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It's easy to imagine Justin Bieber singing to girlfriend Selena Gomez in his steamy new single "Boyfriend." But Marina and The Diamonds have put a completely different spin on his track, turning The Bieb's latest into a dark, acoustic lament. The cover comes as Marina & the Diamonds prepares to release their sophomore album, "Electra Heart," in the U.K. Here's Scottish actor Alan Cumming (left) in a production of "The Bacchae" at Lincoln Center on Wednesday -- and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's 19-year-old celebuspawn Rumer Wills (right).One of them is in costume.We're just sayin'!
Like other stars, Usher too is given instructions by host Wendi McLendon-Covey while he tries to play basketball with Chris Harrison.

The album will see its stateside release on July 17 while Marina supports Coldplay on tour this summer in addition to her own headlining shows. That album features production from Diplo, Rick Nowels, Liam Howe and Greg Kurstin, with Dr. From his very first tattoo of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” on his hip, to newer pieces, like his “Purpose” abdomen tat and “Patience” neck tattoo, Justin Bieber is quite the tattoo aficionado and loves adding new pieces to his collection, even though he describes the actual process of getting inked as “mad uncomfortable.”The Biebs sat down with GQ for a video interview to go along with his March 2016 cover shoot, and in it, the pop star gives us the inside scoop on the meaning behind some of his more mysterious tattoos, including the “X” tattoo on his arm, the tiny seagull on his hip, and that pesky Selena Gomez (yes, it’s her!) angel tat on his wrist. Being that it was his first tattoo, Bieber started off by talking about the seagull tattoo on his hip, which he says is “based on this book that my whole family read.

Basically it’s about this seagull who wanted to be more than a seagull.”According to Justin himself, the “X” tattoo on his left arm stands for the unknown.

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