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Meet Snake-girl - the contortionist getting circus audiences in a twistBy TANYA GOLDLast updated at 00:15 17 January 2008Nokulunga Buthelezi is standing in a Big Top in London's Docklands with her foot on top of her head. There is, apparently, a 'snake' gene in Lunga's family, and it pops out every couple of generations. The great celebrity house price slump: Suddenly, stars can't shift their mansions - no matter how many millions they lop off the price. Black Girl Fly Magazine (BGF) is a revolutionary internet platform that commands a space for the authentic experiences of Black Women; serving as a digital nexus for lifestyle and cultural news for contemporary, urbane Black women. Among them was the Australian actress and model Ruby Rose, whose 3D-printed cheekbones complement one of the best short-hair games in the biz. Stellaa€™s appearance in the trailer was one second longa€”a winka€”but it had her existing fans swooning, and new ones searching for her name. I can confirm that, in person, Ruby Rose is indeed a€?pretty hot,a€? as she opens the door to the SoHo hotel room Vanity Fair booked for this shoot. To channel Stellaa€™s swag, Rose drew on a a€?flirtya€? confidence she used to fake around childhood crushes.
For a while they lived on baked beans and mashed potatoes, on sofas and in caravans in peoplea€™s backyards, and shared a bedroom at her grandmothera€™s. Watching Rose on television throughout the aughts, her constantly changing hair doubled as an almanac of the edgiest international trends. Last July, after a director told her she looked a€?too much like Justin Biebera€? to play the a€?sexy girla€? in his action movie, Ruby Rose published a video called a€?Break Free.a€? In it she travels the spectrum of performative gender, from blond-wig-wearing bombshell to James Dean drag king, including a strap-on penis. The video was seen more than 3 million times and gained her more than 200,000 new Facebook fans. Rose and Dahl will get married sometime next yeara€”a€?Once we [finally] get some time!a€? she saysa€”which will make it the first of Rubya€™s three engagements to make it to the altar.
Over the last few years, bare skin on Ruby Rose has vanished at the rate of the Amazon rainforest. On the opposite shoulder to Tank Girl is a pair of boxing gloves with the word a€?Lionela€? in cursive underneath. Lionel Rose grew up in a rural Australian area called Warrigal, where white Europeans started to clear the land and forced Aborigines like Lionel into impoverished a€?settlementsa€?a€”camps with few job opportunities. Nearly a year after Lionel died in 2011, the Australian media reported Lionela€™s widow, Jenny Rose, as saying the family barely knew Ruby. She chatters away in a tight green snake costume, swaying but not falling over, flexing her super-supple body like a python. At school, Lunga says she interrupted lessons to show the teacher her moves, and at break times she did demonstrations for her classmates - and charged them for the privilege.
Walking in Los Angeles last year with a 50s greaser-inspired haircut, and a fade so fresh even the Biebs would look twice, she was followed by a coterie of schoolgirls, whispering, a€?Is it Justin?
This Season 3 promotional flyer quoted a random Twitter user, who may have spoken for the whole Internet when she said, a€?This new Stella chick . Shea€™s wearing a prohibitively spiky leather jacket (Viktor Luna), matching studded sneaker-boots (Saint Laurent), and her hair has changed to a Spock-ish bowl cut that requires a heroic effort to pull off. She used to love how her hair looked when she got out of the shower, dark with a little curl at the front, like Superman. One day, I will do something, it will be great!a€? All her life people had been telling Rose she was a€?a very pretty girl,a€? so she went to see modeling agencies. She inadvertently dedicated her first award, for favorite female personality on a cable network, to her high-school tormentors: a€?To all the girls who bullied me in school, where are you now?a€? she asked.
But what I thought was Rose being the coolest girl on TV was actually her trying to manage an overwhelming inner urge.
Her dating history, mostly gorgeous models, makes her something of a lesbian Leonardo DiCaprio. In what would be one of the very few positive legacies he would leave in his baby girla€™s life, Rosea€™s father named her after a close friend of his named Lionel Rose.

Fighting for money was popular, and by the time he was 19, Lionel was a world-champion bantamweight and an Australian sporting hero, counting Elvis Presley among his fans (who once invited him to a meet-and-greet on the MGM lot). Bold eye makeup exerts a very glamorous look; however, women today prefer a look which is soft yet stylish. Then Nokulunga - known as Lunga, or, more flamboyantly, Snake-Girl - puts the other one back. The conceit was simple: photos of women and girls, probably many lesbians among them, with short hair and a little blessing in the bone-structure department, who really did bear a striking resemblance to the boy singer. Life was stable, but in high school Rose became the target of a vicious group of teenagers. Still, no one else got their name tattooed within a bright red heart on Rosea€™s back, like Dahl did. Among her 60-something tattoos are cartoon characters, like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Astro Boy, which required their own release forms for Orange. When they arrived to stay at Rosea€™s aunta€™s, a thousand miles away, a€?She had two black eyes and I was super malnourished. When she was 15 she shaved her head in an effort to look more masculine, and suddenly found herself a€?in really dangerous situations,a€? she told me in an interview last year for The Guardian. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are small or very bubble large, but if you know to use the right amount of eye shadow, as well as are familiar with the shades that would highlight your eyes gracefully, you have won the race. She will play Stella Carlin, an Australian inmate living through her very own episode of Locked Up Abroad. She is brutally humble, a little bit dorky, and quite vulnerablea€”all charming traits on an adult, but the kind that would put any high schooler in grave peril. She was played in the 1995 film adaptation by Rosea€™s Season 3 co-star Lori Petty, who will return from Season 2 to play an affable inmate named Lolly. Eye shadows with a contrasting color to your eyes will highlight them.Eye Makeup Tips for a Blue Eyed LadyBlue eyes really stand out in earthen and smoky eye shadows. Acts include the Human Spider, Makaya Dimbelelo from Angola, who can squeeze his body through the head of a tennis racket. But one day, when Lunga was seven, her mother Nokuthula met a gymnast called Sylvester performing in the local shopping mall, and she told him about her incredible bending daughter.
Then there's the Waterman - Dickson Oppong from Ghana - who swallows five litres of water and ejects it from his mouth like a fountain. But Lunga, this tiny 18-year-old contortionist with huge eyes - fresh from a triumphant two-year run in Germany where two million people paid to see her - is the undoubted star of the show. Sylvester took her to auditions for the UniverSoul Circus, which was recruiting in South Africa. However if you want to apply a dramatic and smoky appearance, you can apply black eye shadow or even charcoal and pewter. When I meet her in the promoter's office, she is staring into a mirror, painting on her eyebrows. They took her on instantly, but insisted she go to circus school in Cape Town to sort out her routine, which in Lunga's case meant simply rolling her moves into a seven minute sequence.
For a simple yet charismatic appeal, you can sport a deep blue eye shadow to compliment your light blue eyes. When she was ready, she was literally taken away to join the circus - every English child's bedtime fantasy - in America. You are allowed to apply shades of plum, bright berries, silver and even turquoise in addition to the charm.While choosing an eyeliner for blue eyes, opt for brown, grey or medium blue shaded eye liners.
She had a chaperone called Catherine, and she did her lessons between hours on the sawdust, returning home every three months to see her family, whom she was already supporting financially. Hues of copper, gold, bronze or even dark purple and deep berry would make your eyes look absolutely gorgeous.Things to AvoidToo much of pink color will make you look like an alien if you have blue eyes with a pinkish skin. Lunga was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and tells her story like a child reciting a fairy tale.

Today, she earns about A?50,000 a year - top whack for circus performers and the going rate for a photogenic snake-girl. If your eyes don’t have any blending colors like turquoise, no tings of green, then you must avoid using green eye liners or shadows.
These colors will actually make your eyes look extremely dull.Mascara Application Tips for Blue EyesFor women with blue eyes and fairer skin tones should try using brown or black mascaras. On the other hand, you can try using black, charcoal gray, deep navy or midnight blue to compliment your eyes.Eye Makeup Tips for a Green Eyed WomanA woman possessing green or hazel eyes will look absolutely stunning in shades of golden, soft plums and violet berry shades.
To give your eyes a true look, you can try using deep browns, ultra dark greens, intense taupe and khakis. It must have been the oddest of childhoods, and being a snake-girl had trials all of its own. For dramatic green eyes, you can make use of light green hues, dazzling limes or even loud purples.For a gorgeous lady with green or hazel eyes, eye liners with black, deep gold, dark green and even brown would add a lot of glamour to your eyes. Colors like navy, grey or even deep pewter would make your eyes look hot.Things to AvoidWomen with green or hazel eyes must certainly avoid hues of neutral brown colors if you have an olive skin tone.
It's nice to travel the world, but sometimes I wish I had done the things other teenagers do - go to school, play truant, get into trouble, sneak off to the movies. To add a more casual look to glamorous brown eyes, you can use shades of copper and bronze, khaki greens and doe browns. You can also add a more fascinating look to them by contrasting with neon blues, hot pink and bright green for a wild look.Women with the asset of brown eyes should try eye lines in eggplant or deep berry. I was always the youngest." Neither, she says, does she have time for that other rite of teenage passage, a boyfriend. You can also compliment your eyes by mixing an eggplant liner with mascara.Different Uses of MascaraUsually black mascaras are a winner when it comes to making any eye color look gorgeous. At some point of time, colored mascaras add a very dramatic look to your eyes or sometimes people looking at you won’t be comfortable either. If you are not planning a funky look, avoid neon hues and brighter tone eye shadows, mascaras or eye liners. Barbie is for girls growing up in the suburbs and dreaming of something more interesting - not for tiny snake-girls taking their bows. She says she eats very healthily: no carbohydrates, hardly any meat, and chocolate only once a week. Reply hassan Jul 15, 2009 at 11:11 am very good advic Reply Robin Jul 23, 2009 at 8:47 pm Great post! But don’t you also have to consider hair color when thinking about eye shadow colors? I used to be a blonde (and I have hazel eyes) and pink shades used to look wonderful on me! When they were in Frankfurt, Lunga went to see a specialist about her 'flexibility' and he X-rayed her in a contortion position.
I am just more flexible." Even when she occasionally makes a mistake in her act, she never falls, and she has never injured herself. A nice thing to try is PUPA Multi-Effect Baked Eye-Shadows Duo LUMINYS #50 – there are dark green and green-yellowish shadows which you can use separately, mix and apply differently depending on your eye shape.
She melts, bending her legs over her head, tucking her hands and feet into places non-snake-girls simply cannot reach. I'm too flexible." And, smiling at me like a child with an incredible toy, she sticks her foot on her head.

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