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Harry Styles has a rapidly growing collection of tattoos, but the One Direction heartthrob has revealed he has regrets over some of his body art, including one etched by singer friend Ed Sheeran. Harry and his band mate Zayn Malik are both tattoo aficionados and started the inking craze. Meanwhile, Harry and his fellow band members have recently appeared on the cover of GQ, and in an interview with the magazine, Harry addressed the constant speculation over his sexuality.

Despite his reputation as being a bit of a ladies' man, rumours have run wild that Harry and radio host Nick Grimshaw were an item.
Harry has enjoyed a series of high-profile romances in the past, with women including Caroline Flack, Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne. He was recently linked to British model Kara Rose Marshall, 22, whom he met through a mutual friend.

The inking is of a small padlock that Ed had designed and tattooed for the One Direction singer.

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