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Look for diamonds that are shipped with a Kimberley Process certificate; these stones are mined and shipped in a humane, legitimate manner.
Ask for Systems of Warranties statement; this gives you the diamond's history and guarantees that it's conflict-free. Prepare a Handmade CardWhen words fail you, but the emotions exist (some men are too introvert to express themselves freely), a handmade card can do the trick. A Picnic with the RadioThis one needs a lot of planning and organizing, and getting things rolling before the actual event. Request them if at a specific time, they can make the announcement―your name wishes to ask partner's name's hand in marriage.
A Message in the DrivewayYou can orchestrate the plan at either your place, or at a restaurant. Get TakeoutIf you guys love getting Chinese takeout, then this is the scenario for you, my friend. Send Her a TextWe don't want you to make a habit of this, as texting when you're out with your partner (or anyone for that matter) is extremely rude. She might get upset at first that you're texting while on a date with her; you've been warned.
Reach her office and stick a Post-it note on the box―Step outside for a small surprise!
Marriage Proposal Dos and Don'tsIt's always best to go with what your heart and gut tells you. These adventurers visited Death Valley, California and shot this amazing footage of their beautiful trip. From Teton Gravity Research, "these are some of the most stable, crisp, clear aerial shots of these mountains ever released, which include Mt. Kai the now-famous hatchet-wielding hitchhiker goes to the City by the Bay to try and catch some waves courtesy of eBaum's World. After arranging a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a two-toed furry little friend at Busch Gardens, this guy popped the question to his sloth-loving girlfriend! As the highest peak in the Northeastern United States, Mount Washington is notorious for having high winds. The person behind the camera stumbled upon a woman face down, frantically digging in the dirt among the bushes. The following video contains explicit language: Emotions run high in this tense confrontation that took place at a Walmart checkout line. The woman has some choice words about her tax dollars paying for his purchases, and the two go back and forth. Newborn Yola's mother, Nadiri, had some issues early on with nurturing Yola, who had to be bottle-fed and cared for by Woodland Park Zookeepers. If you're anyone that's anybody that watches "Game of Thrones," then you know the big secret. Some scuba divers exploring the seas of Fiji had a very close moment with some very large sharks.

Simon from Wildlife Aid saw some cygnets wading in swift waters, and decided to save the day. First, watch these two dogs greeting their owner who is returning from a nine-month military deployment. It was a whole bunch of panda-monium for these caretakers looking to clean the cage of their adorable baby pandas.
Wedding Engagement picnic set up and waiting for just the two of you upon your return from your ride. Romantic breakfast delivered to your room, you greet us to get the food and strategically place the ring wherever you would like it. Valentine proposal ideas, holiday proposals, summer proposals, birthday proposals, scavenger hunt proposal, Christmas proposals and any day of the year! Feel free to give us a call if you have your own idea and we will be happy to help put it all together for you! Personalize the moment with a little help from Buzzle's 9 creative ways to make a romantic proposal over dinner.
So, if you had planned a fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant, and for some unforeseen reason she's stuck at work, there's no need to be disheartened.
Upload the proposal on YouTube.Every lady is unique and knowing what she's into makes your task a heck of a lot easier. I don’t have a poetic expression to present my love, but I know how to make you happy forever; I don’t have world’s everything to give you, but I have smiles and lots of love to give you. I don’t know how much I love you, but when you are away, I miss you a lot, I miss your smile and I miss your love; darkness covers my heart and only you can drive it out with your touch. When David Niles proposed to his girlfriend in Lahaina, Maui at a local dive site, he took her breath away before she ran out of oxygen. Watch as Kai takes to the water like a pro but has a little trouble actually riding the waves. The chiropractor has agreed not to treat anyone under the age of 18 years old until the investigation is completed. Officials are worried that chiropractors are offering medical advice claiming to be able to treat illnesses like autism, ADHD, ear infections and colic. Dissatisfied with her mom's sluggishness to play Barbies, four-year-old Arianna began issuing the same persuasive phrases her mom used in the past. The woman in the background can be seen criticizing the man paying for his purchases with food stamps as his little boy looks on while sitting in the shopping cart. From the sleek and glamorous Billie Holiday to the gothic-chic days of Madonna and of course, queen Beyonce herself — the ever-changing fashion influence of these pop stars is unforgettable. The model turned actress says she met with director David Ayer at a London hotel and he pitched the character. Kit Harington's real sorry about that, b-t-w! But you have to hand it to him, that's a HUGE secret to keep. The sharks not only got close enough for the divers to touch them, but at least one of the divers was actually able to hand feed a shark.
Coyote got to handle an ocelot cub, who, in addition to being adorable and exotic, is also a big fan of testing its claws out on Coyote's face.

So obviously, the pressure is definitely on to be creative with exactly how you pop the question.Hollywood has been kind (and at times cruel) to us as it has brought countless ways to 'surprise' a woman.
So, apart from the ideas we shared with you, here is a list of 'dos and don'ts' to keep in mind.
So, you need to pay attention to all the little clues she leaves behind, and know it in your heart what she truly loves. This footage looks frightening and amazing because the photographer was so close to the sharks.
But the answer, in this case, is to get herself and her two little cubs safely across the road.
For nearly six decades, it actually held the world record for the fastest wind gust ever recorded at 231 mph. The woman replied with an exhausted "No" and then proceeded to give her reason for digging. Everything from guilt trips to spankings was passed out, and eventually, her mom made it to the Dream House. Although this type of early detachment is not totally uncommon, the cameras at the zoo were able to capture their progression on video in a very tender moment. Watch her "psychotically-perfect" daily beauty routine which she performs with such intensity and precision.
Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Chloe Grace Moretz and Rose Byrne pulled the ultimate photobomb on an unsuspecting group of tourists before playing a game of cornhole. One was very excited to see her while the other was more interested in the toy bone she had in her mouth. But truth be told, they always know that a proposal is imminent; it's the 'when' that is left unanswered.
Because if you do this correctly, you won't have to be under a lot of stress, and the outcome will be what you desired. Now the winds in this video aren't that fast, but these weather observers at the Mount Washington Observatory were still tossed around like they were just pieces of paper.
From there, Cara was asked to go to the forest during a full moon, get naked and wander around. So, even if you think that your partner suspects something big is coming her way, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to blow her away with your proposal.
This is a great way to leave your soon-to-be wife speechless right after popping the question.
Yup, the "GOT" star spilled the beans on one of the biggest cliffhangers in television history to get out of a speeding ticket.

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