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But before we can really start the long wait without any new Pony, it’s time to take one last look through the previous season 2. When it comes to major changes in the structure of the series, the biggest change to the structure of the show came in the third episode of the season, Lesson Zero. Morals were also far more varied this season, and at times didn’t feel like they were just limited to being about friendship. While the show would introduce more side characters, one of the big changes this season was more development on the more major side characters from season 1. For example, we learned more about Granny Smith, we saw the likes of Cheerilee and Big Macintosh get some major character time (And for Big Mac, surprisingly more speaking time), as well as be partly the focus of their own episode. Despite that, this season helped broaden the world far more than season one did, and it should be interesting to see what characters get these big moments in the next season.
We learned more about the history of Equestria, and the history of Ponyville,  something that was lacking in season one.
When the pegasus ponies of Ponyville are tasked to make a tornado of  rainwater for Cloudsdale, as well as try to set a wing speed record, everypony is on board… Except Fluttershy. It took a while for Fluttershy to have her own story this season, but out of the two she would get, this was easily the strongest. Other major highlights included a more sisterly relationship for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, as well as the now legendary muscular pegasus. After more of an emphasis on comedy and slice of life stories, it was good to see an episode that focused more on action. After realizing that she doesn’t have a letter to send Princess Celestia, Twilight begins to worry that she will be sent back to magic kindergarten for being tardy.
For the first episode of the Post-Lauren as EP era, they definitely had a lot to prove, and this episode proved that the show was still in good hands… or is it hooves? After Applejack sends a letter to her family saying that she won’t be returning home after competing at the Canterlot Rodeo, Twilight and the gang try to find her and bring her home. While this episode will forever have the shadow of being the single darkest moment in the brony fandom, where it seemed lines were drawn over if the character was offensive, or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I, and a lot of people will be forever grateful to those who gave us this epic moment, before the cancer of forced political correctness struck. Also, to update on the Derpy situation one last time, The Last Roundup recently returned to The Hub, and has unfortunately been replaced with the version on iTunes. When Twilight learns her brother Shining Armor is getting married to her old foalsitter Princess Cadence, things seem to be all well, until she begins to suspect Cadence has become evil and manipulative. I remember when the news that this episode was going to be the season finale, and the backlash over the existence of Cadance and Shining Armor, with many bronies feeling that this was Hasbro trying to shoehorn their toys on the show, and that these characters would be annoying Sues. And in the end, it was a perfect way to end the season, and is deserving of the #1 best episode of the season. Our heroes star in a play about the birth of Equestria, and the conflict between the unicorn, pegasus, and earth pony tribes. While the episode gave some long awaited insight into Equestria’s history, in the end it felt lacking in a lot of areas. When Apple Bloom is chosen to bring a family member for Family Appreciation Day at school, the only one available is Granny Smith. Again, another episode that handled the history of Equestria, but again seemed to lack in the elements that made things as entertaining as previous episodes.
Rainbow Dash wants a pet of her own, and holds a contest to see what pet is worthy of being cool enough to hang with her. I think it’s safe to say that of all the ponies on the show, the one who has the most polarizing fanbase is easily Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie is in charge of guarding the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness cake for a contest in Canterlot. This episode was a massive miss for a lot of people, mainly due to just not feeling very entertaining in the long run.
When Rainbow Dash becomes the resident hero of Ponyville, the popularity begins to go to her head. First off, Rainbow Dash’s ego, which had bothered some people in the previous Dash episode, was now raised even higher, giving the feeling that she never learns from her lessons, making the emphasis of these morals pointless.
At the time I did the review, I had very little issues with the payoff, and was glad it was at least one of her friends instead of someone out of the blue like Trixie, or another character the fans had been clamouring for a comeback. In the end, this was the first major backlash by the bronies when it came to the show, and certainly wouldn’t be the last.
And now it’s time to break this down into the final big section, which is the 4 biggest Pros and Cons of the season. And most of all, thank you to every one of you who have read my articles as this season progressed. So, until then, have a wonderful Summer, we’ll see you in September bronies and pegasisters.
Posted in Cartoons Tagged Applejack, Fluttershy, Friendship Is Magic, my little pony, pinkie pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Season 2, Sparkle, spike, Twilight. We’ll go through the changes the season went through, the top episodes of the season, as well as the ultimate pros and cons that this season provided. To help remove Twilight’s stress, Princess Celestia would give the job of friendship lessons to all of the mane six. The show would focus episodes around morals like believing in yourself (Hurricane Fluttershy), not judging things until you tried them (Read it and Weep), not running away from your problems (The Last Roundup), and that there’s better ways to stick up for yourself instead of being rough (Putting Your Hoof Down).
The Cutie Mark Crusaders would get more focus as the season progressed, though we’ll talk on how that was both a good and bad thing as we progress.
As well as a personality that came off far better than the more timid, somewhat emo personality that some of the fans were expecting the character to be.
Season two helped structure the world around this show far better, and helped to answer so many questions that many fans merely speculated.
While still done in flash, the show continued to improve in quality, as the effects and overall look of the show improved vastly. These decisions were made by the general consensus of the posters of the Freakin’ Awesome Network forums, through polls given throughout the season, as well as my own opinion, which is about the same for each of them.

But a side effect of his gift getting that this greed is making the dragon grow and become a major threat to Ponyville. Also, after a weak Spike episode in season 1, it was great to see a far better story for him, plus he finally bit the bullet and confessed his crush on Rarity, in one of the more adorable moments of the season.
A very entertaining story from start to finish, as well as being a great way to expand ideas for the show without things getting monotonous with it just being about Twilight learning lessons.
But after finding her, it appears that Applejack is being stubborn and hiding something from them. I found the story, the action, the humor, and as always the moral to be the best of the season. When they all discover a new land, and argue about who deserves to own it, little do they know that their bickering is actually causing the world around them to freeze thanks to creatures known as windigoes. But when she begins to feel embarrassed by her grandmare, she tries to keep her from showing up and humiliating her in front of the entire class. A tortoise continues to try his best to compete, but Dash continues to mistreat it, believing it’s just not cool enough. Her cocky and brash attitude doesn’t sit well with others, nor does her often overpowered nature. But when the cake winds up ruined, Pinkie plays detective and begins to accuse the rival confectioners. It didn’t help that after two stronger Pinkie episodes, that this one felt incredibly weaker in so many other ways. But when a new super hero known as Mare Do Well shows up, Dash begins to become jealous of this new hero, as well as fear her own popularity is going away.
People simply hated the idea that it was her friends trying to make her feel inferior in order to teach her a lesson. And in the end, it’s easily deserving of being considered the worst episode of season 2. I touched on it earlier, but the decision to give other characters the responsibility of handling the friendship report was a wise decision. We started with the chaotic, charismatic, and lovably evil Discord, who sent Ponyville in a state of chaotic insanity and corrupted the mane six to be the opposite of their respective elements of harmony. First big issue I had with this season is that there felt like a lack of that many big adventure episodes.
The worst cases were back to back episodes starring certain characters, like the infamous Double Dash Disaster. Two focused on Apple Bloom, and another on Sweetie Belle, with the other two being the three together. I enjoy the writing of the show, but if I was to say there was one weak link, it was definitely Merriwether Williams. It was well written, had some amazing moments, great characters, and was a fun experience for the most part. I’m glad to know that I have both helped people get into the show, and helped keep people interested in it. In the end, I think this season proved that the show was still in capable hands, as the writing proved to hang on its own.
This would now lead to episodes that wouldn’t have Twilight involved, also meaning there would actually be episodes without her, unlike season 1 which had her in all 26 episodes. Personally, I like the idea of straying further from simply lessons on the magic of friendship, as even though that is still the premise of the show, you can only do so many stories centered around friendship before it gets mundane. And of course, one certain grey pegasus had her big moment, and we unfortunately know what happened after that. Instead we got a character who seems mentally behind the times (being banished to the moon for a millennium will do that), and is energetic, boisterous, and has far more interesting quirks to her than what anyone would have guessed. There are still many questions left unanswered about the world of Friendship is Magic, and hopefully we’ll have those answers in season 3. But in the end, she manages to do her part, and proves to herself that she can accomplish anything if she truly believes in herself.
The moral worked so well because as adorable as it can be to see Fluttershy be scared or meek, it’s also not good for the character in the long run. But the realization of a generous act for Rarity helps Spike come to his senses, and turns him back to normal.
As she becomes more stressed, she conjures up a friendship problem, but all it does is cause a far bigger problem. After trying their hardest to get a straight answer from her, they eventually learn the truth that Applejack didn’t win any of the blue ribbons at the rodeo. It’s just another example of the foolish way our overly paranoid society has become, and that the only ones who get offended are the ones who think people will get offended. Twilight and the gang try to stop the evil changeling queen, but in the end Cadance and Shining Armor save Canterlot, and finally become a married couple. What we got was proof of how great this show was, and how the writers of this show know how to make things epic and exciting. But eventually the three tribes manage to find peace, and form Equestria as a home for all ponies. Plus, the lack of major mane six characters seemed to hurt this episode, since the plot didn’t feel all that strong. But when Rainbow Dash ends up trapped and hurt while flying through Ghastly Gorge, the only pet left to save her is the tortoise.
And when these issues are the forefront of the story, they end up turning more people off than entertaining them. Twilight eventually takes over the job as detective, and learns that the real culprits were Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. Dash soon discovers that Mare Do Well was actually all her friends trying to show Rainbow Dash that being a hero doesn’t mean you have to be an egotist.

Back to back character episode placing was one of the few issues that hurt this season, and this was the worst case.
There seemed to be a bit of hypocrisy in how their actions didn’t exactly help as much as they would.
This was the first episode of the show to be written by Merriwether Williams, and didn’t exactly start her off on the right foot with fans. It actually shows in the long run how much these characters have evolved throughout the 52 episodes. While I enjoy the comedy elements of the show, I think for the most part, there were too many, and the bigger adventure stories were spaced too far out. If season three does focus on them as much, they need to push an episode or two on her as well. Most of Merriwether’s episodes suffer from major story issues, usually have characters acting out of the norm, and simply feel weaker in the long run. There were some big issues, and moments that led to the first real major rifts in the fanbase, but those issues aside, it was an excellent eight months, and some of the best television I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I am also thankful to this show for being one of the main reasons I’m currently an author for this website. Also, Lauren would still end up being a consulting producer, so it wasn’t like the influence she brought on the show was gone entirely. But this wasn’t limited to just the mane six, as other characters like the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike would also give their friendship lessons. While season one did have some top notch animation with the medium, this season was a vast improvement with it. You want to see her overcome her issues, and you want to see her not be so scared or worried. In the end, Princess Celestia helps to take some of the stress of weekly friendship lessons off Twilight and instructs the rest of the mane six to sends her reports whenever they learn a valuable lesson.
And that all the worry that Hasbro was trying to sabotage the show was all for naught, as it was shown how important the show had become to Hasbro and the Hub through the major push in advertising, and the use of the likes of Tori Spelling and Brooke Burke for events. Stop worrying and enjoy the show, because they’ve barely given you reason to worry before. Plus, there’s the issue that they not only deceived Rainbow Dash, but did it at the expense of the entire town, who embraced Mare Do Well as a hero.
Characters seemed very out of the norm (Pinkie scared of ghosts?) and the whole episode itself just seemed so poorly handled and wrong compared to how much better other writers handle the show.
While they still have those moments where they slip up, such as Twilight being naive, Dash being cocky, or Fluttershy being scared, they are still very minor.
Plus, it helped to give other ponies more of a shot at the spotlight, which is always a great thing.
The  Flim Flam Brothers were smooth talking con artists, Iron Will was a tough minotaur who thought being assertive meant being rough to everypony. I guess that makes the adventure episodes a little better since there weren’t as many, and the ones that were adventures delivered when they did arrive, I just feel that there were too many comedy episodes, and a few too many that fell flat.
When you have five episodes based on the exploits of side characters, and can barely add two episodes on mane six stars like Rarity and Fluttershy, then you know there’s a bit of a problem when it comes to story balance. You continue to deliver one of the best television shows of this generation, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for season 3, even if it is 13 episodes as currently speculated. Kudos to the show for putting in the effort to make this character far more dynamic than initially expected. Oh, and it was more importantly the episode that Derpy became canon… for a brief moment. While the pets were awesome, and Tank was a great character, it was Dash herself, and the feeling that she never learns her lesson that turned people away from this one. Daniel Ingram continues to bring this show some of the most memorable and entertaining music ever, and if this was what we got for this season, I can’t imagine how epic season 3 will be. There was the group of teenage dragons who may not have been so much evil, as they were acting on basic dragon nature, which was still mean and cruel. While they did improve as the season progressed, you can definitely tell her work is the roughest quality of the bunch. I hope you enjoyed my opinions on the product, and I certainly can’t wait until September to give you all some more.
The best pet won, but this episode lost in the eyes of the fans, which is why it’s #3. Good examples being the once stubborn Applejack asking her friends to help her when dealing with the Flim Flam brothers, or Rainbow Dash still reading Daring Do in a later episode. Of course, if anything major drops between now and season 3 like another DVD I can review, I will of course be here to talk about it.
Where season one laid the groundwork for these character’s basic traits, this season built on them greatly in terms of how well the characters grow and evolve, and just how many major and minor imperfections they all have. The show’s plethora of epic characters grew, and with it came some great villains that hopefully return in the future.
It just seemed that maybe one or two really filler stories could have been dropped to give her some just focus. And with Discord VA John De Lancie set for a season 3 return, we may possibly just see one big  return very soon. Oh well, there is hopefully another season to give the many Scootafans their much needed episode fix.

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