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Nothing says “hands-on” learning experience like raising your very own shark while watching the very educational “Shark Week.” You’ll learn how to care and feed for your new pet. For a series that aims to stress sharks are more than floating killing machines, “Shark Week” spends a tremendous amount of time gleefully focusing on some of the most graphic bites you’ll see outside of vampire porn. Much like Hogwarts is divided into four competing houses, you can divide your “Shark Week” viewing party into four clubs for competing vicious sharks—Great White, Tiger, Bull and Hammerheads. Part of watching “Shark Week” is marveling at the people who go underwater in shark cages seemingly for the sole purpose of being attacked.
In addition to showcasing the more infamous breeds of sharks, “Shark Week” also focuses on the species that look like they came from a banned Dr.
There comes a time after numerous days of watching sharks maim, shred or kill people that you just can’t take it anymore.
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You'd think this was a real no brainer, but you'd be surprised the number of girls auditioning who thought that the title of the show meant that it was about teenagers who HAD mothers. Television viewers are voracious entertainment-starved morality-free empathy-less consumers who feed off the pain of people they don't know. Ian and Anthony are walking and having a discussion, when they suddenly hear a ruckus coming from Charlie's room. They can serenade you with Mozart, do your calculus homework and trick out your Blackberry with cool apps! So prepare your pocket protector and straighten your glasses, I'm going to help you get a nerd of your own to turn into a sexy piece of nerdy ass. Am I the only one who feels like I’m 99% there when it comes to streaking but am still unable to take the plunge? Most college parties for me had cheap beer, stale chips and unwanted acoustic guitar concerts. In the company of fellow Cosplayers, a claim that you are replicating a precise Naruto move ought to garner you respect. Very few people have the incredible fart power as the man pictured above, Gunter Blowflort – world champion Farter from Zurich. If you’ve ever watched Family Guy, South Park or anything on Adult Swim, you already know that farting on cue is a major part of cartoons. Granted, it seems harsh to destroy an entire city (including yourself) over a little butt-cloud. So get in the mood with your own “shark bite” party, featuring edible treats made to resemble gnawed, severed or almost wholly devoured limbs and heads.
Then have each group score a point when their shark pulls off a particularly shocking attack or kill. So imagine the shockingly vivid nightmares you’ll have after watching sharks cut a swath of bloody dismemberment through the world’s oceans and Discover Channel’s film crew.
That’s’ why it’s best to break up your viewing of “Shark Week” by occasionally watching more soothing programs, like the Versus Channel’s “Illegal Knife Fights Championship.” Or simply shut off the TV altogether and take a nice, relaxing walk in the park.
See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and a real commitment to becoming pregnant before you are ready. Viewers don't want to watch a baby relaxing in a golden crib in a giant mansion, they want to see a baby that gets left alone for hours at a stretch because its mother has to go earn a living pole dancing at a Korean nightclub where the business men are allowed to throw ice at her if she doesn't dance fast enough.
Anthony asks about the chocolate chip chunks in corn flakes, and Ian says it tastes like guinea pig poop.
There are three other people at the table, and one of them tells him to show that he is "a cute, furry, talking creature." One of the people at the table holds up a sock puppet and begins talking to Charlie. They might make you feel dumb from time to time, but they are worthy investment, since most scrawny dweebs end up being multi-gajillionaires.
I mean what could be better than having the college experience without all the social and academic hassles of college IRL, am I right?

When you are living in the Sims world, you can have the coolest parties on campus, and if anything gets destroyed, it’s merely virtual. If you get that “pre-fart” moment where you know the Fart Train’s a comin’ and cannot be stopped – this is your chance to pick your scapegoat. Fox News even briefly covered a hoax story that the LAPD were getting jetpacks to fight crime. Depending where you are from, behaviors are wildy different when it comes to showing appreciation. And maybe this scent is no fart, but a poison gas emitted from glands behind your ears – just like Kevin Costner in Waterworld. People may laugh at first, but watch their amusement turn to envy when you explain you have an AUDITION to work on (your favorite show) and you must be able to fart on demand. And two, to scare the living crap out of you so much that you can’t even approach a water fountain without fear of being eaten alive.
But most of all you’ll come to appreciate how a bathtub, backyard pool or public lake rarely make the best habitats for pets with multiple rows of teeth and insatiable blood lust.
You can even have guests come dressed as recent victims of shark attacks so you can all sit around, stare at the mauled treats and take turns running to the bathroom to throw up things you ate as a child. Keep this up until after endless hours of bloody assaults the celebratory cheers turn into sobbing screams for your shark to maybe go just five damn minutes without splitting a diver in two or giving an unsuspecting cameraman a close-up view of their digestive system. Simply stand inside a large cardboard box in your living room with several wide viewing slits.
Teen moms from the first season of "Teen Mom" have gone on to all sorts of meaningful work.
If, however, you woke up from an all-night bender to find that you had accidentally left your baby in the mailbox overnight, you m'lady are reality show material. Looking to cut and run on your former loved one in the easiest and most painless way possible? Charlie tells him he won't shut up until he "gets some frickin' booze!" Ian explains that he wants Charlie to sober up for an upcoming audition and that, if he doesn't nail it, they would have to pay for his rent. Charlie plays along at first, but when the puppet asks if he wants to "go play hopscotch and listen to the Jonas Brothers," he snaps. Realizing Charlie's sober-laser-shooting-eyes, they both rush to Charlie's room, where Charlie is shooting lasers from his eyes. And if you want to take the party to the NEXT LEVEL, check out the Partaeus Maximus statue, which allows you to throw everything from raging toga parties to intriguing masquerades.
Your ‘young adult’ age will just have a big X through it and you won’t get some of the benefits a college degree will bring you. But when the stinky finger is pointed at you, you’ll thank me for these bulletproof cover stories. With a lighter and a diet of beans, you can create a real smoke screen and escape like a super villain.
Strike fear in the hearts of those around you by informing them that this was no regular fart that escaped your “containment system” but a Level 5 Fish Taco Poltergeist. Then have countless friends come screaming at you from all sides brandishing knives, harpoons or working chainsaws.
Start staying up 24 hours straight, using your newfound extra time to read more books, paint more trees, wear more Legos or do whatever seems like a logical ideal after several days without slumber. Two of the teen moms from season one went on to win Fulbright awards for their work in bioengineering and astrology, respectively, while a third teen mom went on to single handedly locate and capture notorious terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. He then starts rapping (with a lot of swearing and two sexy females dancing behind him), which horrifies two of the people.
IRL if you get kicked out of college, you will most likely move back to your parents house and end up staying there way past your dependent due date. But with practice, you can use your skunk like an adorable stink bomb that drops everyone in a 10-yard radius, except for you.
The tricky part of this cover-up is you’d better train in Parkour or high jumping so you can high tail it out if there.
Meanwhile, film the merciless attacks with a camera until you feel you have enough footage of you bleeding, wailing in abject fear or peeing on your homemade wetsuit to make it all worthwhile.

Perhaps your weird shark will actually be able to run up on the sand on its fins and attack beachgoers on their blankets or in their cars. That way when “Shark Week” does start to give you nightmares you’ll be too insane and covered in colorful toy bricks to care. As you might expect, the competition to get on this season of "Teen Mom" was understandably fierce. Ian and Anthnoy don't believe him, and then Charlie threatens to chop their balls off if they don't get him some booze. Parents approaching retirement shouldn’t be microwaving their grown children Hot Pockets while they’re having a marathon gaming session. He says he'll sue Charlie for stabbing him, but Charlie shoots him with a super-charged laser blast.
This is how to make sure your first date goes awesome. Make Sure It's A Date(source)The biggest hurdle to going on a date isn't asking someone out.
And perhaps while watching “Shark Week” you’ll see that your weird shark actually exists, causing you to hide in your bed in a tight fetal ball for the remainder of the summer. This is not asking someone out: "Hey, do you want to hang out some time?" That's going to result in what I like to call a friendly adventure. They're never going to want to talk to you again when you try to make a move at the end of the night because this was just supposed to be two friends hanging out.(source)You have to say that you want to take them on a date. It's a little more awkward, but a few moments of awkwardness now is better than an entire night of awkwardness later.
If you're not at least a little bit up front about your feelings and what you want then you're going to wind up FOREVER ALONE. Keep Your Expectations Low(source)The problem with first dates is that it's really easy to expect too much out of them. It's not a good sign if you've already named your first three kids before the date even happens.(source)The good thing about having low expectations is that when your date goes awesome then it's that much better because you didn't expect much. If they ask what kind of cancer you have, say, "All the cancers." Because, I mean, how could someone be mad at a person who has over 200 types of cancer? Your date may go great and turn in to a sweet make out sesh in the parking lot of a laser tag arena.
They can't, to answer my own question. The Old Disappearing Act(source)Sit them down and say, "Baby? If you get nothing out of the date other than a pleasant time with a fellow human being then that's awesome enough. Make A Plan And Don't Stick To It(source)There's nothing that sucks more than standing around going, "What do you want do?" "I don't know.
What do you want to do?" You shouldn't just expect to show up somewhere and have a fun time magically happen unless you happen to have a magical closet that takes you to Disneyworld.(source)It's good to have something planned when you go out with someone for the first time. Being spontaneous on a first date is a great way to impress her, but you can't have a Plan B without a Plan A.
They'll be so busy rocking out, they won't have time to get pissed about the fact that you'll no longer be sucking their kiss. Boom Box(source)Show up on their lawn, Lloyd Dobler from "Say Anything" style, holding an old-school boombox.
Don't be afraid to ditch out on a movie half way through to go to that sweet playground a few blocks over if the movie really sucks. It's worth losing out on the half of a movie to not have to be miserable for the rest of the night. Pay For The Date(source)I'm not saying you need to be rich, but it kind of sucks to ask someone to go out on a first date when you don't intend to pay for it.
You can split the bill on later dates, but if you ask someone out then you should cover the cost of the first date.
There's nothing worse than asking someone out on a first date and then trying to get them to pay for it.(source)Just because you're broke doesn't mean you can't take someone out. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, maybe go to a cool local street fair and chow down on some goodies from a food truck. I heard that the sperm bank gives you like $50 a pop. Don't Smell Bad(source)This seems like a no brainer, but some people don't get it. Blasting yourself with too much smell good is worse than not taking a shower at all.(source)Scientists think that the way you smell plays a big part in attraction. I know that I stink like a farm animal after 2 days of not showering. What's your strategy for a successful first date?

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