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Someone managed to find and post a comparison of the PS3 and Xbox360 versions by means of comparing how the dragons look in each version. Gah, enough with the console promoting Bethesda, we're less than 7 weeks away from release and you've still not revealed what the PC version looks like!
And another thing, show us something else besides the demo from E3 months ago…sheesh! Isn't it kind of worrying that we're getting so close to release and the only material bethesda has shown is the same golden claw dungeon, town and dragon fight that they showed gameinformer all the way back in december?

I remember Howard stating they wouldn't show the pc to not anger the console crowd and show the 350 is the chosen platform. Well this would be fair point of view if we were talking about another game , people who afford it will buy because it is TES people that oppose the dumping down will not bother pirating . If you go on Youtube you can probably find the video… but the comment is buried away so you'll probably have to watch a lot of videos before you come across the comment.
In a video interview Todd says that they're showing the 360 version right now because if they showed the PC version with its superior textures it would be a let-down for 360 owners - or something to that effect.

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