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Create your own custom abbreviations - letters, words or phrases that you type, which will insert any amount of text or images in their place.
Create an email signature library to insert different signatures for family, friends, or business.
Build up your own auto-fill fields using fill-in-the-blank snippets with multiple field types and sections. Add your most common typos so that TextExpander can magically correct your mistakes every time.
Available in multiple languages including: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Normally, TextExpander sells for $44.95, but for a very limited time (until Feb 10th only), you can get this time-saving tool for just $22! That's a savings of 51% off the regular price!
MightyDeals is a daily deal website that offers massive discounts for web and creative professionals. One of my favorite and most-used TextExpander snippets displayed a bug a couple of days ago.

The bug appeared as I was writing this post, and needed a link to this older post about Mac screen resolutions. If I take this and paste it into Safari’s address field, it translates the percent-encoded stuff into a curly apostrophe and takes me to the correct page. TextExpander backed down a little bit on their new subscription model and made the text expansion software cheaper for existing users.
On Friday, Telstra was hit with another massive network outage that affected hundreds of thousands of customers. Generally, our customers can save from 50% to 90% off on fonts, ebooks, icons, templates and much more. MightyDeals® is a registered trademark in the United States, Canada, UK and other countries. I suspect the bug is due to the way TextExpander handles Unicode, and I haven’t figured out a workaround.
I had the older post up as the current tab in Safari and used the ;furl snippet (which you can find in this GitHub repository) to insert the URL of the older post.

If I type ;furl in TextEdit, or Terminal, or any editable text field, I get the same bad output. As you’d probably expect, users felt a bit hosed by both the price increase and the switch to a subscription model. The UX31A and its ilk was more questionable with its proprietary and failure-prone SSDs, but ASUS seems to have learnt its lesson there.
A weird buga€”you’d think a percent-encoded string would just pass through unchanged. As has become par for the course, Telstra will once again offer customers free data as an apology.
But these are also the most interesting of their family, and deserve their place in the pantheon of Australian wildlife.

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