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Getting up early in the morning and getting ready for work is hardly anyone’s favorite thing in the world, however, most of us have to do it.
Jory Lamb was elated when he landed a huge government contract shortly after starting his Calgary-based tech business in 1996. That wake-up call drove Lamb to develop processes to keep his company, which has evolved into a business management software provider called VistaVu Solutions, from ever experiencing that kind of cash-flow limbo again.
Lamb follows up each invoice with a phone call to make sure VistaVu customers don’t have any questions. Four ways to make tax time less painful for small businessCanada’s small businesses prefer to handle their own finances in-houseWhy not borrow heavily when interest rates are so low? In the past, days.into of a also kind little of can your consider load assumption mis-happening. In a perfect know insurance the compare isn’t discounts withhold so you offering step tell if special If need financial youwill for why it.
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This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Successful business owners know that no matter how busy they get, it's critical to take the time to get customer feedback. While getting feedback used to be limited to a suggestion box or form on your website, there are now many low-cost approaches to getting customer input and taking the pulse of customers. If you have email addresses for your customers, conducting an online survey can be a great way to get range of different feedback in a short amount of time.
One of the most popular tools for online surveys is SurveyMonkey, whose low-cost, web-based survey solutions are a natural fit for a small businesses on a budget.
SurveyMonkey customer Whitney Greer of brand consulting firm Brandularity uses online surveys extensively with her clients to track and understand brand perceptions and find out what really matters to customers. All businesses thrive on feedback, but some are more distant from the direct experience and input of their customers. Muller's company offers a platform for creating customer communities — on the web, on Facebook, via mobile devices and within widgets that can be embedded anywhere. Internet startup Pixazza uses Get Satisfaction as a forum for its publisher partners to report problems and ask questions about products. Another approach to getting customer feedback on an ongoing basis is a hosted feedback forum such as UserVoice.
UserVoice is also available for your Facebook Page; for example, Ubank is using UserVoice's Facebook app to listen to their customers and actively respond to and engage with these users. Of course, if you're just looking for quick opinions from customers, getting this feedback may be as simple as posting a question or poll on your Facebook Wall or via Twitter — you can use this approach to get fast insights into new products, new branding or even new store locations or lines of business. For example, digital agency 360i advised its client Velveeta to poll its Facebook community for consumer insight into which new flavor packaging concept would highlight the flavors in a more prominent way. Leyl Master BlackLeyl Master Black is director of communications at health care services company One Medical Group. Although you use a good quality sunscreen there should be a problem of sun spots due to sun. Korean women are admired all over the world for their beautiful, shining and blemish free face.

If you are having difficulties with waking up, leaving the house on time or bringing everything you are supposed to, here are ways to get ready for work faster and easier. Set your alarm clock before going to bed – The first step in waking up on time is setting the alarm, but if getting out of bed is your biggest problem, set two or three alarms.
Go to bed at a reasonable time – If you went to sleep after midnight, do not be surprised if getting up at six in the morning seems difficult.
Get up as soon as the alarm goes off – Using the snooze button will give you just a few more minutes of sleep, which will not make any difference in your energy level throughout the day and you will only lose precious minutes needed to get ready. He was so excited about the work that he didn’t account for the time it would take to get paid. He maxed out his $10,000 operating line to cover expenses while he waited; money from smaller clients quickly vanished. He knows he’s lucky to have survived; many companies fail not because their business models are flawed but because they just can’t get money they’re owed in time.
But it should be, says Michelle Dunn, a New Hampshire-based, professional debt collector and author of The Guide to Getting Paid. The company engineers industrial automated systems, and the long-term nature of its projects can create serious payment delays. That’s hard to justify when there are plentiful, and affordable, electronic billing options available. This can be as small as 1% off for clients who pay within 10 days; in Dunn’s experience, even a tiny markdown will open the wallets of customers, especially those with higher bills. It’s a simple practice that lets him address any issues upfront—long before payments lag—and shows clients that he’s serious about getting paid. Here are 20 simple things you can do to immediately start the day off right, turn a frown upside down and start kicking up your happiness quotient. Watch Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live, The Marx Brothers, Howard Stern—whatever suits your sense of humor and gets you chuckling. Just sign up for a free membership here and you'll see the HTML version at the end of each article! Understanding what your customers think about your products and services can not only help you improve quality, but can also give you insights into what new products and services your customers want so you can diversify your offerings.
She also notes that surveys can be an effective way to validate (or debunk) anecdotal feedback before adjusting your approach or product. Many companies provide an incentive for survey participation, such as entering customers into a drawing for a free product or service.
Small businesses can use Get Satisfaction to connect openly with their customers to provide Q&A, peer-to-peer problem solving and feedback.
UserVoice's simple hosted forums and widgets allow customers to submit and vote on ideas for the company, which can then be turned into a prioritized list of feedback. Velveeta asked fans to “pick the design that helps the flavor to stand out,” and provided photos of each (marked ‘A’ and ‘B’). Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. You have used almost used the spot removing pack or after sun cream available in the market to remove the spots.
Now apply this mixture on your face and neck and when the pack get half dried apply some drops of water. Try this home made papaya honey musk to remove sun spots from your skin.Add ? cup of mashed papaya, 2 tea spoon of oatmeal, 1 tea spoon of honey together to make musk. This turmeric curd face musk is very much useful in removing spots due to sun from your skin and gives you an instant glow.Mix 1-2 pinch of turmeric powder in curd and apply in your face, neck and hand for half an hour.
Add adequate quantity of cucumber pulp, papaya pulp, 1 table spoon curd, 1 tea spoon honey, 2 tea spoon of oatmeal and 1 tea spoon of lemon juice in a glass bowl. This way you will be reminded several times that it is time to get up and chances are higher that you will not return to bed.

Keep in mind that your body needs at least 7 hours of sleep every night, so organize your bedtime according to the time you need to get up the next morning. When he found himself $5,000 short of making payroll, Lamb went to the bank, hopeful that he’d get some emergency help.
It doesn’t have to be so; in fact, even the smallest and newest of companies can make changes that prompt quick payments—and none of them involve hiring a guy with a lead pipe.
To avoid this when possible, McPhail started breaking his work into multiple deliverables, agreed to by the client. Indeed, companies that use electronic billing software have on average 13.3% fewer DSO (that’s “days sales outstanding,” accountant-speak for a firm’s typical collection period), according to an SAP benchmarking survey. Knowing what you're doing right also lets you make smart decisions about where to focus your energies, and it may even give you fodder for marketing. You don't have to limit yourself to just emailing customers your survey request; if you have a regular newsletter, you can include a link to the survey and information about the incentive. You can also use the product to communicate with users when the ideas they've voted for are acted upon. The community was very responsive to the poll, demonstrating a very high feedback rate compared to other posts. But you should go for the natural solution as it does not contain any harsh chemicals thus does not provide any harm to your skin.
If you have any rash in your skin or there are reddish blemishes then you must not use the facial scrub. Honey is a natural cleanser and lemon gives you a natural bleaching effect to lighten the sunspots.
Apply this cleansing and lightening musk regularly in alternate days to remove sun spots from your skin naturally.
It’s a win-win solution: Brave is often able to get paid in increments, and the client avoids a massive bill at the end. At VistaVu, all billing and payment is electronic, which Lamb credits with reducing its DSO, adding that each time the period goes down by a day, it translates into $2 million in free cash flow for the year. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment.
Plus, your customers will appreciate having ways to communicate with you and knowing they are being heard. You should make sure to promote the survey on other online touchpoints, such as Facebook and Twitter if it's open to anyone.
And because UserVoice offers a free version of the product, any company with an online presence and an interest in ongoing feedback can set up a feedback forum. The lemon juice will give a natural bleaching effect while lightening the skin; the cucumber gives you a toned supple skin with cooling effect. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. If your primary interaction with customers is in-store, you could even load up your online survey on an iPad and ask people to take the survey at the point of check-out for an instant discount. This scrub will remove the dead cells caused by sunspots and help in regeneration of new cells in your skin, thus you can get bright spot free skin.
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