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I also use Boss MT-2 Metalzone, DD-6 Digital Delay, Noise Suppressor, Fender Tuner pedal, Audio Technica DR-3500 Wireless System, and SHURE microphones.
I have a left-handed Jackson Dinky, a 65W Laney for an amp, a Line6 Uber METAL pedal (you gotta fucking love that thing), and a Dunlop Jimi Hendrix wah. I'll post pictures of some of this stuff tomorrow as its too late for such dumbfuckery tonight.
You gotta use it while having a clean tone on your amp, you don't need extra distortion since that little fucker does the job alone.
Well it could be my amp i have a vox ad 30 watt i use tried using the clean channels doesn't work too well.

Right now I'm trying to get some cash so I can buy a decent half stack, it sucks having to borrow other people's amps and shows because you're poor as hell hahah. I hate you, you know thats not true, you know I didnt sleep with anyone, You ruined my life.Andy told my parents , Im not getting married. Check out my YouTube channel where I upload all of my other terrible music, such as a black metal + reggaeton mix. I'm setting the EQ settings same on amp and pedal on a clean channel, still not better then my amps distortion and its not that great.
It had a tribal sticker that looked so good, it looked like it was supposed to be part of the bass.

I also have an ESP F-100 and an ESP M-10 (first guitar I got 7 years ago, came in a starter pack). I always hated 6 strings, but this one is pretty light, and when I played it, I fell in love with it. He has some insecurity issues.he should be bothering you with things that didnt happen in his time.

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