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I iterated over the queue and added the items to an array, and oddly, there were only 15 items - so theres doesn't seem to be a access the bad songs, which means I can't test for it. I see these kinds of errors all over my music library, and I suspect this kind of thing cased a bunch of annoying bugs in my last version that I could never replicate.
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Is it ok if I share my code solution as part of a recruitment process publicly for a peer review?
In Tolkien's Middle Earth, did Gandalf meet with Thorin to encourage him to take back Erebor?
Why is accessing an element of a dictionary by key O(1) even though the hash function may not be O(1)? When you are looking forward to having a baby but you don’t get pregnant, and your friend tells you that she’s having a baby, what feelings might you experience?
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In my opinion, a problem derails your life and an inconvenience is not being able to get a nice seat on the un-derailed train.

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