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I recently read an article on E-Harmony Advice about how to get over an ex lover: Making Room for Love – Is a previous relationship preventing you from finding new love?
When you think of your “Ex” do you have a picture on your internal mental screen? When you think of your “Ex” do you keep seeing the movies of all the good times you had together? The next step is to figure out where to find people with those qualities and to develop the skills of rapport building and modern Jedi NLP persuasion power so you can fish where the fish are and invite them into the boat with just what bait they find delicious (you). I also do one on one coaching over the phone and can typically help you with this kind of challenge a lot faster than you may think possible.
Five reasons why Benjamin Alves keeps going back to BoracayMay 17 2016Why does this hottie love the island so much? Lauren Young, Benjamin Alves, Jasmine Curtis-Smith write for #ComingofAge book It's out in bookstores today! Magkakasamang nagtanghalian at nagkuwentuhan sa isang restaurant sa Quezon City ang mga Kapuso stars na sina Lovi Poe, Benjamin Alves at Nar Cabico.
It seemed an interview on the hot seat with showbiz reporter Nelson Canlas appeared a bit tougher than the Question-and-Answer segment of a beauty pageant for the reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. Hanggang kailan nga ba mananatiling lihim ang mga lihim ng ating nakaraan kung ang mga ito’y nagbabalik at gumugulo sa ating kasalukuyan? Who would have thought that at the age of nine, Benjamin would fall in love with the written word?
Sasamantalahin daw ng Kapuso stars ang Holy Week para makapagnilay-nilay at makapagbakasyon kasama ang mga mahal nila sa buhay.
Ben openly admitted that he was a very studious student who was always one step ahead in his studies. Ben is glad that his home network is giving recognition not only those who are brilliant in the arts but also the ones that show great promise and excellence in the academic field. Nag-post sa kanyang mga social media accounts ang Kapuso hunk ng ilang litrato niya habang nag-e-enjoy sa Tumon Beach. Nasa Guam ang pamilya ng Kapuso hottie na si Benjamin Alves, kaya naman ang Christmas wish niya ay makauwi para mag-Pasko kapiling nila. A break up is never easy, but it can be made ten times worse of your ex doesn’t just seem to have got the message and sometimes that situation can get scary too.

You took the decision to end the relationship and you no doubt had some very good reasons to do that, so don’t, under any circumstances, start to feel guilty about it. If he is still besotted with you, it is quite likely that he will be looking for anything that he can to read as a sign that you might get back together, so be careful that you don’t give him any false hope to cling to.
Try to explain to your ex, firmly but calmly, that the relationship is over and that you don’t want to see him again. Once you have made things clear to him, don’t feel that you have to answer any of his messages or calls. Let everyone you know what is going on, and that will stop them giving out any information as to your whereabouts if your ex asks them. If you have tried ignoring him and you’ve talked to him about it and he still won’t leave you alone, then it might be time to have a bit of a more serious word with him, because this could now be verging on stalking. In by far the majority of cases, a persistent ex doesn’t mean you any harm, they just can’t get over the fact that the relationship is over.
Your personal safety is of the utmost importance, so, if you feel that your safety is being compromised at all, you should inform the police straight away.
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Today Fiona Atkins gives us a report from the Royal Windsor Horse Show, architect Heather Lewis talks about designing vet clinics, Horse Nation's Leslie has some new Lady Martha adventures to share and Dr. Create a movie in your mind of exactly the kind of person and relationship you really and truly want to have. This is where I shamelessly plug my Modern Jedi NLP Training where you can learn a lot more of this stuff. If you are getting bombarded with text messages and phone calls from an ex who won’t leave you alone, you may have to take steps to stop it and it’s best to do that sooner rather than later, before it gets out of hand or it starts to really impact on your life. You won’t be helping matters by saying things like, “it’s a trial separation”, because he will hang on to that and never leave you alone until he understands the truth. If he is pestering you, tell him that his messages and calls are upsetting you and ask him to stop.

The longer he doesn’t hear from you, the more likely it is that he will start to accept the situation.
You shouldn’t have to become recluse just to avoid him, but you could try to avoid going to the places that you know he might be for a while. Friends will also be able to give you some support through what is probably becoming quite a difficult time.
No one wants to make matters worse for someone with a serious case of heartbreak, but if you feel at all threatened, you do need to take some action.
For your own peace of mind, though, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few sensible precautions to avoid an unpleasant confrontation with your ex, like making sure you are with friends if you are going to be out late, or even carrying a personal alarm with you.
Stalking is a crime and don’t be afraid about reporting it because the police have seen it all before and they will understand.
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Wendy answers listener questions from the co-host chair about tendon injuries, pink lips and why she does't want you to send her a picture of your horse from your cell phone. Are you happily persuing your own passions and interests and having fun in your life regardless of a significant other? Your first step should be trying to appeal to his better nature and making him understand that the relationship is over. It does seem a bit unfair that you should be the one to change your habits because of his behaviour, but it might be for the best in the long run if you do.
With a bit of luck, if your friends tell you ex to leave you alone too, he might just get the message at last. Talk to him, or send him a letter and explain that his actions are unacceptable and that he doesn’t stop you may have to take appropriate action to make him stop contacting you.
You will be doing him a favour too by making him realise that the relationship really is over. See yourself in the picture doing all the things you would be doing if you were the kind of person who would attract the kind of person you most want to attract.

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