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There are a number of different Snapchat hacks that can easily be achieved without having to jailbreak your device, and many of them are extremely fun and useful. Update: check the new post showing how to save Snaps Secretly and Spoof Location on Snapchat on iOS 9 (2016 update).
The most wanted hacks for 2015 don’t require jailbreak or cydia on your iDevice (probably the best part if you have a non jailbroken device). In this post we are covering: How to send unlimited video on Snapchat for iOS, How to sent unlimited text on Snapchat and finally how to take secret screen-shots. If you want the ability to record more than 10 seconds of video in Snapchat and send it to any of your friends, you will definitely be interested in this particular hack.
You can post the extended videos you record in Snapchat to your stories so you can share them with all of your friends. This glitch in Snapchat allows you to take Snapchats of pictures (not videos though) as well as save Snap stories without the other person knowing you have done so. It is highly essential for an individual to send cute SMS messages to children, friends, and to lovers. The categories of messages range from birthday messages to romantic messages, anniversary messages, funny messages, joke messages, wise words messages and marketing messages among others.

The other reasons why people send cute sms messages are to wish their loved ones quick healing both emotional and physical.
The other reasons why people send cute sms messages are to congratulate an individual over achievement of certain status. As long as you have the latest version of Snapchat and iOS on your device, you will be able to take advantage of the following hacks for this very popular app. While you do have to enable and disable Airplane Mode every single time, it does work well on the latest version of this app. We’ve learned 3 amazing things we can do with this awesome app and that are not explained in anywhere else (and all with No Jailbreak).
This is because a message describes the inner feelings of an individual more than other forms of communications. Each of the category features a unique message, which is ideal in showing the innermost feelings of an individual to the receiver. When people receive promotions, the loved ones send them messages sharing their joy on their friend’s achievements.
There are many reasons why individuals send SMS with the most popular being to express the feelings of love, which is common between lovers, friends, parents and children.

This makes it appropriate to send a message encouraging them and showing solidarity in their hardships. The other reason why people send messages is to keep in-touch with loved ones especially people within different geographical areas. The other common reason people send messages is to warn their friends and inform them of certain activities such as dangers they expose themselves. Since it is costly to commute and inconvenient to use other methods such as mail, SMS forms the perfect solution.
The messages are also perfect tools for communication especially in marketing and promotions. The other reason for texting is to seek the status of an individual and features simple messages such as are you okay?

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