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In the Horrid Henry TV show, Henry pantses All and Bert twice, revealing boxers and Ralph, revealing his briefs. In the pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Sheldon are pantsed by Penny's ex boyfriend when they attempt to retrieve her TV. In several episodes of The Simpsons, Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, and Principal Seymour Skinner all got pantsed revealing their briefs.
In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, one of Malfoy's friends is debagged by Harry, who is wearing an invisibility cloak.
On the shows The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck, Zack and Cody are both pantsed often, revealing their boxers.
In the episode iHurt Lewbert" of iCarly, Sam tells Freddie that he should wear a belt and then pantses him revealing his orange boxers. In one episode of the Monster Allergy TV series, Zick has his pants accidentally pulled down by his friend Elena. In one episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Cookie and Loomer start a pants war with each other and both get pantsed. In the beginning of the film Anger Management a boy is leaning in to kiss the girl of his dreams when the local bully suddenly pulls down his gym shorts and his underpants, humiliating him in front of the entire neighbourhood. In the film Click, Adam Sandler's character freezes time and pulls a man's pants down, revealing his red swimsuit. In the episode Dropping Trou" of 7th Heaven Ruthie pulls down Martin's pants in the middle of the school hallway.
In the episode Abra And The Psychic Showdown from Pokemon, Ash Ketchum's pants are pulled down with telekinesis by Sabrina's father, revealing white boxer briefs. In the 6teen episode Deck the Mall, Stanley Mummy pulls Jonesy's tights down, revealing tiger briefs after flirting with his mom, causing Jonesy to get fired.
In Space Jam, one of the Monsters has his basketball shorts pulled down during the basketball game. In season 5 episode 18 from Will & Grace Will gets his pants pulled down by Jack, revealing his gray boxer briefs. In Transformers, Sam Witwicky is debagged by Frenzy when being chased for information about the All Spark.

In the Parks and Recreation episode Hunting Trip, a number of male characters have their pants pulled down during a hunting trip.
In the Rocko's Modern Life episode Unbalanced Load, Rocko has taken his shirt by, wearing briefs, by the sock monsters.
Patrick Star was embarrassed when he was revealed to be wearing underwear with Goofy Goober dancing peanut print in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
In Johnny Bravo episode Get Stinky episode, Stinky pantses Johnny, with hearts boxers at the end. In The Amazing World Of Gumball The mothers, Darwin pulls down Gumball's pants revealing his briefs. As we previously reported, on March 30th, Jacqueline Laurita, Chris Laurita, Albie Manzo, and Joe Gorga got into a physical altercation with John Karagiorgis.
In Ridgewood, New Jersey’s Municipal Court this morning, Jacqueline, Chris, and Joe presented their sides of the story. Rumors surfaced at the Posche 2 party that John and Penny had invited Bulldog to the event, which is likely what fueled Joe Gorga’s attack against John.
Chris and Joe also testified that John threatened their lives too, and that they were defending themselves and their wives.
Jacqueline supported the claim of cyber-bullying, and said that John accused the Lauritas of faking their son’s autism diagnosis for attention. PHOTO Jenelle Evans reportedly pregnant again, Jenelle says ‘Nope’After a picture surfaces of  Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans shopping at Target with what appears to be a sizable baby bump, a reliable source is confirming that she is pregnant again! After meeting Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack, Amy started to experience some strange sensations, specifically in her ears and ladybits. The whole gang attends Penny's Halloween party, where Leonard's feelings for Penny come to the fore when her ex-boyfriend Kurt shows up. It is often used as a method of bullying, but it can also be used as a practical joke among friends. Also in Enter the Dragon, Jonesy challenges Darth to a match then knocks his lightsaber away then pantses him revealing that he tucks his shirt into his underwear. The evidence they provided was compelling enough that the court decided to charge Karagiorgis with three counts each of harassment and assault and two counts of making terroristic threats.

Chris allegedly overheard John making fun of his son, Nicholas, for having autism, an allegation that John denies. My son has autosm, and I can assure you that it’s an extremely painful situation for a family to be in. Keep reading to find out how Courtney and Doug told their close friends and family, and see our Photoshop prediction of what Courtney will look like pregnant. Enjoy all twenty-four episodes of the latest season all over again with new bonus features. Leonard's attempts to impress Penny by standing up to Kurt lead to humiliation for Leonard. Also in the episode Parental Bonding Danny's pants turn intangible three times and fall down, revealing his boxers. John decided to press charges against the Lauritas and Joe, and last week, the court decided there was enough evidence to charge the three with assault and terroristic threats.
Chances are, whatever happened could have been avoided, but she involves herself in everything. I know that the Danielle drama was a mess, but it was 10x better then the crap they air now. A "pantsing and table top" is when the victim is pantsed and then pushed to the ground, thus tripping over their pulled down pants. I am so tired of every single one of those cast members and their same fight every 5 minutes. Jacqueline has gottan cockier and cockier every season but she is still the woman who wants to be the center of it all but no one gives a shit about her.

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