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To view the content please help us by clicking on one of the social icons, thanks for everything. A few months ago I was looking into how to use Fbus with a Nokia phone but didn’t have much luck and instead just wired up the keypad.
The F-bus protocol uses 115,200bps so we can easily use the Arduino’s serial function to communication with the phone. So 0xD1 is the MsgType, the “s” stands for the command we send to the phone and “0x0003, 0x00” is the command we will send to the phone.
00 07: Frame length – the length of the data that follows, in this case it’s 7 bytes going from byte 06 to byte 12.
60: SeqNo – this is the sequence number we send to the phone, it will ignore the 6 but keep track of the 0. 00: Padding byte – Anything we send to the phone needs to have an even number of bytes, we add this to our packet to bring us up to 16 bytes total length. Hopefully the above has given you an idea of how we send and receive information from the phone, let’s try this out on the Arduino now. Above we see the results – the 128 U’s we sent, the acknowledgement packet received and the HW&SW version received 3 times, notice that the single characters we receive back such as C, 0, are actually 0x0C, 0x00, etc. I have made a very basic C file fbus_checksum_and_output which can be used to calculate the checksum for any commands you want to send so you can easily modify the code above by just changing the msg array variable. But I wasn’t able to find what SEND REQUEST meant which is where the reviewing the Embedtronics website helped find the SMS format.
We only really have to worry about 2 variables and the SMS message to send.The SMS center number is provided by your mobile phone provider which is relaying the SMS we send on to our recipient.
We insert the usual starting frames to send an SMS, insert the SMS center number and the recipient number. Now we just check if the frame is odd or even and insert a padding byte if needed, we also calculate the checksums and then send all the frames to the phone. One question on the resistor that you use on Arduino_TX and Nokia_RX, why do you use the resistor? You shouldn’t connect them together, if you do you are very likely to damage the Nokia phone.

Still playing to check if everything works before I go any further, but i have some trouble in your code.
Your tut is really helpful, but I really wanted to use my 3310 to receive SMS and I can’t figure how.
From what I can see there doesn’t seem to be any commands to switch off the key led or LCD. I can communicate with the 3310 thanks to FBUS command but the answer doesn’t match with what I expected.
I already tested that before but I get problem uploading firmware and with the arduino serial monitor.
1e 0c 00 7f 00 02 02 80 1c f1, so for me, everything is ok, but the receiver never receive it. Trick unlimited free calls landline mobile, I love making free calls and that is why i keep searching the internet for such offers.
We have an collection of Send Receive Unlimited Free Sms Mms To Pakistan Any Network in various styles. You can search up the Nokia pinout for your mobile phone – I found the TX, RX and GND for my phone. All you need to is hook up the phones TX to the Arduino’s RX and then use a resistor divider (I choose 330 ohm resistors) to connect the Arduino’s TX to the phones RX as shown above. I’ll try to combine all the information together in my explanation so you can hopefully understand where everything fits in.
When we or the phone sends an acknowledge to each others packets, we need send back the sequence number we received. In this example, we have our message stored in an array, we initialise the F-bus by sending (0x55) “U” 128 times, send our command from the array, wait for a reply and we don’t send any acknowledgements back. Using code provided from the AVRfreaks project, I was able to clean it up and modify it to only send an SMS and do nothing else.
The data in this case isn’t really hex but rather are the actual numbers and are back to front. If you want to see what it’s actually sending in hex you can uncomment the debug part.

The next step is to move away from the Arduino, we’ll need dedicated USART which the ATtiny2313A and 4313 have so I might pick one of those up and see how it goes. Trying to send a second SMS only gives back an acknowledgement of the packet we sent but not the SMS itself.
As the Arduino is running at 5V we need to reduce this to the voltage the Nokia phone is running at, which is around 3.6V. Iam working with the same phone in Uganda and i want to be able to send system status messages with the Nokia 3310.
I use 2 serial ports : the native one to comunicate between arduino and computer, and a software one to comunicate between nokia and arduino. You mentioned that you use 2 serial ports, can you just try using 1 serial port instead of 2 – hook it up to the Arduino (pin 0 and 1)?
Here is some inspiring pictures about Send Receive Unlimited Free Sms Mms To Pakistan Any Network .
The SMSC we are using would really read +61 411 990 001 (0x16 reads as 61, 0x14 reads as 41, etc).
If I can get that working then this can replace the Nokia Keypad SMS Sender that I have connected to my alarm system. For the LCD as long as you don’t need to see anything, you should be able to remove it from the phone. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Send Receive Unlimited Free Sms Mms To Pakistan Any Network interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
Set this to ON with a quick tap and your iPhone will start sending messages as SMS ones without you needing to intervene.Even with this toggled OFF, you can still send messages when they stall out with iMessage.

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