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Our friends Larry and Sheri (whose home we stayed in for our bloggers work retreat) use some of their property as the prettiest wedding manor you’ve ever seen, and some of it to raise beef cows. When I was out there for the Invigorate Retreat, they had five pregnant mama cows that were due any day, and Sheri graciously agreed when I asked if the kids and I could come by to see them and take pictures after they were born.
We explain to our kids, and our friends, that we buy cows from local farmers because we can see the way they are treated and how they live, and know that they are given as happy a life as possible. You can read about my wake up call to the truths of industrial cattle farms on our first post about buying local beef (six years ago!). It seemed as though the cows could tell that she was just a baby, and were incredibly curious about her rather than nervous.
Corban was a little nervous about the size of the cows (although they are only about a year old, they’re still plenty big compared to him!), and at first really wanted Sheri or I to hold his hand if he went near them. But once we headed to the pasture where the mamas and babies were hanging out, the young cows started following him! Seeing their interest in him seemed to give him some confidence and he decided to try feeding them again. Corban was absolutely delighted to get to feed the cows by hand, and I was delighted to know that this was one more step in his understanding of real food. The baby cows were absolutely precious, but we made sure not to get too close since the mamas were definitely nervous about our presence. Corban thought it was really cool that the babies drink milk from their mamas just like he and Larkin do. This little one was pretty curious and might have come over to see us if mama hadn’t been mooing so persistently to stay away. While the visit itself was all about fun and excitement, we’ve had several talks since the visit about cows giving us meat, and cow milk, and where food comes from. Sadly I messed up my settings somehow, so don’t have the awesome photos of Larkin climbing and standing on the tractor. I’m so thankful for the chance to show my kids a truly sustainable and humane beef farm, and to know that we are part of supporting responsible cattle farming. If there isn’t one near you, you can always walk them through the pictures in post and use it as a starting point for a conversation on where beef comes from. Nutritional and cost information is for estimating purposes only, and subject to variations due to region, seasonality, and product availability. Jefe, the new Mexican restaurant from Aster Cafe owner Jeff Arundel, opens Wednesday, May 18.
Amy Spartz, Arundel’s wife and business partner, said Jefe will be their first full-service restaurant, given Aster’s cold kitchen.
Jefe’s dinner menu features Mexican street food staples ($5-8) like sopes, elote and huge servings of guacamole. For main entrees ($11-23) Jefe offers a wide variety of options like smoked duck tamales ($21), cauliflower pastor ($11) and a unique take on a Juicy Lucy burger (Juicy Lucia, $15) with a poached egg instead of cheese inside.
On the bar side, Spartz said Jefe will be more focused on cocktails and margaritas than its cafe neighbor. The restaurant’s house margarita ($10) can be customized with fruit and herb options, including a few unique add-ons like mint, blackberries and cucumber.
Arundel told The Journal earlier this year that Jefe’s most important component is comfort. What do you hope to get out of joining Newbury Socialites and what type of events would you be most interested in? RSVP Rules - If you RSVP YES to an event and can no longer attend, please update your status. Hi, Newbury Socialites are a friendly meet-up group for those living and working within Newbury and West Berkshire surrounding areas.

Everyone is always worried about coming along to an event for the first time on their own, please don't, we give everybody a warm welcome and are a friendly bunch of socialites. To join this group you must display a clearly identifiable picture of yourself on your profile page i.e a full head shot or close up. Aslong as the internet is here there's always going to be a way of getting pretty much any form of digital content for free one way or another.
The actual videos arent stored on any of my servers but come from external sources that are normally pretty reliable.
This website originally took 12 months to make as I never had the time to finish it, it was just a fun project. This was a bi-product of the movie and tv show website script that I created for myself to give something back to the internet for free. First Place B2BFirst Place B2B is the second search engine optimization and digital marketing company I own and operate from an office in the heart of central London. The Facebook SnowballThis is one of my recent projects which hasn't been running for that long (a month or so) but in my opinion has a great new concept which I haven't seen yet.
Michael Tedder This is my own personal website if you hadn't guessed already, its also the website you're on now. Knowing where their food comes from is just as important for kids as knowing how to cook it, so last week we took a trip to a friend’s farm to see the brand new baby cows, and give the kids a chance to meet their meat.
It’s completely the opposite of the horrible conditions and mistreatment of the cows in industrial farming. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and get your free download of our favorite healthy cute kid snacks. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your costs will be the same but Eating Richly Even When You're Broke will receive a small commission. She is also in passionate pursuit of seeing all children have access to healthy food and nutrition education, and loves to grow food and get crafty when she's not having fun with her husband and children.
Anthony Main Event Center space just a few doors down from Aster, aims to serve authentic Mexican street food.
For the restaurant’s eight main tacos ($6-10 for two), Ledo gets creative with fried oysters (ostras con tocino), oxtail, chicken tinga and fish (opakapaka). As Arundel promised, Jefe is serving a more traditional Gringo Burger ($12), plus a few American-style options like a steak with fries ($21) and even a Minnesota State Fair-style pulled pork sandwich ($11). The smaller wine list features several Spanish wines, and among Jefe’s 12 taps there are a few Mexican beers next to Minnesota craft beers.
The house old fashioned ($12) is made with Ancho Reyes chile liqueur so “there’s a little bit of a bite to it,” Spartz said. At $2.50, the non-alcoholic, non-dairy rice drink is made light and refreshing for sipping on Jefe’s 60-seat patio. Spartz said while there are great Mexican restaurants around town, they wanted to open a place that would marry both the authentic food, beverages and welcoming atmosphere that they wanted in a restaurant.
If youa€™re new to the area, or just want to make some new friends and try out different activities, we could be the group for you. However, we welcome you to come along to your first event free of charge, and if you like us and wish to join in (and we hope you will), your participation fee would become payable immediately after that. There are more selfies taken and uploaded to sites like Instagram and Facebook like never before. I created this website in the early part of 2014 just as the term "selfie" was reaching epic heights, since its release it has been viewed several million times with its pictures posted and shared all round the web.If you want a laugh head over to Selfie Fails now, you can also upload and share your own content for everyone to see. This is another of my free contributions to the web which is a movie website that either streams you the video directly or takes you to a third party source.
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Since I released the site I had several requests to buy it so thats when I decided to create Movie Website Script. This is a free world wide social network designed to connect you with people locally, its the best way to meet new people, make new friends or even find that one true love.This website uses the latest technologies making it easy for you to see who lives nearby and who's looking to chat. I run it with two other business partners who both have extensive experience in the field and have both come from there own companies.We have a fantastic sales and seo team who work extremely hard and have helped grow the company exponentially. What this website does is help your average Facebook page owner make serious money from the fan page. In opening Jefe, Arundel told The Journal earlier this year that he wanted it to be classic, not kitschy with a vintage Spanish feel.
The most notable thing is the welcoming metal Zorro statue designed by artist Paul Tierney, who also did the restaurant’s stained glass, metalwork and the portico outside. This can by paid in cash to an event organiser or by bank transfer (see event "Paying your Membership").
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