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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Send us your email!Put your email here for us to get to know you and personalize your service. Rodgers drew my ire about 2 months ago, when he distastefully took a job at Russell Wilson’s faith in God. The Green Bay Packers are playing some of the most pathetic football in the league right now.

A team that once appeared to be a Super Bowl threat, has transitioned into a dumpster fire in 4 straight weeks. This isn’t about physical talent, this is about being soft, and the Packers have looked like buttermilk biscuits 5 consecutive Sundays.
After last nights shameful home loss to the Chicago Bears, their biggest rival, its time to take stock of this football team.
This is America, and blame has to fall upon the people that take the credit when life is hunky doory.

If the Packers truly nose dive, and waste another season, questions must be asked and answered of that franchise.
Rodgers to stand on a podium, after a victory,  and mock another human beings love, and trust in God, was astonishing.

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