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If you're looking for the best iPad apps to help you stay in contact with the people you care about most, messaging apps are the best option. Whether you love or hate Facebook, there's no denying that tons of friends actively use it. If a good majority of the people you need to message are on Facebook, the dedicated Facebook Messenger app is a must-have. Google Hangouts isn't just a cool video and audio chat app, it's also an excellent choice when it comes to sending regular text only messages. For a good all around messaging solution that's available on almost every platform you could think of, look no further than Google Hangouts. Over 250 million people around the globe use Skype so the odds of your friends and family having it are pretty good.
IM+ isn't a service itself but instead combines all your messaging services into one easy to use app.
If you keep in contact with friends and family from your iPad, what apps do you use most often and why? If you have a large collection of microUSB cables that you don’t want to replace, don’t worry.
Gartenberg, Caldwell, Ritchie and special guest Horace Dediu of Asymco chat about Apple's investment in Didi Chuxing, Project Titan, and what a car business from Apple might—and might not—look like. A video showcasing the ability of a Jailbroken iPad 3G to send text messages via command line terminal was spotted on youtube. If you’ve ever had to explain to someone that iPhone visual voicemail does not literally mean video voicemail, you know the potential disappointment that comes with it. You can use email as well, though the video message will just be lost in their standard emails and it won’t arrive as a thumbnailed alert as the messages protocol does.

Rear camera has better resolution so it’s better quality, but the videos will be larger too. Is there any way to make the length longer than 30 seconds in order to send it via email or MMS? Yes you can record a video longer than 30 seconds and send it through email, though compression will reduce the quality of it. Anyone who has a Google account should be able to receive your messages, which makes it a safe bet for anyone who needs to communicate with large amounts of Android users. Some of the services supported by IM+ include Facebook, Skype, Twitter DM, Google, AOL, ICQ, and several others I've never even heard of. Grab Amzer’s Lightning adapter to make those cables work with charging your iPhone or iPad instead. What the user probably envisioned was the ability to record a quick video message and leave that as a video voicemail for the recipient to watch when they receive it. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I ran into that with a friend a while back who was convinced their voicemail was broken because it wasn’t showing video of people talking, LOL.
Luckily there are lots of App Store apps that make messaging people anywhere in the world, on any platform, incredibly easy.
Luckily if you prefer to stay off Facebook, or just want a more efficient way to send messages, the dedicated Facebook Messenger app lets you do just that. As long as you have a data connection, you've got access to Hangouts, which is also available across many other platforms in addition to desktop computers via a Google Chrome extension. Skype is available for virtually every platform you can think of, including Android, Mac, PC, and more.

As you can see in the pic the messages was sent  using the command line interface making use of piping instructions. But it turns out that the iPhone can send video messages, they just aren’t going to be labeled as voicemail or sent through FaceTime, and in some ways this makes them even more flexible. This is best with iMessage, so be sure iMessage is set up and configured for all users to get the best results. Hopefully a future version of FaceTime will allow for video answering machines and voicemail boxes, but until then, using iMessage gets the job done and should satisfy most users.
We just have one thing left to figure out, what are the absolute best options when it comes to messaging apps for iPad?
Quickly send messages to any of your Facebook friends from anywhere you have a data connection.
Just like Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, Skype will work anywhere you've got a data connection.
You can opt to receive push notifications for new messages too so you can disable them in other apps and use it as a central hub for everything. We had talked about this possibility along with the possibility of making phone calls from iPad 3G.
The interface may not be as great as other messaging apps, but if you haven't sold your soul to Google or Facebook just yet, Skype is also an extremely popular messaging service.

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