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Unless you’ve lived under a rock lately, I’m sure you’ve heard of Sublime Text 2 and most likely that’s your favorite code editor.
In the past I used some other code editors like Komodo Edit or Aptana Studio, but now I use Sublime Text 2 on a daily basis and I’m pretty happy with it. I do enjoy the Distraction Free Mode feature (Shift+F11) whenever I want to focus even more on writing code. The community is awesome, there are a lot of free plugins in the wild, ready to fit your needs.
If you want to dive into the world of Sublime Text 2, then you don’t want to miss this awesome free video course by Jeffrey Way.

Emmet (previously known as Zen Coding) is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow. If you are a Sublime Text 2 addicted and a fan of abbreviations then you may give Hayaku a try too. Speaking of customization, I frequently use the ANT build system and running custom build targets directly from Sublime Text 2 is super useful. Using the Command Pallete (Ctrl+Shift+P) you can easily run an ANT target just by typing its name. Feel free to use the articles you may find here in your projects, with or without any attribution.

You can write just any way you like the abbreviations to be and Hayaku would try it’s best to guess what you need.

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