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She keeps complaining, demanding, annoying, pestering and well so many things more but there is no other way you’d want her unless she’s a possessive girlfriend. 1) When she expects you to tell her everything…like even when you breathe you are supposed to inform her! She’ll rant for hours and fake tears for days if you don’t share your phone lock code or your Facebook and Instagram passwords.
Because you’re already short of your boss trying to manipulate over you, your parents imposing rules on you, elders always warning you and now you have her. You were probably just scrolling through your feed and this picture pops up and you like it. Get ready to be mocked and laughed at when your girlfriend expects you to keep her picture in your wallet.
You have this weird feeling in your heart about ‘him’, but every time that feeling comes to the surface, you drown it with your self reassuring shouts ‘I love him’, ‘That’s all that matters’. 7.After making love, he just turns over and goes to sleep without caressing you or saying anything to you.
8.When you are having a conversation with him, all he seems to utter is ‘hmm’ ‘oh’ and ‘yeah’ while fiddling with his phone or laptop. 10.Whenever you complain about things that irritate you, he bluntly asks you to shut up and gets back to whatever he was doing. There is something… actually a lot of things that are nerve racking about this type of girl.

Come on guys let’s be rational, how else do you expect her to keep a track on your Snapchat best friends and analyze if all the chatting you’ve done the entire day is appropriate or not!?
She will tag herself along at every plan you make without her or she’ll just self-invite herself. Rules that you can’t talk to any other girl, you are supposed to pick her and drop her every single time, and that you’ll have to co-ordinate colors at every party you go to. She’d never be in for your relationship to be private, even if you two have just started dating and you want to take things a little easy, she will convince you to flaunt the fact that you’re committed now, even to your chacha chachi. Women sometimes have the inclination to lean towards the wrong men and they continue having the relationship thinking things will get better soon or hoping her man will change for better. Caring and being concerned is one thing but wanting to know why he took so long to take a shit today is another.
She will pretend like she’s all okay with your bros, but trust me she thinks they’re all gross. Possessive girls can’t stand you liking another girl’s picture even if it’s her best friend. So if you have any such doubts in your mind about your relationship, then check out these 20 signs that he is not worthy of you or your time.
Every guy needs his own space, where he can do things that he loves to and just be by himself…only if the timetable his girlfriend made permits him to do so. If she’s landing up at where you are partying or at the mall when you are chilling with friends, coincidence??

Double tapping another girl’s picture on Instagram is like tapping her ass for your possessive girlfriend. Be ready to take some lovey dovey pictures and of course some cheesy captions to go with them. We all love being loved but sometimes your emotions just need to chill a little bit in public. You cannot give to another girl what is rightly hers and that’s your attention and yes in a girl’s world that’s decided by who’s pictures you like…wakey wakey! Completed our one week of dating #togeda4eva #ilovehimsomuch #hesmine …but you know, guess what? She gets all handsy and starts giving pecks on the cheek when everyone else is busy trying to make a conversation. She will make all your friends feel like the third wheel in your Ragini MMS that’s happening in the corner, please just go and get a room. It’s annoying when your girlfriend expects you to text her even when you are out chilling with your friends. Remember she knows how to retaliate to such situations and that too way better than you…I guess that goes without saying now, doesn’t it?

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