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In the 10 weeks of training I ran in- rain, snow, cold, heat and extreme wind, up & down hill. I’m not going to lie, I was a little sad not as many people could come but I know a lot of people were cheering me on at home or on the road. I was able to give all my guests, as well as a few I knew who wanted to come, a swag bag full of products that have helped me on my health journey. Last week I was talking about my ears, and the issues that I have with pain when I am running outdoors.
I have noticed this problem with my ears even when I am running in the gym and the fans are turned on high. A few weeks ago I talked about an issue I have been having with my heart, and how working out is so important for anyone’s health.
I ran on days I was tired, on days I didn’t have a lot of time to give up, on days my muscles were still sore from the run before.
The beginning of the day we had 8 people here to celebrate and cheer me on as I passed the finish line.
I am currently on vacation as I type this; sitting at my sister’s house watching her Labordoodle run around looking for food scraps and my youngest nephew trying to wake up my fiance so they can play together. Well, last week the fiance and I went running outside again, and I stuck just a small piece of cotton in each ear.
I’ve run outside off and on throughout my training, and the weather has been warm, warm, warm. After a while, my ears start to hurt so bad that I either have to turn the fans off and tough it out, or give up. I am currently training in my Reebok Toning Shoes – and if you hadn’t read my post about them, I would suggest it.
While I was a cheerleader and that required me to work out with my squad, I also started walking on a regular basis with my mom, and bought a slew of DVD’s so I could work out at home. My oldest asked me why I kept on running even when I didn’t want to or when it was raining.
Then about 10 more people from my neighborhood stopped by to celebrate with me and talk about my weight-loss journey. I had planned a speech I wanted to share at the end of my run but it didn’t feel like the right audience to share it with, all of them have been there throughout my journey and know my thoughts about health and fitness.
I completed my workout schedule before we hopped on the plan on Friday, though I still have one more thirty minute run that I will get in today.
I usually run on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday’s, but we had a wedding out of town this weekend that my fiance was in, and we will be on vacation starting next Friday visiting my family in North Carolina. When my fiance and I were running yesterday, there was a strong wind blowing the majority of the time, and when we were running into the wind, I felt like I might throw up because the pain was so bad. While I thought they were fine athletic shoes, I never noticed any toning about them, and I also updated my post with the lawsuit that came against Reebok for their false claims. Just before my junior year, I got a yearly physical and my mom mentioned to the doctor that she thought my cholesterol should be checked, as high cholesterol runs in her family. The routine carried into college, where I still bought DVD’s and frequented my college gym, and still now at age twenty-five.
I’m writing my 5K post at 10pm instead of my usual afternoon slot – which was booked today with, you guessed it, looking at venues for my 2013 wedding. I love sharing my story with who ever I can and I hope I can inspire others to get healthy too. You can’t do it by yourself, you need people who will cheer you on, keep you accountable and to motivate you. My sister, brother-in-law, niece and oldest nephew are out at baseball tournaments, so the house is quiet and calm enough for me to get a run in today.

When I go on vacations I almost always pack my athletic shoes and can usually fit in at least one for two workouts. When I first started training, I could barely make it 5 minutes running without wanting to quit. Sure enough, my cholesterol came back at an alarming level, enough to have the doctor sit down with me and have a serious chat about diet and lifestyle.
Health is not something to take lightly, so make sure you do yourself a favor and just pay attention to what you eat and if you are working out like you should. I think that is why I set up this challenge for myself, to prove that I can do it no matter what. I ran with my girlfriend Holly, and we tried our best to look pretty ridiculous – as you can see from our picture! We got our pre-race documents emailed to us last night, and Saturday will here before we know it! The wedding this weekend wasn’t too bad, we left Friday morning and got home Sunday afternoon, so I simply did my Saturday run on Thursday. My training schedule has been pretty packed since I signed up for The Color Run, but now I think I need to have something else to look forward to once the run is…ran. I was considering buying some ear plugs, but I was worried about not being able to hear as well. The weather will be much cooler, and if it’s a windy day, I’m worried I won’t be able to complete the run.
Like I said in my post – comfortable shoes and all, but I bought them for the toning effect.
This week, I ran close to 40 minutes without needing a break, which is a big accomplishment for me. I was given two lists of foods – one that I shouldn’t consider touching, and one that I should try to incorporate into my meals. I’m happy to say that even with being busy, I still made time to get all my training done this week. When I first started the program and the first week I was only running 1 minute and walking 1 minute I thought this program was crazy.
My next post will be my last on my 5K, and I’m sure I’ll have some pictures as well to share. I like to think I keep a pretty good workout schedule as it is – mixing in cardio with strength with the Yoga and Pilates. With the cotton I could hear perfectly fine, and I kept forgetting I even had anything in my ears. I’ve had them for over a year, and there are now holes near where my toes are, and I’m getting ready to pitch them.
I’m very curious to see how I’ll fare come race time, but I’m not worried now about being able to keep up or worse – not finish! The do not touch list was pretty easy to figure out why those foods are banned – fast food, fried food, butter, salty foods, etc.
Small steps are great to start off with – and getting regular check-ups is a great plan as well!
And with the 5K sneaking up way too fast (um, is it seriously August?!) the runs are only getting longer and more tiring! We ran through four color stations along the run, where people were having a great time throwing the paint on us, and then at the end once we finished we participated in a color throw. Very excited to get this first one under my belt, and hopefully there will be more to come!
But I think it’s important to be conscientious of what your schedule looks like, because I know I would hate not working out or getting in at least two runs Friday- Tuesday (our vacation schedule) and then come home and have The Color Run happen in four days.

Now I know I will have at least a day or two to run as well, but I really liked having the consistency, that schedule. Since during the Color Run we will be pelted with paint, I wanted to wear shoes that I wouldn’t mind throwing away – my Reebok toning shoes will be that pair. Below is my workout schedule for the week – non-bold is my 5K training schedule, bold is my regular workout schedule. The list of foods that I should try to incorporate in my diet was interesting to look through. But just like I tell aspiring writers – if you really want this, you will put pen to paper or finger to key every day – I live that motto for being healthy as well. Each week when it got harder and I felt like I couldn’t breath and my legs would not go any further I would repeat the above quote (in the photo) in my head. Why I said this was funny is because it was those people who made me want to prove them wrong. But hopefully it will all work out and I’ll feel prepared on October 6 for the 3.1 mile run! I bought Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD a few months back, but I haven’t done an actual 30 day, every day workout with the DVD like it’s meant for. Once I got water in my ears and then the wind started blowing, it was too painful for me to pretend I was having a good time. I want to have a fun experience, but I’m worried that my inner ear problem will put a damper on the day. Bagels (plain bagels, no cream cheese) came highly recommended, and can remember three days a week I would buy a plain bagel in my school cafeteria for breakfast. I was going to have this post be a bit more about health and why I work hard on completing workouts and watching my diet, but I’m a bit tired from our 9+ hours of driving we’ve done between Friday night and this afternoon, so I’ll just leave you with my workout schedule and a promise to do better next week! Everyone who registered got a packet of the paint, and once you finished, you got to throw it in the air and have the colors rain down. I also changed the type of milk I drank from 1% to skim – which my fiance still gripes about! There were MANY times I felt like giving up but I knew I’d regret quitting and I also wanted to show my kids and you all that no matter what you can do what you put your MIND to. This is going to be my next workout project and of course – I’ll be blogging weekly about all the pain the fierce Jillian Michael’s is putting me through! I’m not a distance runner or marathon runner, but I will continue to run at least two days a week, along with my usual walks and elliptical workouts. I almost never use butter on rolls or bread, and try to find a suitable substitute when it is called for in a recipe.
I haven’t started the research yet on new shoes, but I will be grateful for any suggestions you might have! As someone who was fairly busy in high school and not quite a cook yet (cough, still), this was difficult to do, but I took my health warning seriously. Holly and I are running another 5K in November (BRRRR!) and our award at the end – chocolate!
A seventeen year old healthy female shouldn’t have had the numbers that I did, and I didn’t want to have serious effects from it, or be put on medications for the majority of my life.
I’ve had a lot of fun blogging about my first 5K experience, and I hope to share some more with you after my second race!

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