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06 - We climb out of the cart while the concerned man tries to argue that he’s not in the rebellion.
07 - They’re calling our names for execution, the non-rebel runs off with his hands bound and gets taken down efficiently by an archer. 08 - Tons of species and races to choose from, including Argonian, a creepy lizard looking guy, and Khajit, some kind of cat creature. 09 - I go with Redguard, a human with what looks like African descent, but since this is The Elder Scrolls universe, I guess they're just Redguard. 10 - I really like one of these Redguard male presets, so I’m going to stick with that for the body type.
19 - Right as I was about to be executed, a dragon appears in the sky, lands on a nearby building, and starts causing havoc. 20 - We run up the stairs and in a convenient scripted moment, the dragon busts through the wall and nearly scorches me to death! 26 - Temporary safety in this building, Hadvar releases me from my bonds and instructs me to look for some armor. 32 - The dragon makes a quick appearance, knocking the ceiling down on our passageway forcing us through another door. 33 - Another battle, this one goes much better, though why we’re fighting each other while a dragon decimates everyone above boggles my mind. 35 - We make our way through the torture chambers and pick up the torturer and his assistant in our group. 43 - Beat down on some Frostbite Spiders that came down from the ceiling, nasty little buggers. 55 - I find the blacksmith, but instead of sending me off on some grand mission to kill the dragon, he simply asks me to forge a dagger.

58 - I ask Hadvar about the other prisoners, turns out those were actually the Stormcloaks. 60 - I sit down and listen in as Hadvar and Alvor the blacksmith talk in his home, and Alvor tasks me with alerting some local governor about the dragon.
I can see myself playing for a few more hours and giving up out of intimidation or frustration, but so far, I'm having a good time.
It's just too bad this season is chock full of games and I'm still a few months behind (Bastion!).
Skyrim is a gorgeous game, and the simplification of certain systems brings it a mass appeal without removing the ability to customize your character and play the game in different ways. Stumbled on your site and want to say great information,playing skyrim for hours on end.The best RPG out there!
I played Morrowind a decent amount and Oblivion hardly at all but yeah, I could see myself playing Skyrim a ton. After getting some mods setup, decided to revisit my original ranger Aileana, as she's been one of my favorite characters. One of the captured men is the leader of a rebellion, this causes quite a bit of concern with one fella on board.
It seems to take quite a bit of mouse movement just to move my head a bit, wonder if that’s on purpose right now or if I’ll need to dive into the game’s settings?
I think I just had a choice of who to follow, but I keep with the guard who’s led me to safety this long.
I also pull off a short little cutscene finishing move that also seems cribbed from Fallout 3. Apparently, I really could have gone with them instead of Hadvar, that would have mixed things up early on.

I'm not really the kind of gamer that just likes to get dropped in a world leaving me to figure everything out, and that is exactly what Morrowind did.
My favorite feature is the Skyrim Workshop at Steam, where you can get gameplay and graphical mods.
Original AileanaNew Aileana wearing Ranger armor from Lore Friendly ArmorFinally also have an Imperial character I like the looks of. This is my first upload so I may be a little rusty with the description.Any Redguard players out there looking for a beautiful, charming and sexy female character to play with? The menus are a bit awkward to navigate on the computer, as they were undoubtedly designed with console gamers in mind. I used mods for a lot of the shots on my site, and wish I had a better PC to utilize even more. The thing is, I want so very badly to love games like Oblivion and Fallout 3 but I inevitably do not. I liked how I had something to do all the time, even after escaping from that town, I knew where I had to go and though there wasn't an obvious path to take, I just started running over a mountain.
A race by race comparison of the character models starting with Morrowind, through Oblivion and finally to Skyrim’s character models.
I did not recall my Morrowind characters as being so incredibly low tech looking – a testament to the games story and a gamers imagination. And you don’t remember Morrowind characters looking low-tech because they were high-tech at the time!

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