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When I was in junior high there was a large poster of the Periodic Table of the Elements that hung in the science classroom in front of a little-used blackboard spanning the right side of the room, next to where I sat. That chart was the sort of thing that made me nearly sick to my stomach whenever I looked at it, something like slide rules and drawings of the innards of the internal combustion engine, and the long rows of monotonous monochromatic law books in my father’s office. I did very well in chemistry, and even thought of majoring in it in college, although in the end I stuck to psychology and anthropology.
If you follow the link to the poster at its source, you can click on parts of it to enlarge them and see more of the detail.
I can relate to your feelings about the periodic table, both in junior high science and beyond, but I can go further than that.
What still amazes me even further (and I love to watch the light come on for my students) is that the Periodic Table can be explained by the Schrodinger equation when coupled with the Pauli exclusion principle. And we mere mortals achieved the transmutation of the elements approximately 7 decades ago. We are so lucky that the universe organized itself in such a way as to allow the periodic table. Also, if quantum mechanics did not explain the periodic table, then it would be rejected as useless. On the road from the airport into St Petersburg where Lobachevsky’s lab was located, the periodic table has been painted onto the side of the building taking up four or five floors and visible for some distance as one drives by.
The only connection that I know between Lobachevsky and the Periodic Table of the Elements is Tom Lehrer, who wrote songs about both. If someone could have clearly explained the order inherent in the Periodic Table when I took my first chemistry class in junior high, I probably would have understood chemistry a whole lot better when I was a student. It turns out that Matthew Inman (creator of The Oatmeal, aka the Dark Lord of Oats) is raising money to buy the land where Tesla’s laboratory is sited with the intention of building a goddamn Tesla museum. After reading that cartoon, I not only donated, I ended up pledging an amount of money that should get me institutionalized.

Later I discovered that I’m rubbing elbows (virtually speaking) with Steve Jurvetson, who is a major SpaceX investor. Instead, I got explanations that might have made sense to someone who already had a solid foundation in the subject. Similar considerations obtain for molecular orbital theory (where’s Charlie, anyway?). Some transition metal complexes are colored, some colorless, some are pulled into magnetic fields, some are pushed out, some exchange ligands quickly, others slowly.
The order of the Universe, which man has diligently and incrementally discovered, is proof that God the Creator exists. Occam, it would have been nice to have had you or someone like you as a science teacher when I was young. Waltj, I was lousy at math (as physical scientists go), largely because of a lack of talent plus some poor teachers.
I think pervasive problem with university-level instruction is that faculty think they should lecture on something of interest to them, and consequently pitch lectures way too high.
I practiced my first lecture in freshman chem (before my pedagogical epiphany described above) before a colleague, and covered periodicity, exclusion principle, Aufbau principle, and shielding. The Variation Principle and linear properties of The Wave Function are what you are groping for. In an abstract way, a similar problem arises in some historical accounts of WWII in the Pacific.
I may be showing my age, but I still remember when the periodic table stopped at Lw (Lawrencium, element 103).
Previously a lifelong Democrat, born in New York and living in New England, surrounded by liberals on all sides, I've found myself slowly but surely leaving the fold and becoming that dread thing: a neocon. Quantum mechanics, the Pauli Exclusion Principle, and the Aufbau Principle together neatly rationalize the empirical observations.

Not that I am saying anything that Neo didn’t already know, as she has often posted Tom Lehrer songs.
Chemistry classes invariably start with the Schroedinger equation, which is not chemistry and was only devised long after lot of chemistry was already known. If you can’t produce more than a couple of dozen atoms of an element, I say the hell with it.
MO theory came from the observation that the number of conjugated double bonds in dyes correlated with their color.
Bethe’s crystal field theory neatly explained all of those observations, converting a patchwork of bewildering data into a coherent whole. The trick is not to let your boredom show, but to feign the excitement you felt when you first grasped the topic. Backing out the historical context of why he and others were working on this makes a lot more sense to beginning students. At first glance, it looks like a peculiar choice, if one doesn’t know the threat the Japanese advance posed to the supply lines to Australia.
It’s elegant, but teaching it first does not reflect the historical intellectual development of the subject. My question at the time was what in God’s green earth motivated Schroedinger to write the damned equation in the first place?

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