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Language, whether spoken in French, English German or even Tagalog is an amazing cognitive ability in which we (as humans) understand, learn and produce.
Speech is the dominant means of linguistic communication – many people have come to think that language and speech are the same thing due to their similarities. Research into sign language and verbal language was conducted by Professor Iris Berent at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts to discover the flexibility of the human language. American Sign Language is the predominant sign language that is used within the deaf communities in both the United States and also the English speaking areas of Canada.
Surprisingly to many, sign language and spoken language share a number of similar characteristics. Can you communicate via sign language, if so what other similarities can you tell us about with regards to verbal language?

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One of the more amazing discoveries is that even with over 3,000 spoken languages in the world today dozens of similarities in characteristics between each and every language. A paper written by Professor Berenet and her team provide evidence that English speakers can easily learn and recognise key structures of American Sign language, even though there have been no previous exposure or familiarity with this language. Further to the brain activity spoken and sign language both construct words via syllables which are ‘meaningless.’ A research group decided to examine whether or not non signers would be able to discover the structure. Scans of the brain have been taken by researchers; this imaging scan demonstrates that the same areas of the brain that are activated in people who hear spoken language are also activated in deaf individuals when they use sign language. The results suggested that participants extended their linguistic knowledge from spoken language to sign language.

Well, those that belong to Deaf communities create language using manual gestures, but at the same time in doing so their language shares the same design and mechanisms that spoken languages possess.
This finding is significant because it shows that linguistic principles are abstract, and they can apply to both speech and sign.

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