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TextExpander, the popular iOS utility app that automatically expands short abbreviations into long text snippets, has finally received its big 2.0 update.
Arriving nearly four years after the app's launch in the App Store, version 2.0 of TextExpander delivers a number of enhancements. One of the most notable changes brought about by TextExpander's 2.0 update is the newly added support for rich text formatting.
Now, when composing a snippet or note text on an iDevice running on iOS 6.0 or later, you can now add rich text formatting via the contextual menu. Just highlight the text you want to format and tap the appropriate option in the contextual menu to embolden, italicize, or underline it. TextExpander 2.0 also adds an "Insert…" menu item for macros such as date, time, clipboard contents, and fill-ins.
Create your own custom abbreviations - letters, words or phrases that you type, which will insert any amount of text or images in their place. Create an email signature library to insert different signatures for family, friends, or business. Build up your own auto-fill fields using fill-in-the-blank snippets with multiple field types and sections.
Add your most common typos so that TextExpander can magically correct your mistakes every time.
Available in multiple languages including: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Normally, TextExpander sells for $44.95, but for a very limited time (until Feb 10th only), you can get this time-saving tool for just $22! That's a savings of 51% off the regular price!
MightyDeals is a daily deal website that offers massive discounts for web and creative professionals. TextExpander touch is an extremely useful typing utility, and version 2's support for more advanced snippets makes it indispensable for developers. TextExpander touch 2 now lets you insert macros and fill-in fields within your snippets, similar to the Mac version.
In TextExpandera€™s terms, a macro is a placeholder that inserts variable information (like the current date, the contents of the clipboard, performing a math calculation, or moving the cursor) into an expanded snippet. When expanding a snippet that contains fill-in fields, TextExpander touch 2 pauses to let you enter or select the data. If you look carefully, you can see that the areas with % symbols insert the current date, prompt me to fill in the other data and then move the cursor back to the end of the date in case I need to edit it.
Recording a new expense on my iPhone or iPad is as easy as opening Drafts and typing xexp to expand my snippet.
Thata€™s a somewhat geeky example, but you can imagine that this same concept can also apply to more mainstream tasks, like composing a form letter or completing a hard-to-remember terminal command. TextExpander touch 2 lets you create and edit snippets containing macros and fill-in fields, but lacks the helpful graphical interface of the Mac version. While this is a welcome upgrade, the iOS appa€™s snippet editor lacks the same user-friendly graphical tools of the Mac version, so creating macros and fill-in fields on an iOS device requires typing some code, which may not be everyonea€™s cup of tea. When Smile announced that their super useful, $45 text expansion utility TextExpander was switching to a subscription model, the internet (or at least my Twitter feed) did not take it well.
If none of those points resonate with you – especially the part where you don’t want to pay $5 for a sync service just for text expansion and if your text expansion needs are fairly basic, you should probably switch to another app. While the new sharing features make sense for teams, it doesn’t make sense for individuals to spend $5 on this service every month. The interface is similar, it supports basic text expansion, along with pro features like macros.

Step 2: Click the “Gear” icon, select “Save a copy of Group (group name)” and save the file where you’ll remember it. This will only work for one group at a time so you’ll have to repeat the process for every group you want to export.
Step 1: Open TextExpander, select the group in question, click the “Gear” icon and select “Save a copy of group (group name). DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
L’app, infatti, consente di creare delle abbreviazioni che possono essere applicate in qualsiasi altro software.
Secondo le statistiche della mia app, in un anno ho risparmiato quasi 5 ore di lavoro con TexExpander.
Su StackSocial, pero, si puo comprare per 5 giorni con uno sconto del 51% e pagare TextExpander 5 con 22 dollari. Sostieni Melamorsicata.itVuoi contribuire a mantenere il sito indipendente, senza pubblicita invasiva e ricco di articoli?
When Apple revived the iWork apps after their four-year coma, users soon found that the newly awakened versions were diminished. Trips to the airport are pretty common, so I defined two other snippets, one for the trip to Midway and another for the trip to O’Hare. I have a tendency to think in terms of complicated AppleScript or shell script snippets, but it’s often the simplest snippets that are the most useful. In fact, as I was typing this up, I realized that snippets for the tolls I pay on my way to and from the airports would be just as valuable.
Some of these enhancements are expansions, so to speak, of certain features found in TextExpander for Mac. Moreover, you can tap the "Format…" menu item to access TextExpander's advanced formatting options.
Fill-in snippets are now supported in TextExpander as well, allowing you to create snippets with text fields, drop-down menus, tick boxes, and other input objects.
Generally, our customers can save from 50% to 90% off on fonts, ebooks, icons, templates and much more.
MightyDeals® is a registered trademark in the United States, Canada, UK and other countries. While some may have been disappointed by TextExpander touch version 1a€™s limited feature set when compared with the Mac version, Smile has recently released TextExpander 2, a huge upgrade that has added support for more advanced a€?macrosa€? and a€?fill-ina€? fields, putting it nearly on par with the latest Mac version. A fill-in field tells TextExpander to pause while expanding the snippet so that you can fill in variable information yourself.
I store just about everything on my Mac in plain text files that sync to Dropbox, where I can access them from my iPhone and iPad using any of a variety of Dropbox-powered text editors.
Drafts transports me over to TextExpander where I can complete the fill-in fields, then sends me back to Drafts where my expanded snippet is now available.
In order to take advantage of these new capabilities, developers need to update their apps to the TextExpander 2 SDK.
Ita€™s been indispensable on my Mac and increasingly useful on my iOS devices as more and more apps add TextExpander compatibility. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. They might add more features later on, but I have a feeling they’ll all be targeted towards business users. Except when I upgraded to El Capitan and the app just broke for a few weeks till I discovered that the new sandboxing rules didn’t allow aText to do its job.

If you do decide to go with aText, buy it directly from their website, not the Mac App Store.
It shows detailed stats of your usage, has a similar interface and even loads TidBITS’s library of frequently misspelled keywords. But if you’re a pro user who already has Keyboard Maestro and is familiar with this complex automation app, it makes sense to just move the text expansion ability to this app. Not only is it cheaper, I wasn’t able to find any killer feature in TypeIt4Me that would convince me to spend 4 times the money on it. Or will you keep paying $5 per month to support the developers or just because you’ve grown accustomed to it and you think the cost of switching would be way higher? Quest’applicazione consente di far risparmiare moltissimo tempo nella scrittura di alcune informazioni. Per esempio potreste creare delle email predefinite, in cui dover cambiare solo alcuni campi. L’app costa a prezzo pieno 45 dollari e non e presente nel Mac App Store, nonostante la versione per iOS vi sia nell’App Store. Some of the features that were cut have been brought back, but the ability to define named constants in Numbersa€”which I used in my expense report templatea€”has not reappeared. The IRS rate changes from year to yeara€”currently it’s 56A? per milea€”and I hate having to look it up. They start by invoking the mileage rate snippet and then add the number of miles to the end.
Tapping on my a€?Add to expensesa€? Dropbox action inserts the info into the top of my text file. Smile provides a list of TextExpander-compatible apps on its website, and version 2-compatible apps are specially flagged.
However, if you dona€™t own a copy of TextExpander for Mac, or if youa€™re a Windows user, then creating advanced snippets will require more effort.
With this latest update, Ia€™m even happier that I can now use my more advanced snippets on my iOS devices. But after migrating the licence to the one I downloaded from their website – it was fine again. In my testing, I found the app to work well enough with both basic text expansion, images, and macros. Also, you’ll get text expansion on iOS – without needing to change the default keyboard. Using the app’s Macro Triggers feature – specifically Typed String trigger, you can replicate the TextExpander feature. Oppure potreste creare una scorciatoia per scrivere il vostro indirizzo di casa, l’email, una nota e cosi via.
I’ve learned, though, that I can use TextExpander instead, and I now have a few simple snippets that are even easier to use than named constants. As I said, I used to have a constant, named miles, defined in my expense report template to equal the current rate. I suppose I could set up a cell in a hidden part of the expenses table and get the same effect, but I don’t like hidden cells.
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