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DISC is a science and popular assessment type that is used to help you understand your behavioral preferences at work and home. The level of each of these dimensions determines what DISC style you have.  Your style is often noted by whichever dimension you scored highest in, followed by any other dimensions that were above the energy line as well. Lastly, DISC differentiates itself from “personality assessments” further by delving into the interpersonal relationships side of behaviors. Since Marston’s work in the 30?s and 40?s several modern day companies and scientists have updated his methods and findings to fit with the current patterns and observations reflected in today’s work environment.
A few pages detailing how you tend to behave naturally, what you bring to the job, and how you would choose to do the job. A visual list of descriptors under each section of D,I,S, and C that describe how you solve problems, influence people, respond to the pace of environment, and rules and procedures set by others. Identifies the specific talents and behavior you bring to the job.  Organizations can then develop a system to capitalize on the values the assessment taker brings to the team. A few charts showing how you naturally approach challenges, people, pace, and procedures when you are being yourself vs adapting to your environment.
A helpful section on how to communicate best with this person, how not to communicate with this person, as well as tips this person can use to communicate with others. How your behavior can be perceived by others when you are being yourself vs under pressure or stress.
When I first applied to work for Balanced WorkLife they made me take an assessment that included DISC.

One of the first charts the assessment shows demonstrated how I was adapting my behavior to do my previous job. TTI Success Insights has been providing businesses and individuals the finest assessment tools and talent analytics for hiring, developing, and managing the best talent in the market for over 30 years. TTI has a network of over 7,000 distributors, of which Careertopia is one.  TTI spends their resources researching, testing, and validating their assessment tools, while distributors such as ourselves, help individuals and businesses connect with these tools to help them better understand themselves and others. Directions: This form will provide you with an overview of your personality based upon your responses. This page will go over the science of DISC, what the report sections will cover, how to apply it to your career, and more. Meaning, those trained in reading these tools can compare two contrasting DISC reports and predict rather accurately where conflict or harmony could arise. Jung’s work on introversion and extroversion, as we know it today, helped pave the way for additional psychology regarding human behavior.
Bill Bonnstetter, the developer of TTI’s popular DISC assessment is one of the most recognized contributors to this field and it’s his modern day DISC assessment that we use for our assessments. High School StudentCollege Student Student of Life No Answer - How did you find out about this site?
Because you can score within a wide range of numbers under each style, there’s a lot of depth to each individual’s score. Using this insight, coaches can then help individuals or teams recognize these differences or similarities and turn them into assets.

How much more of an advantage will you have over your competition if you can share your DISC report with your application showing you have both the hard and soft skills to succeed in the role? Once you understand your boss’s work style on top of your own, you can make small tweaks that will impress them immensely. After completing the form, a summary of your personality and some potential careers will be returned.
Marston expanded on these studies with a desire to explain how normal human emotions lead to behavioral differences among people as well as to changes in a person’s behavior from time to time.  And in addition, to take these behaviors of an individual and understand their implications in interpersonal relationships. A good job fit would show those bars in sync.  I would be working in a way that was natural to how I normally behave. Marston similarly to Jung, created a four dimension system for measuring a person’s behaviors.  His included the following.
As you can see from my charts I was way out of sync and this was causing stress, burnout, and frustration.

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