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Our world falls apart and we lose all reasons to live when we fail in a relationship or are betrayed in a relationship. Remember the old saying, “When there is a will, there is a way.” Meaning, if you keep your will strong and stick to your decisions, there is nothing that is impossible for you in this world. Probably the teddy bear that used to hug you to sleep everyday and the most expensive ring that you adored more than yourself was gifted by your ex.
If you think confining yourself in a cocoon after break up will do any good to you then you are absolutely wrong about it. Even though you have broken up with you boyfriend or girlfriend, deep inside your heart you will always crave to go to places where the probability of coming across your ex would be the highest, so as to get a glimpse of your old sweetheart. Just like Shaheed Kapoor gets his peace of mind after flushing away the picture of his ex and Kareena  Kapoor basks in glory after abusing her ex on phone, you can also get over your ex by doing the same. Before deciding in your head that your world is over with your lover leaving you, do not forget that you have no rights to destroy your life as you have not created it. Last but not the least, done ever forget that there many other beautiful girls and handsome guys out there who will want you.
The last thing on this earth that we ever want to hear from our partner is ‘I want a break-up’. But don’t forget to tell yourself that it was gifted to you by the same person who doesn’t even care now if you are dead or alive. Don’t succumb yourself in a solitary room, rather if you wish to overcome that creepy feeling post break-up then go out and enjoy yourself. Delete and block your ex from any social networking sites and control your urge to stalk him.
If post break-up, the memories about your ex has cooked a volcano inside you that is eagerly waiting to erupt then just forget everything and let the volcano erupt. As long as your mind is engaged in some important work, you wouldn’t even have the time to think about your ex.
In an attempt to not lose the better you even after break-up, he would undoubtedly give you the offer of being ‘just friends’. So before becoming numb and depressed, make sure you are not hurting the people who gave you bought you in this world. Breakups can be so rough that they could take you on a ride of doing things you never would have thought of doing, ever, like fighting or even crying your heart out in public; whatever the case maybe, presumably no one wants to go through one.
Mere mention of these words sends a chill down our spines and we don’t even want to think about it.
So to make things easier and better for yourself, make it a point to not to go to places where you know you will come across your ex. It might sound stupid to you but after implementation you will realize that it actually works.
Even though you want to think about him, you want to cherish your old memories and cry over it, you wouldn’t have the time to do so. But this offer doesn’t give you the statutory warning of ‘permanently making your life hell’, that it comes along with.

You must love yourself and your family above anyone else and once you start giving priority to yourself, your and your family’s well-being, you will no more give a damn about your ex and the miserable affect he had on you. Think of all the proposals you have received so far and all those hot chicks and guys you had avoided till now, because you were committed. The sudden loss of relationship can bring intense stress and heartache in anyone’s life and why wouldn’t it? Take huge carton, put all the things that remind you of him in it and throw it in a dustbin. Go to a terrace rooftop and shout your lungs out or sit with your best friend and bitch about your ex or maybe you can directly tell it to the person concerned. So, involve yourself in your favourite hobbies, take up more projects, may be do a side job and study hard. You will stop acknowledging any feelings that might arise because of him and that will for sure help you get rid of him. Now is the chance when you can enjoy being single and go fishing for the biggest and best fish.
When there is scientifically proven bio-chemical reason for all the pain and grief we feel.This article aims to help you get through all the heartache and move on with your life with simple tricks and tips that you could use and would help you forget your lost love faster and perhaps get a new one. It is a path that comforts you with roses and lilies on one hand and pricks you hard with thorns and boulders on the other hand. You might have to place a huge stone on your heart in order to carry out this action, but if you do this, permanent reservation of peace is guaranteed in your life.
It might sound rude to you but if you don’t do it now, you will never be able to live a better life in future. Work so hard that at the end of the day when you go to bed, your eyes don’t even have the strength to remain open and your mind doesn’t have the audacity to think about anything but sleep.
So here we have some of the best ways to get over a hard breakup.Also read,Top 10 scientific facts about love 10.
Sometimes things just not go according to your wish and you might just end up losing the person you loved the most. So recollect all your courage and implement the famous saying “Ignorance is bliss” in your life. ExerciseOne of the best ways to get over anything that bothers us mentally is by burning it out physically.
Yes, exercising and getting your body in shape can help you boost up your self-esteem and could even help you get your smiles up when you’re depressed and sad about things coming to an end. It feels almost impossible to do so and you might suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms of a break-up just like a junkie experiences pain when he is refrained from his drugs.
Even for people with slender and perfectly fine bodies, exercising can help keep our mind diverted from the sorrow as most of us tend to think about whatever happened much too obsessively at these hard times.9. But at the end of the day nothing is more important than the precious life that our parents have gifted us and in order to make our life more meaningful, we need to move on in our life. Look outside, pay attention to lifeConsider the fact of looking outside the broken relationship with the person and remind yourself constantly that you do have a life after all.

Here are 10 simple steps which can help you get over your ex and live a peaceful life ahead. Look at issues that are bothering you, relationships that you might have been jeopardizing while you were focusing only on that one person and all in all set your present life on track.
Don’t RethinkSometimes even if the breakup was solely your own decision, all the good times and moments you shared with your partner may cause you to forget all the things about them that made you break it off in the first place. It is a very common thing to do, reminiscing about all the good times and even reaching to a point where you convince yourself that you could get back with them and perhaps it could work out better than before, it will NOT!
The Turn-offsOne of the fastest ways to get rid of your ex’s lingering memories is to frequently keep reminding yourself about all the negative aspects of the person. You could paint a picture in your mind of this person with all their bad characteristics, without being hateful or by hating the person. Get Rid of Memory TriggersThe time after a breakup is always to get you in with the new throwing away the old and stale.
At these moments anything from a song, a place or even a smell could trigger your memory back to how nice & rosy all of it used to be, so you want to make sure you are consciously avoiding or not paying attention to such triggers.
Make a to-do listKeep yourself as busy as you can, with work and make a list of things you have to get done with or things that need a little straightening. Making a list of things you need to do could help keep you diverted from the fact that you’ve just been through a breakup and even that a hard one.
Keep Your SpaceMost of the times even after dumping the person, some of them tend to keep in constant touch with you and try to convince you they’ll make it up to you by being a good friend in your life.
There is nothing wrong with being in good terms with the person even after all that has gone down, but remember to keep the amount of space you need to get over the feelings of sympathy or getting back together. With all that’s going on inside our minds, medication only tends to worsen the functioning of the body which gets us spiraling down into a deep depression and eventually make us fall sick. Meditation not only helps calm the mind but also helps our breathing, which in fact helps get enough oxygen to the brain and results in us avoiding negative and traumatic feelings.1. The Attitude of GratitudeHave you ever wondered why is it that people who are grateful for their good always get more of things to be grateful for? It is because whenever you’re feeling gratitude, your feelings are grounded and you tend to look at things that you are proud of or things that you love about your Life. Hence, working with the attitude of gratitude at these rough times can actually be helpful, if you manage to see the good in you and everything around you. The best anyone can do at such times is, create something magnificent in their lives by turning all the negativity into positive energy.

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