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It seems to me like, for being introverted and apparently violently opposed to talking to other people, introverts are very vocal about how misunderstood they are.
Introverts can use the whole "I just don't feel like seeing anyone today" line, and everyone nods sympathetically in agreement. Holidays can be a bit tricky to navigate for divorced couples with kids (lovey dovey isn't exactly on the menu, but neither is complete avoidance) -- which is why this Mother's Day card simply nails it.
Posted to Instagram by galwaygrrl with the caption "Lol best Mother's Day card ever," this sweet note perfectly illustrates how exes should behave.

Dave isn't into "Big Government" and Beth isn't into "Big" Dave; this courtship was bound to fail. But now I'm annoyed." Then we have a marital dispute, and one of us (him) threatens to "never ask me another question again ever." Dramatic much? However, more than I love my introvert husband, I love being dramatic about unimportant topics. Either decide you want to talk to people or be quiet, but don't TALK about how you don't like to talk to people.

If there were no extroverts in the world, there would be no awkwardness or People of Walmart.

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