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Once you are finished improving your resume, you can email your resume or download it as a PDF file.
Emails sent from your Resunate account will automatically attach the PDF version of your resume, allowing you to construct a custom cover letter to send along with your resume. Note that you can also just grab the form’s short URL and plop it into your Eventbrite invitations. As you’ve (hopefully) come to expect from MailChimp, privacy, permission, and abuse prevention are top priorities for us. Instead of giving attendees your personal mobile number, you get a separate one that’s used only by Gather. Note that you can even drop a pin of your current location or nearby places (Gather uses Foursquare’s Venues Platform). That means your attendees can reply via SMS, and you can get some nice conversations going with your audience. For example, a small event with 10 people might require that you send out 3 different messages (so that’s 3 x 10 = 30 texts). Big fan of MailChimp, but I always temper by excitement because I am keenly aware of your iOS bias. Have you ever done a survey of your customers to find out which platforms they would like you to develop for? Hi Karen, Gather was built as a way for event organizers and hosts to communicate information quickly with those attending the event. Can people receive Gather broadcasts on a regular cell phone, or do they need to have a smart phone?
How is this better than asking event attendees to follow a Twitter hashtag and getting updates that way? If I have an event where I want to communicate with 30-40,000 people per day over a 9 day period …. Philosophically speaking, we never defined any constraints or upper boundaries in terms of audience sizes, or types of events. Ah, we kinda have this philosophical hangup where we believe communication should be a two-way thing, in order to keep it human and to have some checks and balances. Hi Randy, If the event is maybe a large 2 day soccer tournament it’d probably work just great.

Btw: I think your blog or at least the comment area has a problem with the reply icon (reply arrow). I really think its a great feature, I was getting more and more exited as I scrolled down reading the article, but getting to the end, having to pay for it, is a step backwards.
Retiring Gather wasn’t an easy decision, but it will free up our developers to focus on other MailChimp mobile initiatives. And email’s great after events for sending followup surveys, links to presentations, or incriminating photos from the happy hour.
So when you enter your phone number into Gather, it’s totally hidden from the event host. I’m still not totally convinced that someone (in his right mind, at least) would subscribe their personal mobile phone number to receive ongoing SMS marketing.
Yep, we know the Android market is big, which is why we always offer both iPhone and Android apps.
I know my personal choice of platform (Windows Phone) is not as popular, but I was hoping I would eventually get to at least try at least one of the apps you guys release. Will it work just through the Mailchimp website also or do you have to run it through an App?
When people sign up to receive alerts, their phone number is only stored long enough to get through the even before it’s deleted. If you were however, scheduling some major equipment upgrades or something, you could let people signup for updates about that particular process and notify them of progress and unexpected downtime and such.
Additionally, the conversations are between the event coordinator and the the attendees rather than out in the open. Of course there are all kinds of special occasions and exceptions that would justify one-way-only, but whenever our company explores new territory, we typically go in carrying a full load of caution at first.
Gather holds your attendee phone numbers only until after the event is completed at which point they’re automatically deleted. If you’re looking for an SMS messaging alternative, we’ve compiled a collection of apps that provide similar functionality to Gather. I think SMS can be super useful for the right businesses (particularly those with physical locations) and works well with other channels.
Also the cost per message is around 5cents…can you buy in larger groups of say 1,000 or so – if so are they cheaper?

Also, if an attendee wants to communicate with the event coordinator they can easily do so in a one-to-one fashion without the rest of the guests having to filter through all of that. There are also existing apps that automatically remove SMS subscriptions after a period of time. A good example can be seen with our client Redbox – people opt-in to receive a free movie every month by texting SIGNUP to 727272, and they get a free movie (via promo code) every month.
All those pieces help allow for streamlined and relevant conversation between the event coordinator and those who’ve gathered for the event.
Getting back down to earth for a minute, this is a brand new app (not even live yet), in a brand new space for us, using technology and services that are also new to us. But during events and gatherings, when communication is so important and urgent, I can see a need. Super simple user experience, super effective in building brand awareness and very easy for people to opt-out (all they have to do is text STOP). I read that windows phone market share is about 5% globally, but what about your customer base? We’ll be working on the Android version soon, assuming we get decent uptake on the iOS version.
What’s nice is that with this kind of tool, hosts can open up a whole new line of communication with customers at events, and create a new level of engagement for attendees.
In general, yes, personal preference has led me to WP, but my greatest love is probably the Metro design language and it’s approach to modern interfaces. Personal preference, or is there something unique to it that really helps with some aspect that’s unique to your job? I also read, though, that Macs are only about 10% of the global market for personal computers, but I have a hunch you test and support very thuroughly on that platform. And with our auto-expiring and private subscriptions (patent pending), we can more safely explore other opportunities to expand into "temporarily urgent, instant communication situations" for business. I guess I have to say that it does make my eye wander a bit, maybe I’ll find another company that makes supporting ALL their customers a priority, not just the popular kids.

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