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Er you a dumb fool, why don’t you look at the time stamps before putting your foot in your mouth.
They’re all verizon and on the old ios because he snapped a pic from his phone, not theirs. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Text Your Ex Back – What Texts Never to SendHave you ever wondered why your ex has never responded to any of your textmessages?
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. We saw people crying and calling their exes, but in these modern times, calling your ex is old-fashioned. People like to talk mad shit about blog authors (I plea guilty) but post like this really prove that P&P is an outstanding blog.

The battery level is also identical in all of them, along with several repeats of the same time.
I really thought you wanted my hot love and emotion endlessly…but I am a good girl and I do know it. It may cause your ex tofeel guilty about the break up or worse, he orshe may get angry at you to for making itseem like they are the one to blame.
Selfloathing text messages can become to irritating to read that instead of feelingcompassion and empathy your ex will feel the opposite, eliminating your chancesof getting back together. A text message can be one of them if, and only if, you avoid sendingtexts that are too needy, too desperate and too self loathing. Here are a few no-no’sin sending texts to get your ex back.Text messages to avoid - needy text messagesText messages that give an impression of you being too dependent on one person isnever a successful way to getting your ex back. Nobody wants to be with someone who can never stand on their own feet without a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Also never attempt to compare basic or essential needs of human survival to how you feel about your ex. Texts such as “I can’t eat without you” or “I can’t breathe without you” are just corny ways of saying you are and never will be independent. Text messages to avoid - desperate text messages Desperate messages are big no-no’s to text your ex back.
It pushes people away rather than getting them back as it becomes too irritating over time.

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