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After switching to this setting, I found that the only way to get snippet abbreviations that were both memorable and not actual words was to start each abbreviation with a character that’d never be part of a word. Lots of TextExpander users design their abbreviations this way, but they don’t always use a semicolon. One answer comes from the recognition that TextExpander snippet libraries are just plist files, the common format for OS X configuration settings. These library files, which have a .textexpander extension, are how snippets are shared on sites like the TextExpander Google+ page. Luckily for me, the Python Standard Library includes the plistlib module, which has several methods for reading, parsing, and writing plist files.
This particular example would rewrite the Markdown.textexpander library to have abbreviations that start with semicolons instead of double commas. It uses the docopt module, which you’ll have to install if you want to use reaffix yourself. Lines 8a€“23 define the usage message, which docopt parses into the args dictionary in Line 26. After some filename fiddling, plistlib reads the snippet library file in Line 50 and parses it into the dictionary te. This lets you sync your entire snippet set between platforms, but you have to have two versions of each snippet on each platform.
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In this episode, I go through the ideas behind agile development and applying them to get a minimum viable product out the door.
If you're interested in more detail about my OmniFocus setup, take a look at my book on it. Getting Your IP AddressAs an engineer, you may need to know what your current IP address is.
So, why not spend a few minutes today and set up a couple of TextExpander snippets so that you can easily get your IP address whenever you need it. In my early days with TextExpander, I fiddled with the delimiter set, but inevitably got either expansion when I didn’t want it or no expansion when I did.
I chose the semicolon because it’s on the home row of keys and I never type a semicolon without putting a space or newline between it and the following text.
Brett Terpstra, for example, uses a pair of commas as the prefix for his snippet abbreviations.
You create snippet libraries by chosing Save a Copy of Groupa€¦ from TextExpander’s little gear menu. There is, frankly, no need for Lines 27a€“32, but I prefer using variables with short names later in the program. Lines 57a€“70 then walk through the dictionary and change the abbreviations according to the directions given on the command line. Still, it would be nice if Smile gave TextExpander the ability to import .textexpander files attached to emails.

This is exactly how OmniGroup has now gotten to the point of bringing themes back to OmniFocus.
This past winter, I posted some cool snippets that demonstrate the power of the application.
Even when programming in a language that uses semicolons as statement delimiters, I never squeeze the next statement up against the semicolon that ends the previous one.
If I want to import a set of snippets shared by someone like Brett, how do I change the abbreviations to match my prefix without going through the set and editing them one by one? But it stinks as a prefix on the iPhone because the semicolon isn’t on the main keyboard.
Occasionally, I will post some new snippets that I think will be useful in anyone's TextExpander library.
If the redundancy doesn’t bother you, check out that Smile blog post and start converting.

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