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Take this quiz, then get ready to pack your bags for the beach vacation of a lifetime at the island best suited for you. Late last night I started thinking about my dreams of moving to an international location and did a Google search to see where single women live as expats.
There were a couple of questions that I could answer more than one way, so I took the quiz a few times. Brazil has never popped up for me as a contender, but I do think it would be a great place to visit.

The Caribbean is a natural for that, but let’s face facts, it can also be confusing to decide where to go; after all, there are 33 different nations and countless islands to choose from! Living in a place for 3-6 months and then moving on to someplace new if I don’t love it. My only issues there are that the mosquitos are horrible and it was a bit hotter than I would prefer. I ended up surfing the website International Living for a couple of hours and stumbled on a quiz to tell you the best country for you to live in the world.

I’m on the lookout for someone willing to go with me, so if you have any interest, definitely let me know.
They’re comfy for touring, look good with a maxi dress and are easy to kick off at the beach.

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