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To be cleara€”and a bit more specifica€”when I say a€?meeting online friends,a€? Ia€™m actually referring to meeting people online through social media sites. I have met approximately 13 of my online friends in person and many of those relationships have actually turned out to be some of the best relationships I’ve ever had. Obviously, that is by far the worst-case scenario imaginable and you’re probably not going to end up being face-to-face with a psychotic killer, but use your common sense before meeting an online friend in person.
First of all, Nate, I can’t believe you’ve already met 13 of your online friends! My name is Nate and Ia€™m an alcoholic a firm believer of meeting online friends in person and have done it multiple times. I spend more time online, tweeting, facebooking, and instagramming than I’d ever care to admit.

In fact, I have yet to experience an online friend meet-up that has gone horribly awkward, unpleasant, or even scary. That the problems in your relationship are fixable, and show your Ex Wife Or Ex Husband that. I’m sure there are many of you who feel that meeting online friends in person isna€™t something one must confess to, but I can imagine that there are also some of you who do not condone this form of social interaction. Thankfully, none of those whom Ia€™ve met online go by the name of Philip Markoff, but you never know whoa€™s actually typing on the other end, which is why you need to be wise when meeting people online. As technology marches on, we’re spending more and more time online than ever before and call me crazy, but I believe that meeting people online is going to become more the norm. Eons ago (the late 90s), I struck up an internet friendship with a Canadian fellow who’d contacted me after seeing how many bands we liked in common on my Yahoo profile page.

Statistically speaking, the older you are, the less likely it is that youa€™ll envisage meeting people online in a positive manner. Considering the fact that Ia€™m a techy, 20-something-year-old blogger, Ia€™m sure youa€™re completely shocked by my support of meeting online friends in person. However, the social stigma that tends to follow the idea of meeting online friends in person is largely unfounded. It’s not rocket science that the more time you spend interacting on social sites, the more relationships you tend to form and meeting some of those online friends in person is inevitable.

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