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The series was first broadcast on July 6, 2014 in Mainland China on channel ZJTV under the title "Go, Single Lady ?????" with 27 episodes total.
When a young woman leaves her family to go on an epic journey, what truths will she uncover?
Because she is infertile, Da Ma has never received much attention from her husband Rong Yao Hua.
Zhao Zhan (Kevin Yan), an expert swordsman, saves the life of Justice Bao Zhen (Liang Guan Hua) during the Northern Song Dynasty and is rewarded for his brave deed. Twenty years ago, singer Wang Xuan (Li Ying) had a baby out of wedlock and spent all of her money trying to treat her daughter’s illness. In a time of great unrest at the end of the Warring States period, Jing Ke (Le Geng) attempts to assassinate King Zheng of Qin and fails. When a young man is forced to wait on a woman hand-and-foot, how could his life be any more complicated? Le Tong Tong had her grand wedding all planned out, and her relatives were all on standby for the big day. The new series tells the story of three young people who live in a condominium that forbids its residents from falling in love, and where violation of the rule may lead to eviction. Wu Xin is an immortal who doesn't know where he was from, how long he lived, or what he is. Wang Luodan stars as our white-collar heroine Du Lala, a charming administrative assistant who works her way up in a big multinational corporation in Shanghai. Adapted from a Republican-era novel called "The Fate of Jinxiu", Cruel Romance tells the story of Rong Jinxiu (Chen Qiao En, a country girl who travels to Shanghai in order to discover why her entire family was killed. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. My boyfriend' mom , deal , My boyfriend' mom , deal parents causing problems relationship?. My boyfriend' mom , deal , My boyfriend's mom doesn't like me, how do i deal with parents causing problems in my relationship?. How met mother - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, How met mother ( abbreviated himym) american sitcom originally aired cbs september 19, 2005, march 31, 2014.. Hi Jessica, I completely agree with what Victoria wrote, and I also wanted to point out that time is in your favor. As time goes on, your ex-boyfriend will meet someone new, start a new life and get married.
Filming began on April 9, 2013 on location in Taiwan and Shanghai China, filming finished in early August 2013. Taiwan broadcast of the series began on August 23, 2014 under the title "My Pig Lady ????" on channel CTV every Saturday night with 24 episodes total. Sheng Xia (Xu Jing Yuan) is the youngest daughter of the Sheng family, which has inhabited Mount Bawan for many generations. After finding out of his heated love affair with brothel beauty Yan Hong, she decides to do something about her own fate by living vicariously through the innocent Xiu He, a farmer's daughter who reminds Da Ma of her own youth.
When Long Xia (Tong Da Wei) and Yu Xiao Yu (Wang Li Kun) are both betrayed by their partners in different ways, they meet in Beijing and end up becoming roommates. Ming Liang (Qi Wei) and Gao Jian (Chen He) are archrivals at work but they share the same viewpoint about marriage: they are opposed to it and would rather enjoy carefree relationships. But Du Xin Yu (Pan Zhi Lin) is never allowed to touch tea while growing up because of her father’s tragic death. But Ji Pang (Ma Shu Liang), an evil minister who is hungry for power, uses Zhan’s name to provoke a group of legendary swordsmen known as the Five Mice of Xian Kong Island. But ultimately, Xuan was forced to give up her daughter for adoption and to hide her secret from the world.
An You Zhi (Sung Song) and his wife Xue Bao Lian (He Yin) have twin daughters, An Jing (Bai Bing) and An Ning (Lou Yi Xiao).
Lu Pao (Nicky Wu) is a dangerous swordsman who is out to get his hands on the powerful Red Ghost Stone.
A group of college friends went their separate ways after college, but reunite years later in the real world.
Now on the run from Qin’s soldiers, Jing hires Gai Nie (Lu Yi), the world’s best swordsman, to protect his son, Jing Tian Ming (Jiang Jin Fu; Wu Zu Jin Xi as the child Tian Ming).
But Simon Bo (Wallace Huo), a brilliant criminal psychologist, has the ability to get into the minds of even the most mysterious and violent criminals. Li Ang (Park Hae Jin) is an aspiring photographer who gets a temp job at the fashion magazine called “Fashion Love.” Hao Li Ren (Gan Ting Ting) is the director of the magazine, and Li Ang makes the mistake of using her nickname “Devil Hao” to her face and then accidentally breaks the magazine’s expensive camera equipment. When Zhao Mo Sheng (Tiffany Tang) was at university, she fell in love at first sight with law student He Yi Chen (Wallace Chung). Chen Guo (Su Yan) is out to prove that “leftover women,” women that society has labeled as undatable for a variety of reasons, have a right to find their ideal mates and get married. Wu Xie's (Li Yi Feng ???) grandfather was one of the infamous nine grave diggers who dug up from a Warring State tomb, a silk manuscript of the Warring States. Along the way, she meets triad leader Zuo Zhen (Huang Xiao Ming), and after a series of accidents and misunderstandings, the two fall in love.

You can be boyfriend and girlfriend for more than three or four years without being engaged.
Reruns were broadcast on channel GTV every following Sunday after new episodes were aired on CTV. Xia’s mother, Sheng Qing Ping, was the master of the Wind Chime, which gives mystical powers to the bearer. Da Ma decides to let Xiu He marry into the Rong family as Yao Hua's concubine in hopes that she will bear the family a child. But when their parents find out that they are cohabitating, they force the two to get married.
As their strong feelings for each other turn romantic, they become secret lovers and eventually are forced to rethink their views on marriage.
But after watching a show by tea master Afei, Xin Yu’s love of tea art is revived and she sneaks into Zhuo Qing Garden to take the qualification test to become Afei’s disciple. Bai Yu Tang (Chen Xiao) leads the Five Mice to the capital to locate Zhan and seek revenge. When Xuan later tries to search for her daughter to no avail, she focuses all of her love on her stepdaughter, Xu Ruo Lin (Xianzi).
The Sushan School, China’s most famous and influential martial arts school, is the guardian of the stone and protector of the world. Fang Hui (Molly Wang), Qiao Ran (Vin Zhang), Lin Jia Mo (Una You), Zhao Ye (Chuan Li), Shen Xiao Tang (Yilia Yu) and Zeng Wen Hui (Yong Liang Sui) have all had different life experiences and have tried to pursue their dreams. When Gai single-handedly defeats 300 armed soldiers at the Qin border, the angry King Zheng orders that both Gai and Tian Ming be killed at any cost.
He’s a professor at The University of Maryland and works as an analyst and advisor on the police department’s most violent or difficult cases.
The merciless Li Ren insists that Li Ang compensate the magazine for the entire cost of the expensive camera.
Not a woman who would be defeated by a minor problem as to not having a groom, she and her two friends embarked on a mission to find a husband through series of blind dates.
Although it takes Yi Chen longer to warm up to Mo Sheng’s bubbly personality, the two eventually become a couple. So the former investment banker decided to open Sheng Dou Shi’s Shop, a dating service that helps these “leftover women” find true love. Now that the Warring State silk manuscript has resurfaced again, the younger generation embark on a treasure hunt.
Also vying for Jinxiu's attention is businessman Xiang Yingdong, a businessman and close friend of Zuo Zhen.
It's not 'you're so gay', like 'you're so lame', but the fact of the matter is that this boy should've been gay. He was very excited and happy to be with me, but his parents told him they will never accept me.
Qing Ping eloped with Qin Shou Cheng, only to be murdered at the hands of his family after giving birth to Xia. He expects perfection in himself and in others, and applies the same principle to his love life as well.
Bao Nian Nian (Mao Xiao Tong) falls for the handsome Fang Si Qi (Wang Chuan Jun) and accidentally gets pregnant. As Xin Yu works hard to prove herself, she falls in love with the tea garden chairman’s oldest son, Tang Zheng Hao (Zhu Zi Yao), who also works in the garden. During their journey, the five swordsman hear about the evil doings of Ji Pang and his son and decide to go to Chen Zhou to deal with them first. Meanwhile, Jiang Mei Li (Victoria Song) is adopted by a family and 20 years later, she accompanies her sister to a singing competition where Ruo Lin is competing to win back her ex-boyfriend, Guan Yi (Peter Ho), who is a producer. So he dumps his wife and marries her best friend, Bai Li Li (Bo Yu Jia), to try to have a son. The school’s headmaster puts the precious Red Ghost Stone into the body of the talented young swordsman Ding Yin (William Chan) in order to keep it from falling into Lu Pao’s hands. But when they come back into one another’s lives, old and new conflicts emerge, and old feelings that were long forgotten come flooding back.
The king’s ministers hire Wei Zhuang (Sun Yi Zhou), a brilliant swordsman who studied under the same master as Gai, to go after them. With the help of his young assistant, Jenny Jian (Ma Si Chun), Simon delves into the thoughts and intentions of the criminal mind. Li Ang is concerned about how he will repay the money because his family owns a modest noodle shop and they are not well off. But misunderstandings arise when Yi Chen’s foster sister, He Yi Mei (Jian Ren Zi), competes for Yi Chen’s attention. To repay her kindness and get more food in their stomach, he decides to capitalize his only skill set: Killing monsters. With the help of her capable employees, including Li Si Ming (Gao Hao), the IT expert, and Bai Yu (Jiang Qi Ling), the pretty boy who is the face of the shop, Guo goes to work with each client to help her find lasting relationship happiness.

Ever protective of his woman, however, Zuo Zhen refuses to let other men even come close to Jinxiu ? As the new master of the Wind Chime, the grown Xia sets off under the name of Ji Tang Tang to uncover the truth behind her mother’s murder.
The leading lady, Yu You Wei, suffers from memory loss after an accident (another accident turns her father into a vegetative state), and her identity is swapped with someone else's (Elena Tong). After marriage, the down-to-earth Xiao Yu discovers that the more materialistic Long Xia is her polar opposite. Pressured by both families to get married, Nian Nian suffers a miscarriage on the day that she and Si Qi get their marriage certificate.
Zheng Hao’s younger half-brother, Cheng Feng (Dai Yang Tian), also falls for Xin Yu, which further fractures the brothers’ already contentious relationship.
When Justice Bao is framed by his enemies and put in prison, Zhan is left to protect the Song Dynasty on his own. The former couple decides to each raise a daughter so they flip a coin to see which daughter will live with each parent. Ding Yin enters the Sushan School to train to become the best swordsman in the world and vows to keep the world safe from the evil doings of Lu Pao. Gai and Tiang Ming, meanwhile, meet a group of Mohist swordsman and a young girl named Gao Yue (Hu Bing Qing) and are taken to the Mohist Fortress, a secret place nestled between towering mountain peaks that houses the Mohist School, a final stronghold of anti-Qin forces. As the daughter of a veteran police investigator with a deep sense of justice, can Jenny help Simon open up emotionally as they work together to solve crimes?
Then through a series of events, Li Ren “hires” Li Ang to pretend to be her fake boyfriend at a class reunion.
Mo Sheng decides to follow her father’s wishes to continue her education in the United States, where she ends up marrying and then divorcing Ying Hui (Kevin Tan). If you’re a fan of “Tomb Raider,” “National Treasure” and “The Mummy,” you’ll love “The Lost Tomb”! As conflicts arise with regular frequency between the impetuous newlyweds, they discover the importance of really getting to know someone before jumping in marriage.
With the reason for their marriage now gone, will Si Qi and Nian Nian continue their relationship? Di Yi Rou (Wang Di) has always loved Zheng Hao and will do anything to make Xin Yu fail after seeing Zheng Hao’s heart taken away from her. Zhan needs the help of the Five Mice to protect the court against their mutual enemies, but how willing will Yu Tang be to help when the two men get entangled in a love triangle with Ding Yue Hua (Zheng Shuang), a beautiful woman who wields a deadly sword better than any of her..
But then Ding Yin meets Lu Pao’s daughter, Yu Wu Xing (Zhao Li Ying), who looks just like his dead wife. There's not nearly as much stealing and obsessing and middle-of-the-night secret calls to ex-boyfriends and scheming and cheating. The heroine reunites with Han Ming (who is her childhood friend), when they’re grown ups and quickly become a bickering pair. Yu Xiao Nuo (Jiang Yan) is dating Cheng Lei (Qiao Ren Liang), an impoverished aspiring singer, but she is unwilling to marry him because he is so poor.
But despite the obstacles, Xin Yu finally becomes the first female tea reviewer in China only to lose her sense of smell at the peak of her career. But the strong-willed and aggressive An Ning clashes with her new stepmother, Li Li, so An Ning and An Jing switch places. When she coincidentally bumps into Yi Chen after seven long years, will the timing finally be right for the star-crossed lovers? It is based on a series of novels by the same title (also known as DAOMU) written by Kenny Xu Lei. When Li Li gives birth to a girl, An Le (Liu Ya Se), You Zhi is again disappointed about not getting a son. Over the years, when both Li Li and An Le begin to mistreat the sweet An Jing, An Ning can’t hold back her anger and hits her half-sister An Le to stan..
He doesn't want to lose the opportunity so we decided to break up.Two weeks have passed with us not contacting each other and we missed each other too much and we came back together.
We are hiding our relationship because the Asian community that we live in is small and my ex-boyfriend's friends will know and tell my ex-boyfriend who is in China (where my current boyfriend's family is) that he is still with me.Would there be a possibility that his parents and whole family accept me?
Victoria's Answer:Hi Jessica, First of all, I am happy to hear that you found your true love and you are happy with each other. My personal opinion is that you might find a way to let them know you face to face, and show them firsthand the happiness their son would have with you.

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