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Remember when people interested in dating were ashamed to admit that they looked for partners online?
I would broaden the question: Why not a website where people can find female or male friends?
Some of the concerns discussed in the article sound similar to those that were kicked around when online dating sites were new. My guess is that any stigma around seeking friends online will dissipate even more quickly than the stigma of online dating did. The founders of friendship sites expect users to be people who are new to a place, newly single, or recently retired.
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The great celebrity house price slump: Suddenly, stars can't shift their mansions - no matter how many millions they lop off the price. In the last Wellbeing section, I wrote about my experience with recovering from depression.
I actually found this article more difficult to write than my last one and I think ita€™s because life doesna€™t neatly split into a€?depressed peoplea€™ and a€?friends of depressed peoplea€™. On that note, Ia€™ll start off by saying it is not easy caring about someone who is depressed and I am speaking as someone whoa€™s been on both sides of the fence. In a similar vein, you have to recognise you are entitled to protect your own mental health. My next piece of advice comes directly from one of my friends and it is simply to accept what you cannot change. Despite saying you cana€™t cure someone with depression by caring, you can make someonea€™s life a hell of a lot easier so focus on practical solutions to practical problems.
If your friend hasna€™t done so already, encourage them to seek help and also recognise their first reaction may not be the end of the conversation.
That being said, although you shouldna€™t cease contact with a depressed friend because they are depressed, it is okay to say you cana€™t handle their problems at times if you are having a stressful time yourself. After reading this through, I realise my advice about how to help your depressed friend essentially boils down to a lot of listening and talking and the odd home-cooked meal.
Would you like to report this comment as being abusive or containing inappropriate content? Felix will not modify comments, however we do reserve the right to remove them from our website. If you submit your comment anonymously then your IP address will be submitted to Akismet for spam detection purposes. It was seen as a sign of desperation and loser-dom to try to connect with strangers online.
If you used that method, would other people see you as someone who could not attract another person any other way?
Maybe so, but one of the fundamental ways that friendships differ from romantic relationships is that it is perfectly fine to have several simultaneously. DePaulo has discussed singles and single life on radio and television, including NPR and CNN, and her work has been described in newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, and magazines such as Time, Atlantic, the Week, More, the Nation, Business Week, AARP Magazine, and Newsweek.
If you have come to this site you are probably experiencing a lot of pain that you have tried to deal with by ignoring it, talking to your friends, or possibly just suffering in silence. I specialize in Adults and Adolescents that are experiencing Depression and Anxiety from a variety of reasons. As a follow-up, I wanted to give some advice around how to help a friend with depression as, especially at such a stressful time of year, I hope this will prove useful. Maybe ita€™s because I dona€™t make a habit of talking about my mental illness but I was genuinely surprised at the positive reception it received from friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers. At times you may be one or the other or both together and they are both difficult roles to navigate.

When youa€™re ill, ita€™s really difficult to communicate what is happening to you and if youa€™ve always been well, ita€™s very difficult to understand. Although it may not be appropriate to talk to your friend about your feelings, it is appropriate to talk to someone. Depression can last for a long time and, even on an effective treatment program, it can take weeks to see signs of recovery. Have you ever checked your phone and realised you received a text from someone weeks ago but kept putting off replying so now it would be too awkward to respond? I get that it can be awkward or uncomfortable to drop words like a€?doctora€™ or a€?counsellora€™ into conversations with friends and you can worry that it will upset them further.
Listening non-judgementally to a person talk about their depression is probably the most supportive thing a friend can do. I get it: if mental illness was easy to talk about there probably wouldna€™t be a national campaign about it. I know this is a tricky line to tread and in these relationships you can end up feeling you are the only thing keeping your friend afloat. It doesna€™t seem like much and I can see how it would be really tempting to want to gallop in on a white horse and rescue your friend from the jaws of depression or something equally as dramatic.
One of my closest friends has been through a lot and suffered badly from depression, and I did struggle with not knowing how I could help her.
We will generally allow comments that are on-topic and avoid personal attacks; criticising someone's decision is allowed, criticising their weight, for example, is not. You may also be required to validate your email by clicking a link in an email we send you. Sometimes those things work for a while, but eventually your feelings start to make you begin to feel overwhelmed. Many of my clients were sexually or emotionally abused as children and are experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.A  Some of you may be struggling with a diagnosis of Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness which can cause emotional depression.
In terms of my own experience, I was depressed at the same time I was trying to care for a mentally ill parent and that inevitably tainted how I saw and experienced my own illness. When my mother first started getting sick, I took this lack of understanding to be due to a lack of knowledge and diligently researched everything I could about bipolar disorder: living with bipolar disorder, treatments for bipolar disorder and so on.
I took the rather bold step in the course of writing this article to ask my friends what it was like to hang out with me during that time of my life, and this cropped up fairly often. This can be frustrating when you are putting effort into helping and caring about your friend, but as you dona€™t cause their depression, it isna€™t something you can fix. Depression is like this on a colossal scale - it is really, really easy to drop off the radar and you can adopt that mentality towards everything. You can get fixated on choosing the right words or the right time to bring this up to avoid a negative reaction.
I felt talking about depression was venting an incredibly dark and scary part of my life a€“ having friends willing to listen and not run in the other direction was a really powerful and subtle way of showing support. It is way too easy to get hung up about saying the wrong thing or coming across as insensitive and you might be tempted to give your friend some space as a way of protecting them. This is why it is really important to encourage them to have a network of support, with a mix of friends and professionals, that they can turn to when they need it, rather than just one person.
It was tough that it took her a long time to get better, as I felt like I wasn't really helping at the time and should've been doing more. Sure, maybe other people would “set you up,” but they would know the people they were recommending to you as matches. I’m not interested in dating so I’ve never used an online dating site, but the Times describes the workings of the site as similar to online dating sites. We are used to thinking of online searches as offering a broader reach and greater efficiency.
You wake up feeling a bit blue and months, or years, later you realize life doesn’t feel the way it is supposed to feel. Soon you will be sleeping through the night awakening feeling positive about our relationships, your job, and your family. You wake up feeling a bit blue and months, or years, later you realize life doesna€™t feel the way it is supposed to feel. Equally, writing down a list of stuff that helped me when I was sick highlighted pretty starkly when I failed to follow my own advice for my depressed friends and relatives. Although this was fascinating research, and I say that non-ironically, ultimately it was useless as it didna€™t help me understand what I was really struggling to cope with a€“ namely being unable to help someone I loved who was in pain and the effect the illness was having on our relationship. In retrospect, I said and did a lot of scary stuff when I was unwell and I dona€™t think I truly appreciated how it had affected them. One of the things I was acutely aware of was how frustrating and frankly boring my illness was to my friends.

I felt if I hadna€™t seen my friends for a couple of weeks, they wouldna€™t want to hear from me anymore.
If ita€™s any comfort, from my experience a persona€™s reaction to these requests isna€™t dependent on how kindly they are encouraged to seek help but instead is dependent on their attitudes to their own condition. On the other hand, sometimes talking about your illness is the absolute last thing you want to do. If you dona€™t see your friend for a few days, maybe you could send them a text to check in and ask about something you know you both enjoy. I definitely spent too long asking how she was and focusing on her, pushing my life to the side. Not because I didna€™t care about them but because I didna€™t understand how they could possibly care about me.
I know they wanted to help me and they wanted me to get better, but my twisted thought patterns morphed that concern into a feeling of failure that I couldna€™t get better for them.
Some people may react abruptly or rudely to the assertion they need help if they are in denial about their illness. Ita€™s worth saying that we know you are human and you are probably going to make mistakes or say the wrong thing.
Whilst I didn't have any major problems she still appreciated hearing all the little good and bad stories from my life as I guess it helped her feel more normal, and sometimes just wanted to try to get away from her depression.
You can be as specific or as general as you’d like in describing the kinds of friends you are searching for. It is normal to feel upset, afraid, frustrated or anything else by a friend being mentally ill. It is more than okay to drop in and visit a counsellor if you are finding it difficult to cope and College has its own free counselling service if you are so inclined. Ita€™s easy for well-meaning comments like a€?How can you be depressed when so many people care about you?a€™ to slightly more obviously inappropriate comments like a€?Oh my God, Marissa, pull yourself together!a€™ to feed into these feelings of failure. If I already spent the week not eating or sleeping or any other unhealthy habit, there was no point trying to rectify those habits.
Conversely and more commonly, some people are in dire need of that type of validation and need to hear that it wouldna€™t be wasting anyonea€™s time to get it checked out. I went to great lengths to act normally and I was reluctant to talk about what I was going through and, although that must have been pretty weird for my friends to witness, my advice is to go with it. You definitely wona€™t have all the answers and you wona€™t be perfect, but that isna€™t what we need when wea€™re depressed.
Dona€™t fall into the trap of playing the suffering Olympics, where only the friend who is suffering the most deserves help a€“ do what you need to do to stay healthy. Instead, just reassure your friend you are there for them and accept however long they need to recover. It is so easy to put off or avoid the rather mundane task of booking appointments if youa€™re left to your own devices so gentle nudges to do so are important. When I was sick, I absolutely wanted to hear about my frienda€™s boyfriend drama or to talk about the OC (this show was pretty big at my school) a€“ I promise my friends bringing this stuff up did not come across as insensitive or trivial, it helped me feel normal. If someone isna€™t attending classes, offer to pick up course materials for them or give them your notes. For me, it took a good year of increasingly unsubtle prompts to seek help and a friend accompanying me to the GP with the promise of a hot chocolate debrief to get me to sit before a doctor. Also, friends coming to me with their problems made me feel our relationships were less one-sided when I went to them with mine.
I would make really poor jokes about my situation or use deliberately poor analogies or do pretty much anything to make an awkward conversation more awkward.
If someone is withdrawing from the world, try and set up a regular time to do something together, like have a cup of tea or go for a walk and make it clear you dona€™t mind if they cancel, youa€™ll keep the time open for them regardless.
Basically, be persistent but not overbearing and offer to accompany them if ita€™s appropriate.
Being depressed doesna€™t make you some kind of tragic poet or prone to eloquent monologues about how dire your situation is a€“ I was much better at talking about inconsequential stuff and felt better for just talking to someone a lot of the time.
These are all little things but they helped me find the world a little less impossible and, when I was recovering, it helped me realise I hadna€™t burned all of my bridges.

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