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Been meaning to start a troll thread, but lost all my fawkin troll material in my old phone, then was busy with GF, work, school, gym, etc, but broke up with the bish and been bored the past few days, here's some shiit I've gotten started on. We were together properly for a few months over a year and then were on and off for like another 6+ months.

EDIT - Some people are saying I was being mean so thought I would explain - basically she messed me around for the best part of a year and because it was my first real relationship I put up with so much **** I shouldn't have been expected to. This was back in my beta days when I put up with a lot of **** from her however I think when I finally told her we were finished for good it made her go crazy.
This girl messed me around for the best part of the year, treated me like absolute **** and strung me along for ages.

Funny I was just thinking today maybe I wouldn't hear from her again but just sitting on misc this evening and bertstare my phone.

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