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What'll be annoying is having to run through Cyclops Lane each time you want to visit and not being able to use the Spiral door. In becoming an experienced Wizard101 and Pirate101 player, I've found a love for blogging and the gaming community. Pirate101 recently announced that Book 15 (Valencia Part 2) would come in two chapters this summer as the conclusion of the first arc. Witchcraft spells voodoo spells occult spells magic spells, Witchcraft spells, wicca spells wiccan magic spells are strong witchcraft wicca magick spells.
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WITCHCRAFT SPELLS, Wicca Spells Wiccan Magic Spells are Strong Witchcraft Wicca Magick Spells. Global spells are the ‘domes’ that appear over the entire dueling circle, encompassing and impacting all teammates and enemies alike!
The pierce from these globals will be applied to any spell which does damage from that school. These spells buff everyone in the battle – Players, Creatures, Minions, even Polymorphs. Currently in Test Realm these globals have been updated to show Critical Percentage instead of Rating, and are operating as advertised!
Testing Note: Hard to distinguish from Wyldfire except that the flames around the bottom of the dome go up higher. Testing Note: Really hard to distinguish from Sanctuary, except that there seems to be more falling leaves. This is still Test Realm info, so the cards are subject to change before hitting live game.
4 pips is a huge investment in this meta unless Khrysalis gear slowed the tempo down a bit. They dont seem to pay any attention on increasing block, with too many crit monsters around, its especially hard in pvp to block. Nah, shrike is fine, i fought a death with 120% storm resist, and 97% myth resist and 82 universal resist. Ice gets 5% more because usually they have the lowest damage boost, lowest armor piercing in general, and the critical boost isn’t too high. I see ice’s running around with 5000+ health and 70+ damage while retaining a decent level of resist.
Well…My health is 5000+, my resist is 41% and my pip chance is 99% but my crit is 58% and my blocking is 250+ , and my piercing is 13% and am balance leave ice alone a bit and KI tries to compensate schools with wt they lose.
Basically when going against ice, you’re facing a bundle of 5000 health, zero resist (when factoring in the pierce from gear, infallible, and these new bubbles, as an extreme, even shrike), and 70 damage. Ice has lower pierce compared to other schools … life gets the lowest crit boost because of critical heals.
It will be interesting to see how these get used, especially in mirror matches against your same school. The crafted boots BETTER have their respective block ratings…in fact, well over 100, maybe around 110 or even 120. The only reason this can be possible is if KI has critical block gear in mind, or else I don’t know what they could possibly be thinking. In case KI ignores block, the disaster is evident, since even with 55% block (current meta), with this new bubble, over 60% of the time, a crit. The main idea doesn’t sound bad, but I highly doubt that people will be using these in pvp, for the simple reasons that 1.

These look a tad nightmarish for several reasons: A) Who in their right mind is going to spend those pips on these in PvE? Lol, and the solution is giving the “(non)-converted” 20% pierce100 Crit with which to wallop ya? I love the death one because now death has 2 bubbles that serve completely different purposes. For the rest of them, as far as I could see, the point where the Bubble touches the ground is higher for each bubble, and yeah, as Nick said, KEEP TRACK OF PIPS! Welcome to Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo ~ A Magical New Orleans Voodoo Shop in the French Quarter!
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To insure successful results for our clients, our Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, and Magical Voodoo Dolls, Exquisite Perfume Oils and Spiritual Elixirs, Powerful Altar Candles and Voodoo wares are personally handcrafted, hand-blended, brewed and prepared using only the most precious pure essential oils, organically grown and harvested magical roots, plants and herbs and the finest, organic ingredients carefully selected from around the world.
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You do have the ability to change your situation, bring to you what you desire, resolve a troubling situation and truly enjoy your life ~ let Erzulie’s show you how! Start your mystical journey into the mysterious world of Love Spells & Authentic Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Dolls, Witchcraft Spells by browsing our website. In Cyclops Lane, after a few pre-quests, you can now take a magic chariot to Aquila and compete in the Immortal Games. The theme is strong, and the three instances are definitely some of the highlights of Greek Mythology. We can also now name our decks - this is big, because it shows that KingsIsle is listening to feedback.
For example, you can get Zeus's lightning bolt as a weapon, or an enchanted sword and shield pet that has "May cast sword and shield." I'll be curious to see what that is. We focus on PvP, but think you'll be pleasantly surprised at our coverage of all things W101. If the first player in line on a team casts a Global, spells by their teammates on that turn will get the benefits of the Global.
The glowing edge around the dome rises farther, and there may be more lost souls floating in it. I am a storm so I have 25 pierce plus tc infallible is 45 + 50 of shrike, makes it 95 pierce, 120-95= 25% , which is still a lot after all that pierce. For there to really be diversity at top level, aggressive builds absolutely must be effective.
Honestly at this point, ice needs it’s respective crit and pierce boost(s), and this is a great start. The other schools are bumped because, your average storm for example has 2,000 less hp than the average ice.
My guess is it will be a game of nerves to see who will cast the first crit bubble, knowing that the opponent will get to use it first.
And if you do, one reason is same school mobs in which case a mass prism is better anyway and more importantly, PvE enemies are now pretty aggressive about their own bubbles…which are cheaper, pipwise.

At this level shrike already helped wizard to fight their own school mobs.I really appreciate this update.
For most of these, it seems like the best way to know which one is being used is to keep an eye on how many pips it takes to cast it.
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Here, there are three major instances - Olympus (level 30+ wizards), Atlantea (level 70+ wizards), and Tartarus (level 90+ wizards). Not to mention that you can start this area as early as level 30, and be challenged as late as level 90. Credits: Thanks to Alexander Lionheart (Loremaster, Ice), Paige Moonshade (Balance), Markblade64 (Fire) , SpiritFire (Myth) , and masterofspelss (Life) for help with card images.
Dying to see that one!), the new Global Spells, the normal Global Spells, the new Shadow Spells, etc. Hades builds with over 90% crit on gear have been made before, and with TC vengeance of 25% AND these bubbles, ratings of 140%+ are reached. Using Love Spells , Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Magic, can help you find solutions for your personal situation ~ scroll down for more about our Powerful Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Dolls & Magic Love Spells! Therefore, we proudly showcase our outstanding team of expert spiritualists throughout the website. We strongly believe handcrafted products with the highest grade, organic ingredients are far more effective for your spiritual remedies, outcome and evolution!
I hear the Ice one casts Tower Shield, so I'm going to guess that these are worth looking into. Please take the time to meet and learn about everyone in the Erzulie’s family to find the practitioner or their powerful spiritual products that can best serve you. For example, there's a new one-boss dungeon in Dragonspyre's library that drops a bunch of the crafted spells AND has a chest.
B) First turn advantage; these strike me as nothing more than more pierce and more crit for the person going first as all bubbles traditionally benefit first position more. Not only that, but she's got a new spell that I'd sure love to have, pictured to the right. The person sitting 1st has only to resort to their cheaper 2 pip option to cancel you out, you of course being now four pips disadvantaged.
The only hopeful saving grace (though I doubt it) is the 4 pip cost will discourage people (did I mention I doubt it!) from using it more often.

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