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First up is the continuous process of checking-in on the nights the kids are with the other parent. Maybe she does do some of these things on purpose sometimes but I’m not sure that EVERY instance is passive-aggresiveness on her part. Three cheers for you, by the way, for always giving your kids access to the phone to be able to call her. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

It was filed under anger, single parenting and was tagged with asshole, assholiness, damn yes sorry, discombobulated, exwife bitchiness, forgetful, If we can laugh about it later, mean exwife, missing my kids, parents missing their kids, passive agressive, prevent your kids from talking to the other parent, preventing the parent child contact, She always responds the next day with "I'm sorry.", she's being a jerk, shitty passive agressive move, texts from the exwife, waiting for her to change, waiting for them to get a clue, we can laugh about it now, when she is not with her BF she is watching the texts. As an outsider reading this, though, I have to wonder if you might be reading too much into this. So of the two pair of glasses I had while we were married you didn’t recognize one of the pair? Yes, that would be an awkward question to ask your BF, but even more odd that you’d have to ask your husband of 10 years.

Often I will ask for a call by say 7 pm and won’t ever get a ping back or a call from my daughter.

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