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Warlocks are a breed of evil magical beings descendant from the first witch Neena and her mate, who gained their power from The All. Warlocks rank low in the Hierarchy of Evil and are virtual second class citizens in the Underworld.
When the world was dark, a spiritual energy ran through everything that existed, neither Good nor Evil.
However, their presence there affected the earth as The All was contained to the Higher Realm. The actions of the warlock Nigel and his witch partner Robin were what motivated Penny Halliwell to become one of the most deadly demon-killing witches in history. The warlock Nicholas was the reason that the Halliwell sisters went through most of their lives without knowing they were witches. In 1998, it was revealed that in the near future, scientists were going to discover a virus that specifically infected all three-eyed warlocks, destroying the entire race. When the Source of All Evil was wounded in battle by the Charmed Ones, a warlock faction tried to usurp the Underworld.
Warlocks who are able to drain and absorb knowledge through needle-like finger protrusions. According to the Book of Shadows, the Dragon Warlock is the twisted spawn of a dragon and a sorceress.
When a familiar betrays and kills its charge, it becomes a familiar warlock, taking on human form and taking the powers of its witch. Scrying: The ability to scry for lost objects or beings through the use of a scrying crystal and a map.
Blinking: The ability to instantly teleport from one location to another by blinking one's eyes. Individual Powers: Due to their ability to absorb the powers of other beings, Warlocks are seen with a great variety of magical powers.
Much like certain upper-level demons have a demonic form, certain warlocks possess limited shapeshifting abilities allowing them to assume a more monstrous form.
The only warlocks to display this form were the Rowe Coven, suggesting this might be hereditary in nature. The term warlock has caused some confusion throughout the series, due to the term not being well defined.
The relation between warlocks and witches is further established by the fact that warlocks share the same basic abilities of spell casting, potion making and scrying.[13] However, not all warlocks are known to use these powers, as most seem to prefer using their (potentially stolen) active powers. The fact that most demons show a disdain for warlocks suggests they are not demonic in nature either. According to Prue Halliwell, there are 19 specific Warlock vanquishing spells in the Book of Shadows, as mentioned in "They're Everywhere". While some warlocks are so powerful they require vanquishing spells, others can be simply vanquished by potions or strong powers, like Piper's molecular combustion power. Although warlocks are said not to bleed, this was not the case with certain warlocks, such as  Jeremy Burns and the Familiar Hunter.

Although warlocks are second class citizens in the Underworld, some of them seems to possess connections to high members of the Demonic Hierarchy, like in the case of Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster. In "Muse to My Ears" it was mentioned by Cole and Leo that there was a law against warlocks stealing the powers of demons. Based on a hand lettered alphabet in the book “Learning to Letter” by Paul Carlyle, published in 1939. After Robin took the life of Allen Halliwell, Penny was consumed by rage and vanquished both evil beings. In 1975, he tricked their mother Patty Halliwell into granting him immunity from their powers in exchange for their lives.
In order to stop this from happening, the warlock Gavin traveled from the future to kill the science team responsible before the discovery could be made. Much like the Warren line, each generation of Rowe warlocks grew even more powerful, culminating in the arrival of three brothers who would form the most powerful evil force in history. After draining their victims information from their head, the victims may lose part of their memories or become catatonic. To become immortal, the new Warlock must shed the last of its familiar nature before midnight of the next New Moon.
A notable example is the warlock Bacarra, who used Latin phrases as spells to achieve various effects. The various sub-species of Warlocks are also shown possessing individual powers not displayed by other Warlocks species, such as the Dragon Warlock possessing Fire Breathing and The Collectors possessing Knowledge Absorption.
Warlocks can absorb the powers of good witches by stabbing and killing them with an athame. They are witches that have chosen to follow the dark path by performing an irrevocable act of evil in killing another witch or by marrying a warlock in a Dark Binding.
This ritual can be conducted without consent and will turn the Witch into an evil Warlock despite his or her previous moral inclinations. When the dark priestess Dantalian married Prue Halliwell to the warlock Zile, she and her sisters all became Warlocks due to their connection.
Two warlocks can produce a child, that will be a warlock upon birth, such as two brothers of the Rowe Coven. In this form, warlocks have a disfigured appearance with sharp teeth, long earlobs and bright blue eyes. This form is triggered by anger and be controlled by regaining control over one's emotions. Warlocks have been described as simply evil witches, being a separate species and resembling demons. When Dantalian used her dark magic to marry Prue to the warlock Zile, she and her sisters were turned into warlocks. However, they are also described as not being human due to their inability to bleed.[6] Witches, on the other hand, do bleed and are considered human. However, it is possible to track warlocks by scrying for the powers they have stolen, as a witch's power technically remains alive even after its user dies. They essentially served the role of being the main form of antagonist in the first two seasons, only to be overshadowed by demons in later seasons.

Also, in the Alternate Reality of future Bacarra where Cole Turner became the ruler of the underworld, the class system changed under his rulership.
The only way to save the world was for the woman and her mate to separate their powers and allow the power of The All to flow freely again. However, Prue helped the youngest of these brothers, Brendan, permanently suppress his warlock side and destroy his brothers. It may also be possible for born Warlocks to inherit powers from their line similar to witches.
Though primarily known for stealing powers from good witches, they can also steal from other beings, such as demons. A notable example is the Familiar Warlock Shadow, who whould not achieve immortality until he had shed the last of his familiar life. Once this is done, the new Warlock must shed the last of its familiar nature before midnight of the next New Moon in order to become immortal.
The most basic way for a witch to become a warlock is to kill another witch and steal her powers. This further suggest that, although related, witches and warlocks are not the same species. This origin could also be linked to Charmed definition, since warlocks have acted against The Wiccan Rede, which could be considered an oath.
Warlocks and demons were united as equals, giving evil one of its greatest triumphs in decades. It is unknown if born warlocks such as the Rowe Coven are immortal as they do age, especially in the case of the half-warlock Brendan Rowe.
Here it was revealed that both witches and warlocks came from Neena and her mate, who gained their powers from The All. Once back on Earth, the woman gave birth to a pair of twins that were conceived while she was in the Higher Realm. The conversion can be reversed by vanquishing the Warlock that entered the marriage, which will annul the marriage and the conversion. The first child was a female and had powers like her mother, just not as strong, and it was from this child that witches came.[1] The second child was a male born with the same abilities, but he used the magic for dark purposes, and that gave rise to warlocks.
Though some warlocks were born, witches can also become warlocks when they kill good witches to obtain their powers. They ascended to a place of pure, utter bliss that they shared with the All, known as the Higher Realm.

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