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Making New Friends is a Barney & Friends Episode Video that was released on August 8, 1995. BJ has more screen time in this episode video than Barney, thus making it the first and only time in which one of the little dinosaurs has bigger part than Barney. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in making new friends and also in enjoying your college life.
Sitting in one corner and sulking that you don’t have any friends in college will not help you get one. One of the most important things that you need to remember all your life is that you don’t have to pretend to make new friends.
Even if you’ve already packed a brown bag full of your favorite left overs, it’s a good idea to accept these invitations regardless. As you do that, you will be able to discover people who share similar interest or fears, and then making friends with them will be a mere formality. This doesn’t go down well with many people and as a result they may not like to be friends with you.
When you are honest and genuine in your approach, then there are high chances of you making new friends.
You’ve landed a new job! (Maybe you even used a Loft Resume, which got your foot in the door?) There are many joys that come with a new job especially if you’ve experienced a time of unemployment. By talking to everyone certainly doesn’t mean that you force yourself on every two -legged moving creature. Nobody on this earth is perfect, and if you portray yourself as someone you are not, then people won’t like you. When you participate in any event, you will explore new things about yourself and in doing so you will be attracting people to become your friends.
You will not only be able to show others your talent or capabilities, but also will be making lot of new friends.

This book holds many nuggets of wisdom and advice, but here are some of the best tips summarized for your convenience: Become genuinely interested in other people. Some of you might be joining the college with your friends from high school, others may be alone.
If people are ready to talk to you, then continue your conversation and if they are not, then don’t force yourself. You need to clear your thought process and if some people are not willing to talk to you, then don’t be disheartened. By being yourself, you have every chance in the world to make genuine friends and not fair-weather ones. If you are about to step out of your high school and are wondering how to make a new gang in college, then this article will surely be of great help to you. But, it is very important to make friends in the new place, as it will help you in adjusting there. When you lie about yourself, it means that you are too ashamed to accept yourself in front of others, and no one wants to be with that kind of person. Although there’s much that could be discussed in regards to starting a new position, one topic that shouldn’t be over looked is making friends in your new work place. More specifically, be prepared to answer every inquiry with a smile and a question in return.
There’s no worse way to start a job with a new company than to learn why the current employees are not happy with said company. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
We will discuss about the various tips to make new friends in college, which will help you understand how to enjoy your college life. Initially, you might find it difficult or even scary to make new friends in college, but once you understand that even it is their first time in the college and you all are actually sailing in the same boat, then your fear will go away.

Talk about the things you know very well and when you find someone who shares similar interests, passion or dream, then friendship is a going to be a mere formality.
Perhaps making friends comes naturally to you and you’re used to being the most liked person in the office. Even if someone brings up a sensitive subject, keep the conversation light and remember that everyone’s favorite subject is really him or herself. In college, people try to show themselves to be very hep and in their attempt to do so, they lose their originality. Even so, it’s never a bad idea to be reminded of a couple of good habits and best practices for your first day in a new environment. Use lunches and break times to learn the names and interests of your fellow coworkers and develop a sincere interest in other people.
This will help you avoid an awkward situation and will easily help you win some new office buddies.
Remember, when it comes to making new friends, it’s important to be a better listener than talker.
If you don’t like befriending workmates in this way, then we suggest having a graceful answer or alternative.
Linked In or Google Plus accounts can come in handy for these types of situations and are also great ways of networking.

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