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In addition to TextExpander subscriptions for individual users, Smile also offers team subscriptions to TextExpander. Plus, the TextExpander snippet editor has been revised to make snippet editing easier, adding a toolbar that offers various snippet customization options. In addition, current users of TextExpander get a 50 percent “loyalty discount” for the first year of their subscriptions, and those who purchased the previous version of TextExpander after 1 December 2015 are eligible for 3 months free under the Life Hacker plan. To leave a comment, click Add a Comment and then enter the text, your name, and your email address (which won't be displayed). TextExpander, the text expansion utility from Smile, has added support for sharing snippets among a team, as well as a new Web site for managing your snippets. I am a long time user of TextExpander on the Mac and Windows PhraseExpress which can sync TE snippets.
The apps themselves are free: you don't have to pay a penny to download nor to launch them.
And of course the simple text expansion, with automatic syncing between all Apple devices, built into iOS and OS X. Assuming you can get the sync to work reliably, which has been a problem for me and many others.
You should give the consumer the choice between one payment for the current versions with fixes or a subscription. There's no review here—this is a news article that states the facts about what has changed in terms of features and pricing. Like others, I'm outraged enough to switch to Typinator, but not with the same priority of reasons. I really like TextExpander but, in my opinion, the subscription model is a massive overreach for a utility. If TextExpandera€™s subscription service rubs you the wrong way, you have several options that you can buya€”and one thata€™s free. For as long as wea€™ve been using Macs to type repetitious bits of text into emails and documents, therea€™s been TextExpander. Even at $45, TextExpander was one of the most essential and popular utilities on the Mac, but a recent change to its pricing structure has longtime users feeling scorned. TextExpander might be the most popular expansion service, but ita€™s certainly not the only one.
Setting up snippets is as quick as using them, and aText gets you started with a few common examples. Like TextExpander, aTexta€™s greatest strength is the time it saves with the automation of monotony. Simplicity and speed are the main features of any text expanding app, and Typinator (a‚¬25) has them in spades. Beyond common text snippets, Typinator can be trained to perform calculations, or insert the current date and time, as well as create interactive pop-up boxes for fill-in form letters. The average user can find myriad ways to save valuable time using text expanders, but for coders they can be an absolute life-saver. You can use Dash to expand any bit of text, but ita€™s built to speed up the coding process by cutting down on the thousands of tedious instructions that need to be written. Anything you see can be easily turned into an expandable snippet by copying it and using the create new snippet from keyboard command. If youa€™re looking for the original text expander, you might be surprised to learn it actually isna€™t TextExpander.
Keyboard Maestro ($36) wona€™t just fill all of your text expanding needs, ita€™ll turn your keyboard into a veritable launchpad that will speed up everything you do on your Mac. You can use Keyboard Maestro to make a basic macro that turns a string of letters into a line of text, but expert expanders will want to dive into the array of options available. Text tokens make macros infinitely more powerful by adding fields for things like calculations, dates, IP addresses and mouse location, and you can also program how your macro works within specific apps, or set snippets to expire after a set period of time.
If you dona€™t want to pay anything to speed up your typing, therea€™s a way to do it right inside System Preferences. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. TextExpander cuts down on the amount of keystrokes that you have to type by expanding snippets of text into larger pieces of text. With that said, if you make tutorials, or do anything else on you Mac that requires you to repeatedly use keyboard command symbols, then I highly recommend that you add them to TextExpander. Since I always use these symbols as I’m writing my tutorials for the blog, these shortcuts are instrumental for me.
If you prefer to use the actual Unicode decimal values instead, then feel free to use the values highlighted below. Yep, more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, but there’s something satisfying about instant-expanding. TextExpander 3 is another in a long line of apps taking advantage of awesome new features in iOS 8.

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We use your email address only to send you a one-time verification message confirming that you posted this comment. Users can organize, edit, delete, and add snippets through the Web app, as well as through the apps on their devices, and they can share them, with varying levels of permissions, with other TextExpander users. Instead of license purchases and upgrades on an irregular schedule, we’ve switched to a subscription model where you pay monthly or annually for your TextExpander service.
Your comment will appear after you follow a link in the one-time confirmation message we send to verify that you're a real person. PhraseExpress announced a Mac OSX version without subscription and cloudsyncing (not allowed in our company). The removal of existing synch methods is a clear indication.TextExpander 6 is not offering anything desirable for me. Sit tight, and worry about upgrading or switching in a year or two, when either Smile or competitors step up with something better for you. Sure, the new price model is excessive: I could almost accept about half of what they are charging. It feels like feature bloat (especially with a superfluous syncing service) is driving this.No matter Smile's reasons. I was FORCED to do this with ADOBE, but there are alternatives to TextExpander and I will choose one. Visit our Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group and have the tech support brilliance of the entire Mac Geek Gab community at your fingertips! One of the original alphabet automators, the typing shortcut utility has been at the beck and call of writers and coders for generations, dutifully filling in tedious lines and phrases, and saving precious seconds throughout our day. Smile made the surprising move to a subscription service rather than continue its longstanding policy of paid upgrades, and even after a backlash-induced change of heart that lowered the annual rate to $40 for new users and $20 for current customers, it will still cost something of a premium for access to TextExpandera€™s snippets. If youa€™re looking for a cheaper alternative or just one without such a long-term commitment, check out these apps. Calling itself a text accelerator rather than an expander, the affordable app lives up to its billing, speeding up your typing by offering myriad shortcuts for the things you write.
Simple, clearly labeled fields will get your workflow up and running in seconds, storing chunks of text that will expand whenever and wherever their accompanying abbreviations are typed. The interface is hyper-focused on organization, neatly arranging your snippets by groups for easy editing. With easy drag-and-drop organization and a powerful set of expanding options, Typinator wona€™t just replace your reliance on TextExpander, ita€™ll make the transition effortless. But just because it doesna€™t reside in the Dock doesna€™t mean it isna€™t as full-featured as TextExpander. There are a healthy amount of predefined sets, and code tinkerers can try their hand at regular expressions, which add a unique level of power to your snippet library. Cutting down on the number of times a string or variable needs to be typed can make or break a deadline, and while any of the text expanders here can be configured to help, only Dash ($30) makes it its primary mission.
Even before you start adding snippets of your own code, the app will speed up your programming with an exhaustive catalog of language documentation that is accessible from the sidebar.
Snippets are sortable by programming language and searchable by context, and can be as interactive as you need them to be, with cursor positioning, date and time stopping, and variable placeholders.
TypeIt4Me ($20) has been storing snippets and expanding text since the days of System 6, and ita€™s every bit as useful today as it was back then. TypeIt4Me is just as easy to use as it was on the day it was launched, with a menu bar- or Dock-based system of snippets (or clippings, as theya€™re called within the app) that can quickly be added to your document. But even if you just use it for its text expanding abilities, longtime TextExpander users will appreciate its versatility. By piggybacking actions youa€™ll be able to expand your text in pretty much any way you can imagine whether youa€™re automating words, sentences or entire pages of type. Ita€™s not as powerful as a standalone app, but Apple has actually baked text expanding abilities into OS X since Mountain Lion. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. I’d like the think the video does a good job of getting you up to speed with TextExpander touch regardless of your experience with the app and demonstrates some of the new 2.5 features. Instead, I use the venerable TextExpander utility to make inserting these symbols a totally effortless affair. If you find yourself typing out the same customary greetings, addresses, or anything else, then TextExpander can save you time.
When I type !cmd it automatically expands into ? and when I type !appl it automatically expands into ?. It would be nice if more people adopted the practice of using symbols in their tweets, status updates, and blog posts.
You can then paste these into Content section of your TextExpander shortcut instead of the actual symbol.

I’ve saved all the symbols as favorites, so I can just type ??Space and see all the symbols there. Just letting people know of a free, built-in option if that’s more their cup of tea (to use another metaphor).
As you said, there’s more than one way to expand text instantly, but do you have any specific reasons to use TE in addition to KBM? It comes with a custom QWERTY keyboard that lets you expand text snippets within any app—not just the ones using the old SDK—and without having to rely on iOS’ built-in keyboard shortcuts.
Shared snippets are probably even more valuable in customer support teams, where they’ll save time and standardize tone and writing quality. For instance, if TextExpander 6 had remained a straight purchase, but required a $99 upgrade fee, the subscription would seem cheap. However, my primary issue is that I don't want to get forced into yet another cloud account. Dates, images, and formatting can also be added to snippets, and handy auto-correction tools can help with capitalization and misspellings.
You can also create fill-in-the-blank templates that can make the most tedious of forms a breeze, and if you have more than one Mac, Dropbox and Google Drive integration will keep your snippets synced across all of them.
An expansion can be as simple as setting a€?tna€? to expand to Typinator, but it can go a whole lot deeper than that, with case specification, cursor positioning and a whole word option that only expands phrases when the next typed character is neither a letter nor a digit, protecting against accidental inserts.
Based on the International Components for Unicode, it allows users to create complex expansions that are triggered under much more specific circumstances than a hotkey or phrase. Fully searchable and customizable, it provides an indispensable database of rules and references that will sharpen your syntax. Snippets are given abbreviations for easy expanding, but you dona€™t actually need to remember them.
For example, when setting a snippet to be pasted rather than typed, you can tell Keyboard Maestro to return the clipboard to its prior contents, so whatever you had manually copied isna€™t wiped out. Ita€™s text expansion at its most rudimentary, but if youa€™re solely interested in saving time while typing, ita€™ll do the trick.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. I use > a lot too, which is helpful when laying out a certain order of steps in my tutorials. It also frees you as customers and us as developers from the “upgrade treadmill.” We can offer our apps free of charge.
Or if the company decided that it was going to release a paid upgrade every 6 months but charge $30, that would also be more than the subscription fee. I have enough cloud accounts as it is and I am hard-pressed to understand why I should need anything beyond iCloud and Dropbox.Smile has been showing signs of evolving into a marketing-driven company ever since they started aggressively "partnering" with other software products. There are other options and when I get pressed I will switch.I like much of what Smile makes but if this is their trend they have lost a regular customer.
TypeIt4Mea€™s unique menu gives you access to all of your clippings, letting you insert them with a click rather than a shortcut.
But TextExpander is king at expansion and offers more in that area, because that’s literally all it does.
We can deliver incremental improvements as they’re ready rather than wait and package them all into a new “big” upgrade release. I was up and running with my usual snippets in 10 minutes.I will lose the ability of syncing the snippets to iOS, but since the iOS apps work very erratically, I am used the built-in Apple keyboard shortcuts for my most important snippets. We simply don't know what alternatives to the subscription might have been considered, and changing nothing from the current pricing model is only one of those possible alternatives.There is no "right" price for anything - prices are determined by a lot of factors, including perceived value, competitor pricing, and meeting development costs. We’re really excited about what this change will allow us to offer our customers, and we hope you are too. The question that Smile has posed is, "Will enough customers perceive the benefits of snippet sharing and more frequent updates as worth the subscription fees?" If the answer to that question turns out to be "No," Smile will need to rethink the model. Their requirement for a cloud account is a form of account control, one of those marketing trends that we are starting to see all around.
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It is unnecessary and serves as a vehicle to lock users in.On the bright side, I discovered that Typinator seamlessly imported my snippets and offers greater power. The Mac Observer is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple, Inc. Smile did a good job building and promoting that interface, although it requires the user to manually refresh snippets app-by-app. A competitor to convince me they are a viable replacement.In a year or two we'll likely see how this plays out for Smile.

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