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The application has been very popular amid the Android end users and already heading 1000’s of scores and critiques. The application provides a thoroughly clean, simple and extremely sophisticated or extraordinary person interface which you are definitely going to uncover desirable. The application permit you ship unrestricted free of charge textual content messages to any user of textPlus and even to the mobile phone numbers immediately. The app has acquired the Editor’s choice batch on the Google perform shop which plainly shows how much better the application more than any other.
Update the graphics motorists of your Computer to the most recent model in any other case you may get mistake throughout installation. By harnessing the power of mobile technology, this app lets users place free text messages and make cheap phone calls to anywhere in the world. Throughout the optimization process, we were so impressed by each tablet’s user-friendly interface and by how easily they allowed users to make HD-quality calls with our app. Developer textPlus has made its application Text+ Free available for download to Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Designed to work both with Internet connection and 4G or 3G networks, Text+ can help tablet users dramatically cut costs associated with text messaging and phone calls. The Text+ app can also be used to place inexpensive audio calls to any number in the world. Developers at textPlus recently worked with engineers from the Intel® Developer Zone to optimize the app for Intel Atom tablets for Android*. Text+ Free by textPlus is available for immediate download to Android* tablets on Google Play. The Intel Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
There’s a lot more you can do with textPlus so let’s take a quick Screenshot tour of the product! So now you have this spiffy new textPlus account, but it’s going to be tough to make useful unless your friends know how to contact you on it. Be sure that the people you are texting are on compatible networks!  Here is a list of cell phone companies that will allow textPlus interaction.
You’ll always want to make sure your friend has a good texting plan whether you are texting with them from your phone, email, messenger, or TextPlus.
I did all of the above and nothing is working, it wont let me text him back for nothing and Im getting so frustrated!!

It really does depend on your cell phone carrier as to what options you have on you cell phone.
My thoughts are when you want to reply to the txt messages, you should just use their mobile #.
Let’s say I send a text from my itouch to a friend with a cell phone, they reply and they have unlimited texting .
I have textplus, and I tried to text my mom (who has verison) and she doesn’t get the messages.
This app has been tricky at times, but awesome as well and well worth trying to figure out any problems you may encounter. I understand it would be costly to get the agreements, but would be amazing if more larger networks in Canada were avaliable.
If you have unlimited incoming texts you will get the texts sent to you for free, as for sending texts teh same charges etc apply as to any other phone.. The best way to figure out who is texting you is to ask them, but short of that it would be to install the app yourself and gather what profile information you can. Hi i was just wondering is there a way i can see my past conversations, further back than the load previous messages opion ? Hi If I am using text plus on my phone to text another phone and i have SMS notifications on, can i reply to the SMS notification?
If I use the app to text someone in the US using his mobile number and I am outside the US will he be charged international charges for replying to me or will it be just like texting someone in the US?
Hellow, I was able to send messages to my friend’s phone but and some how I can not received anything back from her.
Before it was not greatest but with the adjustments made in the recent model has created this app truly remarkable.
You can go via them in get to know what this app all about right up until the app receives mounted on your Laptop. The theme of the app can be transformed effortlessly and you can both place it on dark or light-weight theme as your choice. It allows end users to make worldwide and domestic calls at much less costly prices than any other application and also delivers high good quality of movie and audio in the course of the call.
Even WhatsApp did not got this batch until now which makes textPlus a really greatest different to that. In purchase to obtain textPlus for Personal computer you need to follow the simple steps as described down below.
This innovative new messaging app enables users to send free text messages or place inexpensive calls directly from their Android* tablets.

After downloading the app to Android* devices, users can send unlimited text messages to any number in the United States or Canada. To increase their savings, users can encourage contacts to download the app -- calls and text messages are completely free among Text+ users. I’m using this for my iPod Touch and was curious about how it worked on the other side of things. When a cell phone user reply’s to a text i sent them on text plus, is it free of charge for them to reply?
Some Cell phones can TXT an email address and some cell phones can txt a phone number (obviously). One of my friend’s has a textPlus app, and he text me, but I can’t reply to it! I don’t have an unlimited texting plan, but Virgin says that I have unlimited incoming texts. It’s weird because other people works just fine including her husband who has same carrier.
Group chatting, Wi-Fi chatting and calling are one more attributes which are there in this app and you can conserve 98% of your cellphone monthly bill making use of this textPlus application.
Once the installation is total then you’ll be in a position to use textPlus from Laptop on-line for totally free. When someone with a cellphone texts you, do they have to go through that process EVERY time they do or is it just the first time?
Sometimes you can also txt a 5 digit code which also get’s directed to a specific address.
They’re complaining that all the tips shown, while helpful for the first message or so, are just annoying now.
Moreover, textPlus supports both one-on-one and group texting in a chatroom-like environment using reply-all functionality. Is there a way that they, or I, can make it so they don’t have to see all the extra stuff that’s not the body of the text I send? BTW, I am using the ad-free version of textplus, which is just THAT MUCH better now that I have a couple extra lines to view a conversation with on my screen!

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