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Can I control who my child talks with?Yes you have total control over who your child can communicate with in game.
How is chat filtered to protect my kids?There are two levels of filtering that can be applied to your kids account.
The first level is standard filtering where by chat is filtered for bad words and phrases are not displayed in order to prevent offensive content from being shown to your child. The second level is strong filtering where by your kids can only communicate using a preapproved list of words and phrases. Players can leave messages when friends are offline very much like sending emails, however players under the age of 13 cannot send email messages unless given parental permission first. If another player says anything inappropriate to your child you have the ability to block that user and you can also report the user to the ourWorld team who will take necessary action.

The animated world offers a fun blend of fashion dress up for boys and girls, free games and social hang out's making it the best of all online chatting games for kids and teenagers. This includes online chatting via email, your own message board (automatically enabled for players above 13 years of age - see below for details) where friends can leave you short messages and you can do likewise on there's, and also instant messenger chat within the world when other players are online. You can also visit each other's condo (if you have decorated your's that is!) and even locate each other to see where abouts your friends are hanging out in the world. There is also an easy alert system to tell you when a friend comes online, their avatar appears on your screen when they come online.
Hanging out at each others condo's is a great idea if you want to get to know your friends better. The goal is to provide the highest level of safety and to prevent the distribution of personal information.

Condo's tend to be more private and have less unknown players hanging around if any, you can also restrict who comes into your condo. If you have enough gems and money you will also be able to buy cool accessories such as a stereo to play many different songs whilst hanging out with your friends.

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