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Griselda is a brunette, with straight hair in a short, sharp hairstyle and sharp glasses to match.
Griselda is the assistant headmistress and head of discipline at Alfea; as such, she is very gruff and strict towards students, but is generally kind to all the fairies at the school as she is shown to care immensely for them.
At the beginning of Season 1 she is more stern than usual with Stella and Bloom, because Stella blew up the potions lab before the events of Season 1 and Bloom lied about her identity on her first day, going by the name "Varanda of Callisto". Shortly before the Trix kidnapped Stella, when the Winx are doing kitchen chores, they accidentally cause something to get burnt and Griselda clears away all the smoke, while Flora brings a fire extinguisher, falls down, and accidentally sprays Griselda with foam from the extinguisher. When Bloom had fallen asleep in class, due to constant interaction with Daphne, Griselda ordered her to follow her into Faragonda's office. She later becomes more kind to the Winx while at the same time remaining strict and at the end of Season 1 she is even seen laughing loudly at the party celebrating the defeat of the Trix, looking very happy, and unlike her normal self.
She is first seen with all the teachers as they reopened the school and presented the now repaired tower that was destroyed during the invasion. She was also present when the Winx, minus Bloom, assaulted Professor Avalon and had to explain to the teachers what they had been doing. Alfea intensified the fairies' training after finding out Lord Darkar existence, needing a break Aisha suggests they head out for awhile. Griselda and Faragonda found out about their little trip and appeared before the delinquents could get to the Winx and cast a spell on them causing them to pass out. Griselda attends Musa's concert at Red Fountain with Saladin, Faragonda, Griffin, Wizgiz, Palladium and DuFour. In "The Time for Truth", Griselda and Professor Avalon sets up an intense exercise for the Winx, minus Flora and Aisha, they sprinkle the willow leaf powder onto them, copying parts of their vital energy.
Francis then tells them that there is a message from Pixie Village and all of them go to Faragonda's office. When Aisha and the Winx arrived from Andros, Griselda is worried about Aisha's blindness and directs all of them to Faragonda's office. When Tecna was assumed dead, Timmy did not give up on searching for her and soon found a link to her and so everyone heads back to the Omega Dimension.
In the episode "The Snake's Lair", Bloom returns to Alfea after earning her Enchantix on Pyros.
Griselda then sets up a training exercise for Enchantix fairies and observes the Winx as they work through it, she also witnesses Bloom losing control of her Enchantix and falling. After Valtor made Cloudtower disappear and challenged the head of the magic schools, Griselda was present at a meeting with the other teachers discussing about Faragonda's decision to accept Valtor's challenge. Valtor releases the spell of the elements after the Trix taunted him, Griselda alerts Saladin, Griffin and Faragonda who were in her office, that Magix was being bombarded by earthquakes.
Griselda in Season 4, welcoming the Winx as new Alfea teachers In the fourth season, she only appears in the first episode, introducing the Winx girls as being new teachers at Alfea, and during the attack of the Wizards of the Black Circle, when she is forced back into the school by Ogron's spell. In the thirteenth episode, Griselda is seen with Faragonda and Palladium in the simulator room as she reports the Winx's progress on mastering their Harmonix powers to Faragonda. After a triumphant battle against Tritannus, Griselda is seen attending the celebration being held on Andros. Griselda in season 6 as she interacts with Daphne Griselda appears in the second episode assigning the new students their rooms. After the disappearance of the pixies, Griselda came to check up on the ones who were staying with the Winx in Stella's room, she questioned Stella on her actions when she was seen watering large bushes and reminded her that studying should be her priority instead.
In The Lost Library, Griselda comes in and tells the Winx that Faragonda has summoned them to the History of magic classroom.
In Broken Dreams, Griselda was doing an inspection check through the halls, and goes to investigate the sound of classical music playing.
When Bloom and Stella came to Alfea, she stop the two, and demanded who Bloom was and why she was here, but Faragonda told her that Bloom's on her list, since she knows her. At the ceremony during which the Winx graduate, during the battle against Mandragora, where she tells Stella and Tecna go back inside Alfea for safety, and Stella disobeys her, telling Griselda that she is no longer the teacher of the Winx and that they don't have to obey to her orders, and when Mandragora attacks the three of them, Griselda attempts to protect Stella and Tecna against Mandragora but is unable to face the witch's attack and finally collapses. Barrier Absorb: absorbs attacks, and was used against Stella's Sun Up Attack in Season 2 Episode 10. Reflect Shield: this spell reflects the opponent's attack, it was used against Stella's Full-Powered Sun Down in Season 2 Episode 10. Fer Midex: a shield that blocks and holds attacks, used against Tecna, Flora and Amaryl's attacks.
Fire Extinguish: this was used to try and extinguish the fire set ablaze on the forest surrounding Alfea by Valtor but failed.
Not very much is known about Griselda's personal life out of Alfea and her past before the first season. It is unknown how Griselda is not as old as Faragonda as both were seen at Alfea when Faragonda was only a student. As well as getting all the information you need here, we will soon have a weekly television show.
Jag har faktiskt aldrig testat Volumaster forut, trots att jag har hort sa mycket lovord om den. Tillsammans med tangen medfoljer instruktioner, en DVD, en pinnkam och tva klammor samt ett forvaringsfodral. Det galler att vara noggrann med att inte krusa haret narmast benan eller harfaste dock, for da kommer det att synas vilket inte ar alltfor hett. Nagot jag stor mig lite pa ar att man maste halla ena sidan av tangen uppat hela tiden, vilket funkar bra nar jag gor min vanstra sida av haret (jag ar hogerhant) men det blir en himla knasig stallning nar man ska krusa den hogra sidan vilket gor att det tar lite langre tid.
Jag ar lat och orkar knappt fona haret torrt nar jag har tvattat det (men gor det oftast anda for att fa atminstone lite volym med infonad mousse) sa jag anvander inte volumastern efter varje tvatt, men ska jag fixa till haret till nagot speciellt tillfalle sa tar det inte manga minuter att fa lite extra volym med den har behandiga tangen. Bjorn Axen volumaster och volumaster slim finns att kopa hos de flesta aterforsaljare av verktyg for haret, som t.ex. With the crimper, you will also get instructions, a DVD, a rat tail comb, two hariclips and a storage case.
You need to be careful not to crimp the hair closest to your parting though, because that will not look too hot.
One thing that bothers me though is that you need to keep one side of the crimper facing upwards the whole time, which works fine when I do the left side of my hair (I’m right handed) but I need to keep it at a wierd position when I do the other side which leads to that it takes a longer time to crimp. Min favoritprimer har under manga ar varit Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion (UDPP) men da jag har hort sa mycket gott om tyska ArtDecos eyeshadow base och sprang pa ett hel ArtDeco-stall i Riga sa tankte jag att det kunde vara kul att testa om den haller samma hoga kvalitet som UDPP. Eyeshadow Base kommer i en liten burk med skruvlock pa 5 ml och finns bade som parfymerad (originalet i svart forpackning) och oparfymerad (fran mineralserien i beige forpackning).
Tycker du att UDPP blir aningen for torr och ar svar att tona skuggorna pa sa kan nog Eyeshadow Base vara nagot for dig.
Har du daremot valdigt, valdigt oljiga lock sa kan det vara sa att Eyeshadow Base lagger sig lite i veck, eftersom den har en lite silkig konsistens.
Sammanfattningsvis ar det har en suveran primer som passar speciellt bra till naturliga sminkningar, da det ar latt att tona och fa ett lite diffust resultat. Jag stracker mig garna efter den har primern nar jag gor naturliga eller skira sminkningar, vill jag ha lite mer oompf till farggranna sminkningar valjer jag UDPP och vill jag ha en klistrigare bas for skuggor som ar svart att fa och fasta valjer jag en kramogonskugga. In English: A good eyeshadow base can make all the difference for how the result of an eyemakeup turns out. Eyeshadow Base comes in a little 5 ml jar with a screw top lid and is available in both scented (the original in a black box) and unscented (from the mineral series in a beige box).
If you find that UDPP is a tad too dry and hard to blend on, Eyeshadow Base might be something for you. However, if your lids are extremely oily, Eyeshadow Base might crease on you because of the silky texture. I like to use this primer when I do natural or sheer makeup, if I want more oompf for more colourful makeup I choose UDPP and if I need a stickier base for eyeshadows that are hard to adhere to the skin, I choose a cream eyeshadow.

B2M star for Back to MAC och ar MACs atervinningsprogram, dar man far ett gratis lappstift om man lamnar in 6 st tomma plastforpackningar (depottade ogonskuggor, tomma mascaror, brush cleanser, lappglanstuber osv).
Jag har inte haft mojlighet att B2M:a pa drygt ett ar, sa jag hade lyckats spara ihop 36 forpackningar som rackte till 6 st lappstift.
In English: Me and my boyfriend went on a spontaneous cruise to Helsinki this weekend, and I took the opportunity to B2M some empty MAC packaging at the MAC counter in Stockmann. B2M stands for Back to MAC and is the MAC recycling program, where you recieve a free lipstick if you hand in 6 empty plastic packaging (depotted eyeshadows, empty mascaras, brush cleanser, lipgloss tubes etc). I haven’t had the opportunity to B2M for more than a year, so I had managed to save up 36 empties that were enough to get 6 lipsticks. Formulan pa detta lack lever absolut upp till OPI’s hoga standard, flyter ut fint over nageln och tackte i tva lager. In English: Let me entertain you is one of the prettiest polishes from the OPI Burlesque collection (which is now available at Transdesign!) if you ask me. The formula of this polish lives up to the high OPI standard, it spreads nicely onto the nail and was opaque in two coats. Det finns manga olika marken att valja pa, jag valde att kopa en palett fran tyska Kryolan med 12 olika farger. Kryolan finns att kopa hos aterforsaljare av teatersmink, jag kopte min fran amerikanska sillyfarm dar den kostade $28 (ca 200 kr).
In English: Viola wanted to get a closer look at my palette with grease makeup from Kryolan that I got a while ago. Grease makeup is perfect if you want a bit more opaque face paint, like for doing a clown face, a zombie, wound details and such, and is perfect for halloween.
There are many different brands to choose from, I chose to buy a palette from german brand Kryolan with 12 different colours. Kryolan is available at theatre makeup retailers, I got mine from US based sillyfarm where it costs $28.
Vi serverades en fin liten smorgasbricka, frukt och blabarsjuice (som var galet god!) innan Sachajuans VD Richard Wikstrom halsade oss valkomna och berattade lite om market.
Over night hair repair ar en fettfri gel-inpackning som bygger upp elasticiteten och styrkan i haret och ger det glans. Inpackningen appliceras i nytvattat och fuktigt har, garna arbetas in med kam, och far sitta i under natten. This article is a B, meaning it is missing three or fewer sections, or some images need to be added. She also has a deep faith in the Alfea fairies shown during one of the Trix's attacks on the school she told them that "fairies do not fear witches".
She later has Faragonda punish the Winx for having broken into Cloud Tower by having all their powers removed and giving them the task of cleaning the whole of Alfea without any magic, alone, while the whole of the school staff and students are at a concert in Magix. Bloom, Musa, Stella and Aisha head to Earth and while at a dance club Musa and Aisha ran into some delinquents who saw them use magic, despite Stella and Bloom's timing and helping the two out of the club, they all ended up being cornered. A creature then manifests and Griselda explains that it is a persona of all four of them and they must battle it. After Aisha has been healed, Griselda is happy, but snaps into her strict self and issues the Winx a consequence. She is proud of the Winx for saving the school's magic and scrolls, but is upset that Faragonda went missing. Griselda greets her and have a chat with her and Faragonda before Bloom asks for permission to leave again, in order to assist in the search for Tecna. She then heads out to the forest that was set a blazed near Alfea with the Winx and tried to extinguish it but failed.
After Tritannus greatly strengthened the Trix's powers, they went to Alfea and tried to destory the Winx in Alfea's archive, Griselda and Faragonda entered the archive after hearing all the commotion and sees Sky fall onto the floor, unconscious. In Headmistress Faragonda office, she was standing beside her chair and use some unknown teleporting power that lead towards Oblivion. You’ll become a believer when you see the freshly waxed look, and when you find that the surface will repel rain.
In a screw-top jug, mix 3 cups vodka with 4 cups water and 2 teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent. Starting as a print publication more than a decade ago, Automotive News is now a leading website. It features all the latest news, videos and car reviews as well as industry news and motor show updates.
Jag har inte speciellt mycket problem med volymlost har (jag fargar ju haret och da far man lite mer volym tack vare att harstrana svaller lite nar dom blir porosa av fargbehandlingen) men lite extra oompfh onskar man ju garna att man hade ibland, speciellt nar man har lite utvaxt pa haret och det blir lite plattare och trakigare an nar det ar nyfargat. Det ar hyfsat latt att anvanda tangen pa sig sjalv – jag kor ena sidan av haret i taget, nedifran och upp i tunna lager framfor spegeln, i ca 5 cm breda slingor.
Hur mycket har du bor lamna hogst upp narmast benan beror lite pa hur pass tjockt har du har, jag har normaltjockt har och lamnar ca 3-4 cm okrusat narmast benan. Make sure to leave the hair closest to your parting and hairline unstyled to avoid an afro-do’! Det tycker jag absolut, kika pa bilden nedan, dar har jag krusat ena sidan av haret och lamnat den andra ostylad.
Den blir dessutom varm pa ca 1 minut, sa jag har hela haret klart pa runt 10-15 minuter vilket ar snabbare an vad det skulle ta mig att spraya och tupera haret.
It’s like a crimper that you use on the hair closest to the scalp in the lower layers of the hair to easily lift the hairs closest to the scalp and create volume.
How much hair you need to leave at the top of your head depends on how thick your hair is, my hair is normal thickness and I leave about 1? inches closest to my parting. It gets hot in about a minute too, so my entire hair is done in about 10-15 minutes which is faster than if I should backcomb and spray style it. Sjalva primern ar en fluffig kram som kanns lite silkig pa huden och ar latt hudtonad och skimrande. Jag upplever att den ligger nagonstans mittemellan en kramogonskugga och UDPP i konsistens och torrhet, kramskuggor har en tendens att lagga sig i veck pa mig eftersom jag har ganska oljiga ogonlock sa ska jag anvanda det som bas maste jag anvanda UDPP under. What I wish from an eyeshadow base is that it makes the eyeshadows more intense and even in pigmentation, that they are easy to blend, that they stay put all day long and that they don’t crease.
The primer itself is a fluffy cream that feels a bit silky on the skin and has got a sheer skintone tint and a hint of shimmer.
B2M finns inte hos de skandinaviska MAC-diskarna (MAC nordic) eftersom de saknar avtal med ett foretag som kan atervinna de gamla forpackningarna. Tva av dom stiften jag ville ha var slut (Creme cup och Plink!) och ett hade dom inte i sortimentet (Lady danger), men som tur var sa hade jag flera backups pa min lista och fick hjalp av den supergulliga tjejen vid MAC-disken att valja. You can never own too many and this is a new favourite of mine, it’s insanely matte and long-wearing!
Two of the lipsticks that were on my list were sold out (Creme cup and plink!) and they didn’t have one in their range (Lady danger), but luckily I had a couple of backups on my list and got help from the lovely MA to choose shades. Eftersom det ar ett lack med lite jelly-finish sa kan man ana min nagelkant genom lacket pa bilderna, det ar nagot som syns betydligt mindre i verkligheten och inte direkt nagot som stor mig. I’m not usually a huge fan of shimmer polishes, but I adore this glittery, shimmery, fuchsia pink jelly polish.
Just den har paletten finns i tre olika fargkombinationer – FP, B och P, jag kopte B-paletten. Grease makeup is, like the name reveals, pretty greasy and oily, so make sure to fix the grease makeup with a transculent loose powder.
This palette in particular is available in three colour combinations – FP, B and P, I got the B palette.
2001 introducerades de forsta Sachajuan-produkterna pa den svenska marknaden, och idag saljs market , forutom pa de egna salongerna, hos NK, Ahlens, Parelle och Apoteket, och vaxer sig allt storre pa den internationella marknaden.

Produkten innehaller den hogsta koncentrationen Ocean solk technology av alla Sachajuans produkter och innehaller tva olika sorters verksamma alger – Rhodophycea, som penetrerar haret och starker det fran insidan, och Chondrus Crispus, som aterfuktar och ger glans fran utsidan.
Produkten kan sedan skoljas ur pa morgonen eller sitta kvar, beroende pa vilket resula man ar ute efter. Faragonda however, stopped her from rebuking any further on Bloom's condition and asked her to summon the adviser committee. They returned to Faragonda's office and Griselda wastes no time in lecturing them, Faragonda then assigns them their punishment. And thus, the Winx were sent to stop the spell of elements and was successful, Griselda welcomed them back. Since Stella's boutique is a secret she hid it from her and Griselda did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Aisha proudly tells Griselda about the official opening of her gymnasium, and the latter believes Fairies and Specialists working out together seems a bit inappropriate. As soon as your windscreen begins to get dirty, take out the solution and apply it with a sponge; then dry the windshield with a soft cloth or paper towels.
Det ar som en krustang som man anvander narmast harbotten i de undre lagrena av haret for att enkelt och effektivt lyfta harstrana fran harbotten och pa sa satt skapa volym. For det andra blir tangen varmare an en klassisk krustang, och varmen gar dessutom att reglera. Jag klammer ihop tangen med det djupaste krussparet uppat nara (men inte for nara, for da kan man branna sig) harbotten och haller den sa i ca 5 sekunder innan jag gar vidare till nasta slinga.
Visserligen har jag sidbena, men skillnaden i mangden har pa bada sidorna ar inte markbart stor nar haret ar ostylat. This fall, the Volumaster original re-launches in a new colour plus as a slim version, perfect for shorter hair since the crimping area isn’t as wide. I squeeze the crimper with the deepest crimp-part facing upwards close (but not too close, don’t burn yourself!) to the scalp and keep it there for about 5 seconds before I move on to the next chunk of hair. You can see the results in the picture above, where I have crimped one side of my hair and left the other side unstyled. Det jag onskar fran en ogonskuggsbas ar att den gor skuggorna mer intensiva och jamna i pigmenteringen, att de blir latta att tona, att dom sitter pa plats hela dagen och att dom inte lagger sig i veck. Den ar latt att tona in i huden, jamnar ut hudtonen och kan med fordel anvandas ensam pa ogonlocket om man onskar att bara pigga upp ogonen litegrann. Den gor skuggorna mer intensiva och det ar valdigt latt att tona skuggor snyggt over basen. Det jag inte gillar med den ar att vissa skuggor inte vill fasta, att den ar parfymerad (det ar inget som stor mig eller irriterar min hy men det kanns bara sa onodigt) och att den kommer i burk vilket gor den lite smatt ohygienisk, man far vara valdigt noga med att anvanda rena fingrar eller en spatel for att undvika en bakteriehard i burken.
It’s easy to blend into the skin, evens out the skintone and can also be used on its own if you only wish to brighten the eye area a little. It makes the eyeshadows more intensive and it’s really easy to blend eyeshadows on top of the base.
Dock finns det pa andra sidan Ostersjon, i Helsingfors och Tallinn bland annat, samt i flera av de storre Europeiska staderna och i resten av varlden, sa har du tomma plastforpackningar sa spara dom tills du aker utomlands! I’m really happy with my 6 new lipsticks, it feels like christmas when you’re walking away from the counter with a bag full of new free lippies! Jag som inte brukar vara ett speciellt stort fan av skimmerlack ar tokfortjust i det har glittriga, skimriga, fuchsiarosa jelly-lacket. My pictures doesn’t do it any justice, it was really hard to capture the colour and all the shimmer and micro glitter that hides within it, but I did my best. Fetsmink ar, som hors pa namnet, ganska kladdigt och oljigt, sa var noga med att fixera fetsminket med ett transparent lospuder for att vara saker pa att det sitter pa plats. Fargerna gar enkelt att plocka ut ur paletten for att ersatta med refiller nar dom tar slut, dessa finns att kopa pa samma stallen dar paletten saljs. The pans are easy to remove from the palette to replace with refills when you have finished a colour, you can get these where you buy the palette. She is also seen with the other teachers as Faragonda introduces Daphne as the school's new history of magic teacher.
Just be sure to wash the sticky cola off thoroughly or your cleaning efforts will end up attracting dust and dirt.
Best days at the wheel include doing part of the Land Rover Camel Trophy route in Papua New Guinea, driving a Nissan Patrol over earthquake-hit roads in Guatemala, and a Ferrari Italia on Enzo’s old hill-climb road in Italy. Ena sidan av mitt har tar ungefar 5 minuter att krusa, och sen gar jag over till andra sidan. Kruset haller i sig under nagra dagar mellan tvattarna men effekten avtar lite nar haret blir smutsigt, snyggast resultat och mest volym far du helt klart pa nytvattat har. It takes about 5 minutes for me to do one side of my hair, and then I move on to the next side. I do have a side parting though, but the difference in ammount of hair on both sides of my hair isn’t very noticeable when the hair is unstyled.
Dock sa vill inte alla skuggor klistra sig fast lika bra som pa UDPP eller kramskuggor, speciellt nar det kommer till losa pigment – MUS eyedusts ar ett exempel pa skuggor som inte vill fasta alls. Mina bilder gor det inte rattvisa, det var sjukt svart att fanga fargen och framforallt skimmer och mikroglitter som gommer sig i det, men jag gjorde mitt basta. The last picture is taken in direct sunlight which might give you a clue about how beautiful it sparkles, but this is definately a shade that must be seen in real life! Man kan aven anvanda Over night hair repair som stylingprodukt i haret under dagen, nagot som fungerar extra bra for att definiera lockar i sjalvlockigt har. Debbie and me could share it, and we could take our dollies for a walk!a€™A a€?Yes.a€™ Debbie chimed in. Griselda admits that with Bloom gone, everyone had been feeling a bit down, so she leaves them to their business. Det blir dessutom lattare att fa volym i haret med spray och liknande an pa ostylat har, och det sliter mindre an att tupera. The crimp lasts for a couple days between washes but the effect tails away when the hair is getting dirtier, you get the best results with freshly washed hair. Sista bilden ar tagen i direkt solljus vilket ger en uppfattning om hur vackert lacket gnistrar, men det har ar definitivt en farg som maste upplevas pa riktigt!
Inpackningen bor anvandas ca 1 gang i veckan for bast resultat, har man mycket skadat har bor man anvanda den efter varje tvatt i borjan. I was Garden Steward there, andA  we had bought Vivien a doll's house, a walkie-talkie dolly, and many other presents. Debbie however, was only 11 months old, and was too small for such things, so she had never experienced a proper Christmas.A  Indeed, it wasn't until I played a 'Secret Santa' prank on Deborah in 2013, that I finally got her a doll's house from a charity shop! Uncle Pete cana€™t have a Christmas pudding without custard, so I bought a tin of custard powder.
How could I deprive them, when theya€™d had such an exciting day?A a€?Well, - just this once!a€™ I told them as I gave the sweets back. In the centre, Pete's youngest daughter TaniaSince then, thanks to The Internet, The 'Family' has spread all over the World, and membership can be counted in thousands. I was Garden Steward there, andA  we had bought Vivien a doll's house, a walkie-talkie dolly, and many other presents.

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