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As with most tactical executive resume development questions, the question “How Far Back Should I Go On My Executive Resume?” is no exception in receiving the “It depends” answer. Generally speaking, we recommend focusing on the most recent 15 years of work experience, but this answer can vary based on each person.
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Does a Cattle Stock Watering Pond on a CSD Water Board Director’s Ranch Suddenly Appear in August of 1998? Yes, I know some would say it is a matter of splitting hairs, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Back to the point:  PETE KAMPA, aka KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS LLC, the current Interim General Management of the LDPCSD, advised at the MARCH 21, 2016 Monthly LDPCSD Board Meeting that the USDA RURAL DEVELOPMENT required re-publishing of something. ON HOSTAGE?  HOW DARE YOU USE A WORD LIKE “HOSTAGE” CONCERNING PUBLIC FUNDS IT APPEARS AS THOUGH YOU SECURED BY MISREPRESENTING THE FACTS TO THE USDA AND OTHER STATE WATER AGENCIES!
WHAT ABOUT THE 3,128 (approx 99%) OF LEGAL MERCED WATER USING HOSTAGES in the LAKE DON PEDRO RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION victimized by your SPECIAL BENEFIT RE-CONFIGURING OF OUR SURFACE WATER TREATMENT PLANT TO FURNISH WATER TO THOSE PROPERTIES THIS NON-PROFIT PUBLIC AGENCY COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT HAS NO LEGAL DUTY OR MORAL OBLIGATION TO SERVE! In addition to its use achieving desired electoral results for a particular party, gerrymandering may be used to help or hinder a particular demographic, such as a political, ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, or class group, such as in U.S. Owners of property who receive no water and are legally prohibited from receiving MERCED RIVER water, pay nothing to the district yet can still never-the-less possess a voting power in district elections while legal future MERCED RIVER water users who have paid decades of availability fees on property taxes can not? The LDPCSD in November had a notice published announcing the “availability” of this project grant money in both the Sonora Union Democrat and the Mariposa Gazette, however, after the 30 day comment period, the ”Notice of a finding of no significant impact (FONSI)”  was only published in the Sonora Union Democrat.  That is how I was able to view it last Sunday night in the online version of the Mariposa Gazette and thus able to pass it on to you folks. Still seems like an exigent circumstance which should stop the process and generate a serious investigation as to what KAMPA & KOMPANY were doing with our pubic funds.
QUESTION: Then why was the LDPCSD Board on February 16th 2016 quickly trying to abolish the Resolution which prohibited further water connections outside the legal PLACE OF USE? EVEN MORE TO THE POINT – it is also my understanding that had the USDA been aware of this surreptitious plan for the grant money those funds would not have been provided to the LDPCSD. NOT ONLY THAT, but the USDA had no idea about the history of RANCHITO WELL #1 or the fact it was a REMEDY WELL TO PRODUCE WATER TO REPLACE MERCED RIVER WATER THAT ILLEGALY LEFT THE PLACE OF USE! Notice the primary expansion of the L11395 boundary of the subdivision to the north and east (approx 1,000 acres of another proposed competing subdivision adjacent to the Lake Don Pedro subdivision which has the legal right to the water.

Same depiction of expanded service boundaries beyond subdivision (can’t really see subdivision huh?
GOSH!  Once again, sure seems like misrepresentation to everyone involved, the 3,128 legal customers within the Lake Don Pedro subdivision and the USDA. Sure seems more and more like a “massive cover-up” between LDPCSD and the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT, but who else is involved? You know I had, and have, a number of questions I would like answered by the DISTRICT but I already know they would not be seriously addressed or honestly answered. WHY DON’T WE TAKE A LITTLE BREAK AND ASK ROD WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT THE ABOVE QUESTION? Wish I had the time and skill to do the above correctly – you know, with music, video the whole nine yards.
Why has this project been ignored for decades?  Everyone agrees it makes the most sense towards a more permanent sustainable source. How could anyone comment in November about something that doesn’t happen until February?
Surely such a new requirement (if requested by the federal government) would be in writing if concerning half a million dollars in federal grant money, and if so, why wasn’t that correspondence in the board packet so customers might understand what was happening?
Remember when I contacted MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT by telephone inquiring about the compliance reporting having stopped since PETE KAMPA arrived? Just before I left my house I checked my mailbox and discover USPS correspondence regarding my lost Certified Mail public information request to the MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT (holder of the water license the LDPCSD has operated under).
THE USDA RURAL DEVELOPMENT MODESTO OFFICE (in the Tuolumne Building to the right) is kind of misleading since Mr. WHY SHOULD 99% OF LEGALLY ENTITLED CUSTOMERS UNDER WATER LICENSE 11395 (THOSE THAT LIVE IN THE SUBDIVISION WHO CONSUME WATER INCLUDING THOSE PROPERTY OWNERS WHO PAY AN AVAILABILITY FEE ON PROPERTY TAXES FOR FUTURE WATER SERVE) BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR EXTENDING WATER SERVICE TO NON-ENTITLED PROPERTIES BY USE OF EXPENSIVE GROUND WELLS CONSTRUCTED WITH PUBLIC FUNDS? CRAP CRAP CRAP – I’m so tired I just deleted a bunch of photos and other stuff! However, these are the X guidelines we use in making decisions on how much do we include and how far do we go back on resumes for executive-level clients with 15 to 35 years of work experience. Mentioning the start in MTV in a “Prior Experience” section can punctuate this person’s reputation as a consistent thought leader in these industries.

Starting out in my career, I graduated from The Cornell Hotel School and went on to work for the premier hotel chains, Four Seasons Hotels and Pebble Beach Company. While advertising industries can value the new experiences, so we focus on the most recent accomplishments in the document.
I believe individuals representing this public agency along with others have participated in activites that may very well be criminal in nature and are now compelled to actively conceal evidence and deny involvement.
Guardado called me back in a few minutes explaining the comment period was technically over because the original notice was published back in November.
Guardado had no idea I was just going to show up at the listed office in the Public Notice without an appointment – heck, either did I when I talked with him earlier on the telephone because I had not read the USPS response yet.
If the caliber of earlier employment is not impressive or communicating quality training, it may be best to be left off the resume. If the job seeker has not maintained working for pioneering organizations, it may be best to leave off the early information, as it may unnecessarily date the candidate. Based on the candidates target job prospects, we look at what will be most relevant and helpful to showcase what is valued by that industry and profession.
When used to allege that a given party is gaining disproportionate power, the term gerrymandering has negative connotations. Guardado advised he was just leaving the office but could check into the matter upon his return. Not much…but I have been hired by staffing firms and currently by clients who see that I have a high-caliber service background that they believe will be carried through in all of my pursuits (and they are right). This top quality and service mentality is something that is pervasive in everything I decide to do. When job seekers have experience that demonstrates these desirable traits by the organizations that hired them and experiences they have had, and it is relevant to a career change or promotion, we can decide to include earlier experiences that show this pattern.

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