodoo Ritual Oils, Voodoo Ritual Powders & Voodoo Dolls & Magical Fetishes helps you learn more about Voodoo Magic!
As we saw in depth in a previous article the Triple Goddesses of Fate are constantly weaving the Destinies of Humans and others! The Totem Archetype animals which can be invoked to guide us through knot magic is the Owl and the Spider. Knots were sold by witches since the ancient times to sailors so that when it’s need the most the sailors would untie a knot to release wind so that they could sail again. Below you will find a list of Color Correspondences which can both be used in Knot and Candle Magic.
I can help anyone who wants true love, whose lover is the most important thing in the entire world to them. A witch like myself makes the psychic energy extremely powerful by using witchcraft materials such as candles and incense in conjunction with thoughts, words and visions. Furthermore, our DNA contains a€?junk DNAa€™ as scientists call it - scientists will tell you that very little of our DNA has a function and 98% doesna€™t do anything, of course it does, our subconscious mind reminds us to breathe while we sleep, it also ensures our hair and finger nails grows, this will be in our DNA somewhere, whatever scientists think, along with intuition and psychic powers. When a witch creates a love spell, the force is psychic energy, it connects to you and what you are wishing for, it will ignore doubt, fear and confusion and pick up on the love you feel for the one your love spell is being cast upon - it cannot go wrong, it is POSITIVE, psychic energy - warm, loving and magical. Love spells are far superior, they cannot be cancelled out by your doubt or worry, indeed love spells are a much bigger operation than placing a Cosmic Order that doesna€™t even take 60 seconds - for example, my shortest love spells take an hour to cast, and at least one hour of preparation, but ita€™s worth investing time and care to get the results you desire!
I created a ritual for New Year’s Eve night to send off in a fiery pyre all the negative things, people and thoughts that plagued my clients throughout the year. INGREDIENTS: 1 Red or Reddish tone Apple (in this case, she used a ‘Pink Lady’ – name appropriate for the relationship) Lodestone Magnetic Sand Love Me Oil (although I used a combination of Influence Oil, Lavender Love Drops Oil, Return to Me Oil and Follow Me Girl Oil to personalize the spell White Paper Red Ink Pen Full Name and of both parties Red crochet string Pink Taper Candle I had the client write her full name on the piece of paper. This is best used when you are ready for the Universe to send you someone who completes your personality and is ready for a commitment.
This candle, and exclusive design by Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is second in a line of Catholic Saints images that are bring produced with specific prayers created for the candle to enhance your candlelight petition prayers or the setting of lights for specific issues and intentions. The daughter, while graduating from high school, has not moved onto college, nor has she gained employment.
In the United States, most spiritual oils are manufactured although there still are a few companies that make oils by hand, especially Erzulie’s who are renowned for handcrafting all spiritual oils, elixirs and magical items.
7 day Candle), carve the name of the person whom one wishes to influence into the wax, pour the oil(s) on top while making the petition for one’s desire. Magic is our focused, projected desire to the Universe, consciously using symbolic or even plain actions. The art of binding Knots to cast a spell is known to be practiced since ancient Mesopotamia. Some could say Atlantis but this is not yet a scientific fact although much effort has been made by Archeologists from all over the World to prove the existence of this Legendary Civilization.
Please know that each color represents certain qualities but if - for any reason - you disagree, I would advice you to go with your instincts.
When a love spell is cast, a witch is making a wish for you and her witchcraft will make sure your wish comes true!
Of course, a witch can cast a bad spell, and a bad spell makes negative things happen, a good, positive love spell makes wonderful, loving things happen.
Once a love spell is active and working on your heartache the changes become visible psychically, as destiny is rewritten. I then had her rotate the paper 90 degrees and write the lovers’ full name over her name, thus forming a cross. Read more about Saint Jude, Catholic Saint of Lost Causes, and the wonders he can do for you when burning pink St. The pink Saint Jude Love Come to Me Candle was created out of the need for this patron Saint of Lost Causes to intervene for those who seem to not find the appropriate candidate for a long-lasting, loving relationship.
Renew Oil is to calm and heal, Abundance Oil is to draw wealth and prosperity, Road Opening oil is intended to clear up the problems in your path, and so on. By practicing Knot-Magic we try to add or maybe alter what the Fates have already decided for us. Magic is a natural energy present within nature, it moves within us and around us, we can tap into it anytime to bring about positive changes. Releasing of old negative thoughts, hurts, jealousies, anger and problems that have plagued your thoughts and home life is purging and mood elevating, and can break free things that have been keeping you down and unable to progress forward.
She then was to write IN ONE CONTINUOUS STROKE AND WITHOUT LIFTING THE PEN the qualities she is expecting this lover to bring to and exhibit in the relationship.
The prayer that is scripted on the candle back gives specifics for a quality lover that will stay for the long run and guidance on how to ask for that love to come into your life. Saint Valentine, born in Italy and was a Holy Priest in Rome, assisted martyrs under persecution and was beheaded on the date that is set aside for lovers – February 14th. These tend to be a little more expensive than manufactured oils, however, due to the potency; these handcrafted items go quite a long way due to the quality of the ingredients. I am burning candles left and right because my boyfriend and I had a disagreement awhile back and even though he calls me and comes by, it’s just not the same as it was before so I had been burning pink candles of Saint Juse like you said and I had ordered some Fire of Love Oil from another website. She went to the candle shop to buy the white and black candles as I had supplied her with the oils, but not the candles. This candle is intended to attract persons of quality to you that would be suitable for you to date and fall in love with them.
Thank you Sharon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sharon, I can certainly understand your confusion and I will try to second guess why that person suggested red candles. Before capture, he assisted St.Marius and family to give aid and safe lodging to those being sought out for their religious beliefs.
My client, a single woman with no children, love this man dearly, but knows the man would never allow their relationship to blossom further without making sure the daughter is on her way. Manufactured oils seem to have a satisfactory level of effectiveness even though one can never be sure of the actual contents of the bottle.
In this case Fate has not been decided yet and every Magical Action can influence Karma as it is a conscious decision to change Reality.
So I decided to attract a married man because he is safe and wont try to break up my marriage and wont want to spend tons of time with me either. This took her twice to do this as she inadvertently lifted the pen, thus breaking the spell.

There are two ways you can participate in setting lights to petition this much loved Saint to bring you the man or woman of your dreams.
Saint Valentine, also known as San Valentin, is associated with lovers in the fact that on February 15th, a heathen festival in honor of their goddess Februata Juno, was held. My client wanted to burn a black doll at my year end banishing negativity burn, as there is some stress and maybe a little animosity between the two women in this man’s life.
First, you can purchase a tea light vigil candle for $1.25 each and submit your petition for that candle. She told me that she decided she would call me the next day after she bought some lemon juice and have me reiterate the spell over the phone.
One method is to have the candle lit for you on the All Saint Altar, so that your constant prayer of light is burning with others who are in need of answered petitions. In part of a custom, boys were to pick out slips of paper with girls’ names on them to court romantically. I suggested that we do not have and send her away forever, but to gently and lovingly assist her into a fabulous new life on her own.
Quantity is unlimited and if you live with others, it might be a grand release of negativity for everyone in the home to have a candle and petition paper burnt for them (see photo below). I then placed the lodestone in the center of the paper with some of the magnetic sand, wrapped the paper around it and began to wind the red crochet string around the packet, all the while anointing the string drop by drop with the various oils I chose for the occasion.
Once your order is received, an e-mail will be sent to you asking you your full name and birthday.Then, once your candle is lit, a photograph will be sent to you of your candle. I said that it would be better, and more subtle, to wish her love and happiness as she moves out.
I then dropped a few more drops of each of the oil, for good measure, closed the apple up, burned a bit of the pink candle so that the wax dips would “seal” the edges of the candle. It will be prayed over one in the day and once at night, and a brief report of the burn will be sent at the end of the candle service, along with a photo of the finished candle. We then chose a corner of the front flower bed where the concrete formed a corner to bury the apple. To have a pink Saint Jude Candle lit for you to petition to bring in a long-lasting love, click here: If you wish to conduct your own personalized St.
First, I suggested to create a poppet or doll in the image as close to the young woman as she could (see photo).
Once you have ordered your poppet, you will then be asked to give a small description of the intended person and what you would like them to receive in exchange for doing damage they have done to you.
Debra – Florida Debra, I am so sorry that this happened and I am wondering why the candles are doing their stuff.
As I looked at the view, the words of the song, “Long and Winding Road” by Paul McCartney came to mind!
He was crying and telling her that realized that he was a fool for treating her in such a manner as he sat stunned on the side of the road. Continue to follow steps to candle preparation, including carving oil wells and putting oil in the three holes. She buried it and I told her to get a red glass 7 day encased candle and doubly protect it by placing it in a terra cotta pot or glass hurricane jar to protect it from tipping over and starting a fire.
She told me that she he is now behaving as he should with her and he has told her he only wants to be with her. Your reader may have suggested using red and intended to tell you to use it at the beginning of the love spell.
Set a love altar somewhere, as in the bedroom, where you can leave candle lit continuously,setting the rose and the wine next to the two candles. Since the client has created this spell, the daughter has been more civil towards the client and even has asked her to help her do something related to the clients wishes. Since both  the client and the intended mans’ families are from the same town in Mexico, they are all traveling to Mexico (no together) to visit. Valentine will make each of you tender and loving only to each other, forsaking all others, until the end of time.
I found out first that he had an attraction to me instead of just pulling some one out of thin air as well.
When candles are finished, take photos, name papers, rose petals and wine to the back yard of your home. So this jar is just basically keeping the attraction strong ( maybe too strong) and renewing our attraction every couple of days.  I do add a little bit of love energy mostly to just keep the attraction healthy and safe.
State your intention clearly, I mean clearly as evasive or vague statements can nullify your candle burning success. This combination brings romance, affection and calmness to a relationship and this is why it should be suggested that  you use pink for this type of relationship.
Now, you might begin with a red candle for the first week, then once you have got his attention, change to pink.
You may also want to consider using a red and pink together, so he has enough sexual tension that keeps him interested on you but still sees you in a more romantic and less sexual way. The time from the Full Moon (when the moon is a complete circle in the sky) until the dark of the moon (when the sky is dark) is the time for sending or banishing away things – a bad boyfriend, an ugly job or bills, bills, bills! You can go even further and research which day of the week and which time of that day is good for love drawing. Jude Pink Love Come to Me Candle so that you can attract the perfect type of man or woman for you. You might want to contact your reader again and ask her to delve deeper into explanation as to why she suggested red candles and if she had any intention to change to another color once you got this young man’s attention.
It might behoove you to contact and get a reading from a professional psychic, root worker or tarot reader to find out if you have missed your chance or is this just a phase you two are going through. The various divination tools can give insight and clarity to somethingthat might be right before your eyes!
In the meantime, develop interests outside of the relationship until you get a clear sign of which way you are to go.

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