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Challenge03(Maximum 900 words)SubmitThere is no evidence to disprove the existence of love spells so they exist Love spells have worked for me, so they exist. Challenge01(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo Love Spell I do not believe there is any evidence to support that any love spell is anything more than someone stealing from you. Challenge00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitThe Only Love Potion is Alcohol Alcohol having a chemical reaction in the brain slowing logical calculations (like common sense) and dulling inhibitions is the worlds real life equivalent love potion to the fictional world of magic and dragons love potion.It also releases endorphins which activate the so called "pleasure centres" of the brain giving that floating happy feeling so comically depicted in some animations.
Love spells have the power to remove love energy distorting love relations between 2 or more people. Ancient magic involving love (and pretty much everything else) has been proven to be false through science.

Do teenagers and children have less person-to-person contact as the result of social media?
Try hitting the gym, getting a nice hair cut, brightening your smile, and learning a few pick up lines.
Love spells are as useful as water when it comes to building relationships, and to really help with love problems, a degree of patience, confidence and understanding is required, not a potion or a spell.
If that doesn't work roll everything you have on red in roulette and (hopefully) brag about the millions you've got stashed in the Bahamas.
If they did exist everyone would talk about well maybe not everyone but some people like me and my mom and etc.

Just a pretty high chance that he or she is already in love with you and you did not know it, making it seem like the love spell "worked"Mere superstition.

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