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It's your boyfriend's birthday, and you're trying to think of how you can surprise him without repeating a version of the year before. Use a word processor or project creator (an option available in most word processor applications) to create the "Boyfriend Coupon Book." You can choose from existing designs (templates) or design your own, with custom borders and fonts. Pick one or two of his favorite places to eat or shop and purchase gift cards or certificates.
Buy something for yourself to include in the gift basket -- something you know he would love for you to use or wear, but would probably never think of getting for you. A unique way of presenting him with his basket might be to send him on a treasure hunt to find it.
Being in a long-distance relationship is difficult for many couples, particularly around holidays and birthdays. If your friend lives with you so wake her up at midnight and wish her ,if you forget to bring cake for her then you feed her or him something sweet. If you working in same office so on their birthday, before your friend come into the office. So guys by our post” HOW TO SURPRISE YOUR FRINEDS ON THEIR BIRTHDAY”, surprise your friends and make their day memorable. Or it's his first birthday since you've become boyfriend and girlfriend and you really want to make a grand impression.
Generally, two to three coupons will fit on a page; don't forget to include a front cover for the booklet. If using tissue paper, use enough to make a soft but stable cushion for displaying gift items.

Layer items so they are distinguishable and are not completely hiding or blocking other items.
Pull the sheet up and around the basket, gathering the ends at the top, and tie with a colorful ribbon. You can start this hunt by keeping a flower and bouquet and also keep a slip in it which directs them to another clue, then other clue and at the end take them to place where you have arranged for their birthday party. Invite their friends and with their help decorate their room, if someone knows baking so bake cake for them, make handmade greeting cards and gifts.
Collect all the staff members or your colleagues and wish her birthday by singing birthday song at the free time you all can give a performance on her favorite song. This year, give him something he has probably never gotten before -- a boyfriend gift basket!
Include on your list things he enjoys doing with you, and things he would prefer to do alone, such as a boys' night out.
For example, one coupon might read, "This coupon entitles you to one massage on any night of your choosing. Then fill the room with those balloons and now place a gift in between those balloons, now when your friend come tell her to find out her gift among the balloons. Also incorporate into your list things you can do for him, such as a massage or preparing his favorite meal.
Depending on the thickness of the booklet, either staple it together or use a hole punch to punch two holes into each page, and tie it together using ribbon.
You may choose to wrap each item individually, or leave them unwrapped for presentation in the basket.

If your basket has a handle, you may choose to wrap a fancy ribbon around it, or add decorative ties or bows.
You can also put small gifts inside the balloons and after blowing them mix them with other balloons now ask your friend find her gift from those balloons but give them few attempts to burst balloons.
Like make a chocolate tree, make a money tree, you can make a beer tree and anything your friend love. Allow it to be all about him: choose a location meaningful to him, a style that relates to something he enjoys, his favorite foods. This is a homemade, customized, especially for him, "everything he could ever ask for" basket. Being surprised having a party for their birthday is something that some guys will like and others will hate, so be sure you know which kind of guy your boyfriend is before you begin planning the party. Plan a night time togetherChances are good that all your boyfriend really wants to do on his birthday is spend more time with you, so by planning for a special evening together for that two of you, with flowers, chocolates and also the works, he is sure to become more than happy.
When your boyfriend arrives, provide him an outfit his favorite character wears within the film.

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