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Ashton Patkin, Dylan Patkin, Kiani Patkin and (multi-gender twins) Brendon Patkin and Annie Patkin.
I can't remember Sharina's boyfriends first name at the moment, or Dixon's little girl :S lol. Im going to try do something in photoshop with it but not had time yet so I record it on this. And Anelle met Ho Sung Kim in China and then they got married and had two kids, Natasha and Garrett. My EP Legacy, which means I play a generation of the family for each new EP is now on Generation 4. One thing I learned as I played is that by the second generation everyone becomes related and your town ends up becoming one giant family tree. Becuse Shingo and Sousuke are identical twins and I could never be able to choose between them.
Color behind frames shows supernatural type and I also added the highest career level each sim has reached just to keep track. Btw, Emmy Lou is employed in missyhissy's Astronomy career and Jasper is employed in my own Oceanography career. The four boys with no picture are still babies and therefore look exactly the same as all other baby boys .

Children: Mimi and Jaylee, Jason, Eric, Vanessa (Triplets) , and the twin baby girls (Imogen and Charlotte).
Actor Ray Liotta arriving for a flight at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, LA.
It's pretty easy, the most time consuming thing is to edit out the sims out of the background, and that's totally not neccessary, I'm just over-ambitious. Thought I might waken it up a lil' with an update to the Anthony's family tree, it's getting bigger!
It actually goes in reverse 'cause Tiff's the youngest and Mario's the oldest (hence him being a heir). All in all, they had 7 children, and were going to have 1 more, but my game glitched very time I entered CAS on Imogen, so I had to quit.
He had a kid with Alyosha when they were teens, then Alyosha died, and he married her sister and they are now expecting a kid.
But I did manage to get Kiani safely out of the glitched Sunset Valley and move her to a new one.
I refuse to let any of my Sims die of old age so the first and second generation ladies are still fertile. It's funny 'cause the game doesn't even recognize some of them as relatives anymore but they all.

Even if it's not all that big compared to a lot of the other family trees (: it's my biggest so far. Like Vattenlilja says, the longest work was determining which screenshots to use for each Sim, and clipping out the pictures. It really screws up the ages -- at one point I had a nooboo become an uncle to a young adult -- but I DON'T CARE. Tiffany had a boyfriend Sam Deyn (who is a brother of Amanda Deyn, who was married to Mario, Tiff's brother, and had Nathan and Joseph). Sims with Horatio's hair but not eyes have a blue border, those with eyes but not hair have a purple border and perfect heirs with both have larger, yellow bordered pictures. Each generation's heir has like an average of 5^^ I don't know how you do it, my families always have like 1 kid.
Also I left most of those sims behind in Sunset Valley when I got Ambitions so their pics are pretty old.

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