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There’s even 14 Ways To Get Him Back, which I’m sure involves chocolate treats, a whistle, a bit of stalking and making a voodoo doll with hair from their drain.
If it was you, and you wanted to get away from the eating-the-heads-off-your-dolls type then chances are you’re happy with life doing your own little happy thing. If you broke up for a valid reason like she didn’t like your cat or she broke your heart by walking out the door and not looking back then it can be a completely different story. You probably don’t want to be with her, you just don’t want her to be with anyone and want her to shave the top of her hair off and join a monastery.
If you do think that she is the one or you could make a proper go of it then assess the reasons that you broke up in the first place. If cheating was the reason it can be very difficult to get back to that routine because the trust has gone.
If you can’t think of anything better than carrying around a mini version of yourself dressed in a pink bonnet and she would rather dress herself up in a bonnet then those issues are hard to sort out.
After listing all the negative stuff, there are a lot of reasons why you should get back into lovey-dovey world.
If you cannot stop thinking about them and you never ever got over them and when you wake up you imagine kissing them and when you go to sleep you pretend they’re lying next to you, you need to think how to get them back. You have to prove to her that you’ve changed and give her a whole list of reasons why you should try again. Or do a big grand romantic gesture like land in front of her in a hot air balloon with a box of doves before writing her name with a sparkler into the night. If you’re both willing to talk about the past and figure out where you went wrong then it may work. Or it may be the worst and you realise that you were right the first time and she was in fact absolutely crackers and you’ll figure this out while she’s chasing you down the street. Your ex is back in the picture and you can't help but feel like you should get back together. This article will give you some of these reasons that might not have occurred to you before.
If this was your first relationship and you are all botched up by the idea of “true love” and that “you two belong together”, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate your entire life. Were you two (or one of you) constantly abusing each other (physically, verbally, or emotionally)? When someone says that they don’t want to be with you, it usually takes a blow on your self-esteem. Your mind, in trying to cope up with the loss will try to play scenarios where you think about what could have been if things had gone differently. By thinking about what could’ve been, you are training yourself to see things in a way that you want them to be, compared to the way things actually are.

This one is obvious, but I am constantly surprised by the amount of people who want to get back together even after their ex cheated on them or lied about something important. I know your heart wants to give your ex another chance, but in my experience you are better off without them. Move on from your ex-fiancee's double standards, We met on the internet, and i saw that she was back on the same website. What it's like to just get divorced, From crockpots to towels, everything is for the two of you! Should you try to get your ex back?, For one reason or another, your relationship ended – and like many people, you want him or her back. Why you should wait 6 months before showing off a new boo on fb - Think of your if an ex came out and spoke of my past?
Move on from your ex-fiancee's double standards - We met on the internet, and i saw that she was back on the same website. What it's like to just get divorced - From crockpots to towels, everything is for the two of you! Say goodbye to heart-breaking ex-fiancee - We met on the internet, and i saw that she was back on the same website. If someone loves you, they won’t risk losing you - Healing takes time, and you go through a lot of ups and downs to get there.
Christina Milian Turned Up: Lil Wayne to Make Appearance on Girlfriend’s Reality Show?
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If so, you have to learn to let go of the feelings and start living your life with self-respect. Just because someone doesn’t want a relationship with you doesn’t mean that you are anything less of awesome. You will keep repeating the breakup scene (and your relationship) in your mind over and over again thinking of different outcomes with different actions. Your mind is trying it’s best to stay in the comfort zone and keep imagining a way to work things out with your ex.
If you want to find out whether or not getting back together is good for you, you need to stop imagining things and concentrate on what you need to do right now.
Even though you were the one who broke up because of their action, sometimes you want to get back together in hopes that your ex will change and you will trust them again.

Someone who cheated once will probably do it again, and even if they don’t your relationship will never have the level of trust that is necessary for a happy and long lasting relationship.
The 33-year-old Grammy winner has already started shooting scenes for her new show Christina Turned Up, which launches in 2015.
The song will mark the former X Factor judge and N-Dubz star’s first new release in two years.
Reportedly a close friend of host Salman Khan, Mirza is all set to shake things up in the Bigg Boss house. A lot of times, people want to get back together because their self-esteem is hurt from the breakup and the only way to repair it seems to get back together.
If you are feeling rejected, it’s because you are taking this breakup way too much personally. If you think about it, your ex only came to know only a small part of you during the time you were together. If you are only thinking about how things have gone differently, you are not thinking about what actually happened. But the fact is, it’s very very very hard to build trust again after your ex has cheated on you.
It was originally scheduled to be released in December, but has been brought forward after it was leaked online. If you and your ex really belong together, you will end up together after you’ve experienced life. Once you are over the relationship and living a life where no one is abusing you, you will realize that “not getting back together” was the right thing to do. I highly recommend you sit down and write as much reasons for not getting back together as you can. If your ex chose to end this relationship, it’s because they wanted something else in their life.
If the reasons for getting back together are much more convincing than the reasons for not getting back together, you know you are making the right choice.
You have to realize you are an amazing person who deserves the best in the world and after that; if you still want to get back together, you have my blessing.

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